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Sci-Fi "Short Story" by Fenrose_Auburn
Sci-Fi "Short Story"by Fenrose Auburn
Set in the year 3020, in utopian-democratic Russia, after WWV which resulted in almost all Eastern Countries being conquered by Russia-along with Australia and Africa. M...
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If You Salt Me by sophgray
If You Salt Meby Sophia Gray
In a grisly, dystopian future, Aman keeps losing people-to war, to hunger, to disease. Up to now this has been her way of life. Thanks to the modifications installed in...
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Hot Solar by AnthonyRobinson468
Hot Solarby Anthony Robinson
Sequel to Cold Solar. A fragile peace between Earth and Mars is threatened by the same forces that brought them to war. With the Princess missing and a long search under...
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Black Waters by KateLorraine
Black Watersby KateLorraine
Our world is dying. We thought the end of times would come from the plague, from disease, from war - it came from beneath the Black Waters. **** Auria Ying is a college...
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The Plight of Aelia: Firebrand by TheACRobbins
The Plight of Aelia: Firebrandby A. C. Robbins
(Story ongoing.) Newly knighted Glaed Balaston and the rest of the Firebrand Knights don't realize it yet, but they are in for the fight of their lives. The knights will...
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Spider-Man: Great Responsibility by gnerd24
Spider-Man: Great Responsibilityby Zander the Nerd
(NOTE: This is a FANMADE story, not at all canon.) Zander is a young adult in New York City that attends Stony Brook University. He was your average human being, right...
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Progress of Nature by PrinceAk121
Progress of Natureby Prince AK
Alec Else - a boy of below-average talent in a militaristic universe, where all organic life possesses powers of extreme strength called Natures - just wanted to get by...
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[Christmas Challenge] Après la Chute by Melowynn
[Christmas Challenge] Après la Melowyn
Série de vingt-cinq histoires concernant le creux de sept années qui séparent le prologue et le premier chapitre de Nouvelle Ère. Les épisodes abordent des moments de vi...
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Urse by Kick4L1fe
Urseby Kick4L1fe
One thousand years ago. The first Urse was born. With nothing more than the ability to glow in the dark the New U.S. Royal Commission labeled the child as a threat. Whil...
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Cardinal Star by generalhammer
Cardinal Starby general hammer
The Harvesters and their gigantic Titan troops took Khan's world in a flood of fire, death, and grief. Six years later, the survivors have coalesced to form one refugee...
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Project: Shadow Walker by CreedMoss
Project: Shadow Walkerby Dalin Moss
We are all connected. Our emotions, memories, our minds: they are all linked by a thread of power known as the Nexus. All life can access this connection, but there are...
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The Blood Cross by Nelson_Rodrigues
The Blood Crossby Nelson Rodrigues
'It all started like a dream, a taunted old dream, that he's having for ages. The same man, looking at him, talking to him, haunting him...' Since the dawn of our times...
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Stacks on Stacks - La nouvelle recrue by thesoulsmith
Stacks on Stacks - La nouvelle The Soul Smith
Cette histoire est basé sur le CYOA "Stacks on Stacks - the new recruit" ( Si un léger spoil...
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The spider-Tome 2: De grandes responsabilités by amrazarca
The spider-Tome 2: De grandes AMRA
Suite au drame qu'engendre l'attaque d'électro sur la ville, Peter comprend que la vie de héro n'est pas sans difficultés. Aux travers d'illusions tourmentés et d'hallu...
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Initiate by CoLLoRBLiND
Initiateby Maci Riffle
Fallon Reacher is just trying to trick-or-treat with friends on Halloween. But when a simple little shortcut through a field turns out to be anything but fun, Fallon wat...
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Soul Gods by ChrisZepekenio
Soul Godsby ChrisZepekenio
Il existe dans le monde des êtres humains capable de développer leur conscience, ils portent pour nom l'alliance "Chiyoko" littéralement, enfant de mille génér...
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Royal by 100Memoriae
Royalby Julie
Rean Alves ist erst 18, als er den Thron des Landes Lacraine übernimmt. Im Frankreich des 22. Jahrhunderts soll er als König gemeinsam mit dem Parlament das Land regiere...
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Panacea | Jaeyong by Chittaprrr01
Panacea | Jaeyongby n i n a
It's the year 2148. Jaehyun and his younger brother Jaemin have to survive in a dystopian world with only a tiny fraction of the population still alive due to a deadly d...
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LES SURVIVANTS T.1 by AnaRaconte
Tome 1 : Les souterrains. Ils avancent dans ce long couloir, plus soudés que jamais. Ils sont les derniers survivants de cette expérience ratée. Où va les mener ce coul...
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King Me by Kerorogunsu
King Meby A.D. Honecker
Yancey finds a strange pop-up ad for a video game on her screen late one night, intriguingly titled "King Me". Not one for pop-ups, but a gaming addict, she cl...
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