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To The End?! by Leen-2004
To The End?!by lxen_187
"Don't touch me!!!!" "Why?!" "I am too different!!" Lillian, a girl with a weird illness, that can't have skin contact with humans except f...
  • sadstory
  • adventure
  • drama
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ANDALUSIAS PROMISE  by Visionarybesc
Andalusias makes a promise to her mother to break the curse of her ancestry. Once upon time there was a very special book that passed down ancestry to ancestry the book...
  • 2019
  • science-fiction
  • undiscovered
Ten (Making Some Major Editing Changes) by ___Yoshi___
Ten (Making Some Major Editing Random User
Kate knew one thing for sure; she wanted to find a cure. The boy knew one thing for sure; he was supposed to be dead two years ago. ~ When Princess Kate and Prince Joe...
  • intense
  • depression
  • fiction
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World shifters by momotheworldcreator
World shiftersby Emmanuel Matlhware
When a young Joshua finds a package in his bedroom that seems to have entered by not so legal means he is blown back into the mystery of his father's disappearance.Despi...
  • adventure
  • sciencefiction
  • sci-fi
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HMS Valediction by LLMontez
HMS Valedictionby LL Montez
[Book 2 of the ARC10 Trilogy] Rampant addictions, psychotic breakdowns, and threats of mutiny keep Commander Janika Lorn up all night. Transporting two-thousand souls sa...
  • sequal
  • planet
  • space-opera
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Her Silence ║ Doctor Who by Xandrafucki
Her Silence ║ Doctor Whoby Bumbledumble
There was a man. A brave man, who has fought in many wars. And against all the odds, he survived. ▪▪▪ There was a woman. A young woman, who was wise beyond her age and...
  • jennacolleman
  • bbc
  • doctorwho
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La Libération d'Asrhya by lulucJuillol
La Libération d'Asrhyaby LuLuX
Dans un monde ou les ressources se font rare, deux organisation criminelles joignent leur force pour démanteler le gouvernement actuel, corrompu et inactif face a la mis...
  • fantastique
  • futuriste
  • science-fiction
The djinn by DanLzl
The djinnby DanLzl
Ryan, jeune étudiant, passe ses vacances de pâques en Jordanie avec ses soeurs Naomi et Kendall, fasciné par l'histoire du peuple nabatéen, il se rend à Pétra pour visit...
  • histoire
  • science-fiction
  • aventure
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335 jours avant toi by Floody_Fra
335 jours avant toiby Floody_Fra
Parce que rien ne peut briser un mythe, parce que personne ne peut séparer deux entités, et parce que rien ne peut changer le destin, l'histoire se répète incessamment...
  • destin
  • mystère
  • caprices
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BOUNDLESS CAUSE:Chamber M.E.M.O by NeftySantiago
BOUNDLESS CAUSE:Chamber M.E.M.Oby PaintuCreator
In the distant oceans of Cosmos,exist a big spatial system,composed of many bright stars and different planets,this system...was Garlezxyl.On the planets though,lived ma...
  • humans
  • species
  • mystery
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Les Petites Histoires du Soir by Ewoksan
Les Petites Histoires du Soirby Ithere Roussot
Les samedi, dimanche et mercredi seront publiées des petites histoires de thème, genre, personnages et ambiance différents à lire à vos enfants avant qu'ils s'endorment...
  • science-fiction
  • aventure
  • aléatoire
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Le Hazar by PatchouliJolie
Le Hazarby Clé d'Do
~ La suite du Bazar arrive ~ Oscar revient au Bazar une année après sa première aventure. Le père d'Oscar a-t-il retrouvé ses sentiments ? Sa mère a-t-elle tenu promesse...
  • univers
  • autremonde
  • sentiments
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Anarchy by Arya_Lestrange_
Anarchyby Øpaline
Dans un monde post-apocalyptique, il faut se battre pour survivre. Cassia Shafiq, seize ans, vit dans un Manhattan apocalyptique du côté des Rebelles. Ces derniers en p...
  • rivalité
  • amitié
  • dystopie
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A New Adventure Begins: Pelsary and Kaisa! by SaiyanElite
A New Adventure Begins: Pelsary Miles Lassiter
Pelsary is a Saiyan, survivor of Planet Vegeta's destruction at the hands of Frieza. She was raised by space pirates, and grew up to be a powerful bounty hunter. Kaisa i...
  • dragonball
  • fan-fiction
  • science-fiction
A Glorious Adventure Awaits | Writing Prompt #1 by Remi_Kapaun
A Glorious Adventure Awaits | Random Raptor
This is in response to the following writing prompt: "Hold on, you died?!" (This characters name will be Grant) "Yeah, well it didn't stick." (This c...
  • fantasy
  • prompt
  • first-draft
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Chlorine Halos by natsaninja
Chlorine Halosby Nat Bradford
"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming." Sound advice, right? For Avian Douglas, that fluid forward motion is a step above challenging. At the first taste of...
  • adventure
  • parables
  • science-fiction
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Planet Zerina by Katnite
Planet Zerinaby kAt
Lighted only by aerial satellites, Zerina is a palace in the form of a planet. Its six hundred and thirty-two inhabitants are specially trained as either star-gazers, m...
  • romance
  • stars
  • science-fantasy
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Hot Solar by AnthonyRobinson468
Hot Solarby Anthony Robinson
Sequel to Cold Solar. A fragile peace between Earth and Mars is threatened by the same forces that brought them to war. With the Princess missing and a long search under...
  • dystopia
  • dystopian-future
  • drama
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Impuissance, tome 1 by anadaviid
Impuissance, tome 1by Ana David
Nous sommes situés dans la cité dont tout le monde parle; la cité de l'indépendance. Elle a été créée il y a à peine 20 ans pour nous protéger des guerres et des épidémi...
  • amour
  • fille
  • garcon
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Fried Glop on Oort Base 14 by abandonedstation
Fried Glop on Oort Base 14by abandonedstation
An ongoing serial of several teenagers living on a small supply vessel in space, many millions of kilometres away from earth.
  • science-fiction
  • friends
  • grit
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