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Anthea of the Night - Book 1 - Prelude (web version) by simkin452
Anthea of the Night - Book 1 - Albert Ruckholdt
For decades, Ars Volen and its prestigious sister schools have served as neutral grounds between the Bloodliners (Vampires) and the Wolvren. Within its halls and many...
  • paranormal
  • werewolf
  • romance
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Sci-fi OC book by -_Hellish-Emperor_-
Sci-fi OC bookby ❄Huáng Zháo❄
All OC's After Armageddon hoot hoot
  • evil
  • science-fiction
  • sci-fi
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Idées d'histoires by VikingArryn-Girl
Idées d'histoiresby Nolwen
J'ai plein d'idées d'histoires en tête. À chaque fois que j'en aurai une, j'écrirais le synopsis ici. Votez pour celle(s) que vous préférez ! Les cinq premières seront c...
  • plusieurs
  • avis
  • horreur
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THE ELEMENTS by blackchild_
This is the story of teenagers who until then lived a fairly quiet life. During a field trip to CERN II, a nuclear research center, they will let their curiosity take ov...
  • ados
  • amitié
  • super
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Artificielle by OManekiNeko
Artificielleby OManekiNeko
Expéditeur : Sophie Destinataire : Police Message : Sommes coincés dans salle biologie, gaz toxique, pas issues, lycée Shamin , Deletroy.
  • action
  • adoscence
  • amitié
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The Lies of Utopia by Genioh
The Lies of Utopiaby AGGRESSOR
Three individuals on the each side of the board unveil the covers of humanity as it lies in the future. A girl with a troubled past working within the law to uphold just...
  • science-fiction
  • sci-fi
  • cyberpunk
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Homo Rationalis Mysticus by Philalethes
Homo Rationalis Mysticusby Philalethes
Linnaean taxonomy. Describes the contemporary (in-story) human species, "the rational mystical man", which is is being assailed by raggedy bands of Myrdöl, arc...
  • high-fi
  • entj
  • scifi
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Sous les feux des projecteurs by louise-lereun
Sous les feux des projecteursby Lou<3
-- OUVERT -- Nous sommes de plus en plus nombreux à ne pas seulement vouloir écrire pour le plaisir, mais également dans l'espoir que d'autres Wattpadiens viennent dépo...
  • chicklit
  • aventure
  • humour
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Short Stories: A Collection by Kehlira
Short Stories: A Collectionby Kehlira
A small book of short stories I have written for school, competitions or in my spare time. Some of these were created using prompts.
  • youngadult
  • generalfiction
  • sad
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We Thought Ourselves Gods by AsherFawkes
We Thought Ourselves Godsby Asher Fawkes
In a world held together by ancient technology no one understands, where genetically modified children are the norm, science has successfully spliced animal DNA into hum...
  • action
  • fantasy
  • ominous
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Unremembered || (1) The Maze Runner [GROUP X] by SunFire62
Unremembered || (1) The Maze Wildfire
- Eventual Thomas/OC - Waking up in the middle of a strange cage like box wasn't as thrilling as one would think, especially when your once treasured memories were now n...
  • newt
  • mazerunner
  • minho
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Renewal by minanionepiece
Renewalby minanionepiece
Imagine that in a near future, you could go to the cinema, and be part of the series you want to watch. Sülnyn is in that case. Except that sometimes, things don't go th...
  • fakeworld
  • boyxboy
  • mixedgenre
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Sauvage by EtincelleduNord
Sauvageby EtincelleduNord
« Tu ne devras jamais contester les ordres que l'on te donne. » « Ne les regarde jamais dans les yeux. » « Ne montre aucuns sentiments. » « Ne développe aucuns sentiment...
  • femme
  • sauvage
  • maisons
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Terra Chronicle: The World in Between by Terrra_Storm
Terra Chronicle: The World in Terra
Four friends are in for big trouble when they are teleported from their school into a strange world. What ill they do when they are asked to do things that are not possi...
  • hero
  • adventure
  • war-between-worlds
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Revenger Attack by SarahAzizah6
Revenger Attackby Sarah Azizah
Do you want to know something? Everything under the name of revenge, will never be the good thing. Even if you revenged, Even if you are right, Even if they are wrong, N...
  • romance
  • drama
  • scifi
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The floor by MazerunnerNewt_
The floorby MazerunnerNewt_
What happens when you change into a floor? Joselina found out...
  • world
  • thriller
  • biography
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La Mégapole by Ben_Soele
La Mégapoleby Ben Soele
Trois villes, volées de trois points autour du Temps et de L'Espace: Les États-Unis, dans la 2019-ème année; La Russie, dans la 1998-ème année, et La France, dans la 19...
  • traduition
  • russie
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Dimensions National Park by GabrielSkye
Dimensions National Parkby GabrielSkye
In the year 2039, physicists have finally discovered a way to access the 10 dimensions proposed by Sting Theory, leading to the creation of a national forest preserve an...
  • action
  • time-travel
  • monsters
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Zwischen Schatten und Licht by MarieBeckmann
Zwischen Schatten und Lichtby MaryBee
Teil 3 von Zwischen Himmel und Hölle (Die nächste Generation) Als Trace und Emma erfahren, dass noch immer längst nicht alle Geheimnisse des Himmels aufgedeckt wurden...
  • engel
  • romantasy
  • liebe
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The Escape (ENG) by TheTigrou78
The Escape (ENG)by TheTigrou78
In a world where war reigns, and where the whole world is ruled by only one man, Klaro Sliver tries to survive, forced to join the army. He meets quite surprisingly Jost...
  • english
  • chris
  • theescape
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