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Ocean Eyes by nepenthexwriter
Ocean Eyesby ekaterina
A merman. A mythical creature. The most handsome of them all. The male equivalent of a mermaid. Aria Davidson wasn't expecting to see one with her own eyes. When the w...
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Solstice: The Mandalorian by Writing_not_writer
Solstice: The Mandalorianby EspressoShots
"She had broken him, torn him apart, dismantled him and put him back together. She had ruined him. And by doing so, maybe she had fixed him too." When Mena...
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Astra Chronicles: Into Another World by kuukii
Astra Chronicles: Into Another Kuuki Minawo
In a dying world, Skyler and other prodigies set out on Academia Astra's special mission only to discover a plethora of secrets that were thought to exist solely in a fa...
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Secret Super by left_andwrite
Secret Superby M.
Kara is training to become a superhero at the Academy of Supers. So far, she's stuck with a snobby sidekick, boring missions, and too many rules. Craving glory and adve...
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Take Me to the Sky | BTS+ by YahSesanginGirl
Take Me to the Sky | BTS+by S. Dinwiddie
She finally learns why they call it falling. | All-BTS Fantasy AU | "Fam. This ain't your mama's bulgogi." -@_CallMeQueenV "I am in love with your writing...
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Nova Terra: Titan by SethRing
Nova Terra: Titanby Seth Ring
Highest Rank: ⭐️ Fantasy #1 ⭐️ SciFi #1 ⭐️ Nova Terra, a new world, a new reality. Nova Terra runs parallel to the real world and seeks to fulfill the fantasies and desi...
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He is an experiment. The first of his kind, A clone, Successor of the great TEKULA PROJECT. She is just a girl, With a mother who left her, And a father who loves his jo...
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Powered (Gxg, Lesbian, Gay) by upsid3d0wn
Powered (Gxg, Lesbian, Gay)by A. Yooks
Jordan was a normal girl until one fateful day not only her normal but the world's take a turn for the strange. Jordan discovers parts of herself she didn't realize were...
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The Dry Lands boyxboy  by emmastories
The Dry Lands boyxboy by Emma:)
(COMPLETED Book 1 of The Sector Series) Keylin is a young elf trying to get by in life. Looked down upon because of his looks, he is known as 'snake' for his strikingly...
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In A World Like Ours by Vlakrai
In A World Like Oursby Vlakrai
What happens when magical superpowers are common in a world just like ours? Dan Sullivan's out of a job, that's what. In a world where roughly 20% of the world has super...
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Seven Soldiers by Ninurtah
Seven Soldiersby Ninurtah
A womanizer, a child, two orphans, two war criminals, and a legend that wants to be forgotten. Together, they're all that stands between the Galaxy and the Mandalorian w...
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House of Cards | BTS+ by YahSesanginGirl
House of Cards | BTS+by S. Dinwiddie
He finally learns why they say it's blind. | All-BTS Fantasy AU | Sequel to Take Me to the Sky
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IRONCLAD | REQUIEM FOR THE DAWN BOOK 1 by joaquinarcinowriting
Not every nightmare is a dream. It was fifty-four years ago when, to the shock and horror of The Reach, Adanella Tarn betrayed and destroyed the Dawn Wardens, all except...
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Trust by SamuelRayKnight
Trustby Samuel R. Knight
When Alexys discovers his fiance's betrayal, he stalks the streets to find a night of sinful debauchery, ending up at the famed Fantasy Palace. But the resulting adventu...
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Across The Years (Camren) by charlotte_cabello
Across The Years (Camren)by charlotte_cabello
It started with Lauren visiting an antique shop and her spotting an old dusty photo. A photo of a young beauty that would change her life forever. Just how far would go...
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tim and moby smut 😵🖐🤰😈💦🤩🤟😍🤱 by nuggetkweent
tim and moby smut 😵🖐🤰😈💦🤩🤟😍 nuggetkweent
they both eat ass
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[1] Let Me Go ➝ The Maze Runner ✓ (WATTYS 2015 WINNER!) by _imagine_fantasy_
[1] Let Me Go ➝ The Maze Runner ✓ inactive
Let Me Go ➝ The Maze Runner [1; Newt] ✓ 2014 Winner of the Wattys 2015 Hot Genre Award: The Fanfiction Feels! Also featured in the official Wattpad @Fanfic Maze Runner...
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The 10th Circle - Abyss [Complete] by taivaan_sininen
The 10th Circle - Abyss [Complete]by A. C. Evans
Every prototype technology has its risks. After an accident involving a novel robotic suit, Keres cadet Sky begins to have recurring lucid nightmares where she finds her...
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DCO- Dungeon Core Online by JSmidt
DCO- Dungeon Core Onlineby JSmidt
This story is originally posted, and regularly updated by me on Royal Road. I will be uploading here as I have time. This is my NaNo project James hates his real life. H...
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Sesshomaru x Reader ~ Complete by Kayla_Flame_Scorpio
Sesshomaru x Reader ~ Completeby ARMY-Kayla
Lets pull you into a life of: - dating sesshomaru - falling for sesshomaru - loving sesshomaru - thinking about sesshomaru - you confusing sesshomaru - him saving you ...
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