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-> [A Sea Of Dried Paint] by JPDaBoy
-> [A Sea Of Dried Paint]by JPDaBoy
This is the story Unizo Fuaroji, a special Octoling who ended up being chosen to go through absolute hell thanks to Octavio's desperate desire for revenge against the In...
  • originalcharacter
  • science-fiction
  • splatoon
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L'Histoire de l'Ombre by gageull
L'Histoire de l'Ombreby Timothee Forest
Maxime, un jeune étudiant de 23 ans ce retrouve piégé sous la forme d'un esprit au 18ème siècle suite à un accident. C'est la toute première histoire que je publie, je...
  • hisoire
  • 18ème
  • science-fiction
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Yamamoto Daishirō, un étudiants de L'université de Tokyo voudrait être médecin généraliste. C'est quand il rentra dans l'université, qu'il tomba amoureux d'une fille, Su...
  • psycologie
  • drame
  • science-fiction
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Silver Moonlight by NecronCaelestis
Silver Moonlightby NecronCaelestis
The sequel to Silver Mirror and fourth installment in the series. War looms on the horizon, but while the adults are mostly dreading what's to come, the youngsters conti...
  • science-fiction
  • sequel
  • fantasy
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Evol by vikhariiz
Evolby Victory Harry Izevbekhai
A young farm girl sights a strange shooting star and discovers a stranger lying on her porch next morning. The stranger turns out to be very strange indeed
  • science-fiction
  • scifi
  • scifi-romance
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Anthea of the Night - Book 1 - Prelude (web version) by simkin452
Anthea of the Night - Book 1 - Albert Ruckholdt
For decades, Ars Volen and its prestigious sister schools have served as neutral grounds between the Bloodliners (Vampires) and the Wolvren. Within its halls and many...
  • young-adult
  • werewolf
  • action
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Métastable  by ExpPhoenix
Métastable by ExpPhoenix
Quelque soit notre passé, notre présent, nos théories, nos certitude, notre planète ou notre galaxie Dans l'univers rien n'est jamais stable
  • science-fiction
Sentinel: Activation by Landon224
Sentinel: Activationby Landon224
Almost two decades after the largest war in human history, Earth has become a mere husk of its former self. In the aftermath, the planet was abandoned by the victorious...
  • futuristic
  • science-fiction
  • technology
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le vrai monde? by Aneko-Omoikane
le vrai monde?by peter
est-on nous vraiment dans le vrai monde ou celui-ci est juste Anthony Braine fictif . somme nous des cobayes ou les maîtres de notre destin? seul la mort nous dira si c...
  • science-fiction
  • monde
  • dimension
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Bunker Bird by RainerSalt
Bunker Birdby RainerSalt
[Wattpad Editor's Choice] Tim is one of those who shovel the shit and clean away the waste. Life in the dirt of a post-apocalyptic bunker is all he knows. When his fathe...
  • sciencefiction
  • science
  • youngadult
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Les Îles Perdues - Perditous Insoulaé Tome 1 : Les Sources by Ptera04
Les Îles Perdues - Perditous Florent Dem
Tiphanie, jeune fille solitaire vivant sur une île isolée du reste du monde, possède d'extraordinaires et incontrôlables dons de télékinésie. Afin d'apprendre à les maî...
  • iles
  • combats
  • archipel
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Crazily, Sweetly and Scientifically by MysticSpringed
Crazily, Sweetly and Scientificallyby MysticSpringed
She is Eureka Sorreda, a shadow of someone, a ghost of a person, always an option-in short an Outcast. Because of an incident she was forced to drop out of her school an...
  • comedy
  • romance
  • firststory
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Planète (tome 1) by arseneslab33
Planète (tome 1)by Arsène Slab
Dans un futur proche, où pollution, "uberisation" et religion paupérisent l'humanité. Après un long sommeil, Merlin l'Enchanteur apparaît sur un pylône du Gol...
  • politique
  • robots
  • futur
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In Fair Verona... by Boddynock
In Fair B.W. Mathers
In a cyberpunk city known as the Glow, two families, both alike in dignity, are fighting on the streets in a variation of one of the oldest love stories in history.
  • juliet
  • romeo
  • shakespeare
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Fried Glop on Oort Base 14 by abandonedstation
Fried Glop on Oort Base 14by abandonedstation
An ongoing serial of several teenagers living on a small supply vessel in space, many millions of kilometres away from earth.
  • friends
  • weird
  • grit
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The Courtesan Prince (Okal Rel Saga #1) by OkalRelUniverse
The Courtesan Prince (Okal Rel Okal Rel Universe
☆WATTPAD EDITORS' CHOICE☆ The Okal Rel Saga begins in this dramatic personification of cultural conflict through the struggle of Ann, Ranar, Amel and Di Mon to find comm...
  • scifi
  • swords
  • unlimitedpride
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Forgotten Space by KennethCoxUK
Forgotten Spaceby Kenneth Cox
Forgotten Space follows a human lost in space with no memories trying to live in the high costs of a spaceship well-making friends and enemies on the way.
  • adventure
  • alian
  • cryogenic
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HMS Valediction by LLMontez
HMS Valedictionby LL Montez
[Book 2 of the ARC10 Trilogy] Rampant addictions, psychotic breakdowns, and threats of mutiny keep Commander Janika Lorn up all night. Transporting two-thousand souls sa...
  • space-opera
  • scifi
  • alien
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Upiór z Rodos 5 by Stefan_Krol
Upiór z Rodos 5by Stefan Król
Pomysł wyprawy do opuszczonej kopalni tulu, od początku nie spodobał się Artowi. W otaczających go zewsząd ciemnościach, mogło przecież kryć się dosłownie wszystko. &quo...
  • śmierć
  • fantastyka
  • akcja
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Artificielle by OManekiNeko
Artificielleby OManekiNeko
Expéditeur : Sophie Destinataire : Police Message : Sommes coincés dans salle biologie, gaz toxique, pas issues, lycée Shamin , Deletroy.
  • action
  • artificielle
  • amitié
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