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The Holy Admiral from Hell by Shadow_trooper
The Holy Admiral from Hellby Shadow_trooper
In the far future, humanity is conquering the stars, fleets travel, taking over the world, and now, a simple man has enlisted into the fleets.
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Skybound ■ A Roleplay ■ CLOSED by Stressy-and-Depressy
Skybound ■ A Roleplay ■ CLOSEDby Laurie
Born on earth, belong to the stars.
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Death Train by SamanthaLinares3
Death Trainby Samantha Linares
Elly has lost everything in a world of pure chaos. When Zenith came and took over the human race, promising world peace and delivering anarchy, Elly found herself teamin...
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Blood A.D. | #NaNoWriMo2019 | by OctaviaLocke
Blood A.D. | #NaNoWriMo2019 |by Octavia Locke
With the ability to kill literally coursing through her veins, Ariana Delmar finds herself at the center of a vampiric plot to weaponize her blood. Survival the only thi...
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Forgotten but not dead by LordMemeThe1st
Forgotten but not deadby LordMemeThe1st
A mistake born on remnant, a being destined to fail that dared fight it's fate. A being so strong that it was locked away thanks to a maidens sacrifice, to be forgotten...
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The Trimorphs (The Ammonite Galaxy , book 7) by Timeslice
The Trimorphs (The Ammonite Gillian Andrews
(This is the final book in the Ammonite Galaxy series. To start the series, search Valhai here on Wattpad.) Six and Grace are in grave danger, but the morphics can't b...
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This is not a Space Western | NaNoWriMo 2019 by relevy
This is not a Space Western | R. E. Levy
Cash is the sole proprietor of Moonshine on the Planet of al-Sufi. Distilling this specific booze requires a precise prolonged exposure to radiation. A potentially deadl...
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PEPPER by michaelgirgenti
PEPPERby Michael Girgenti
PEPPER is based around a kid named Owen who lives in his car that falls in love with a grocery store cashier who is not real. Owen is unaware he's apart of a human simul...
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History Has its Eyes on You ☆ a star trek roleplay by RedArmySpy
History Has its Eyes on You ☆ a natalie rushman
Hundreds - sometimes even thousands - of people graduate from Starfleet Academy each year. Then they are assigned to either a starship or space station. Everyone knows o...
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Time will tell by laurenwolfe12
Time will tellby Lauren Wolfe
The Arcs have lived amongst the Regulars since the beginning of time. In a society governed by fear, those with greater power exterminated. In this time bending tale wil...
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2099:Zenith(Prologue Arc) by komodowolf200DBZ
2099:Zenith(Prologue Arc)by Komodo Xbox
The year of 2099 was the year of when monsters, humans, aliens, and Yokai lived together in harmony, because of a teenage hybrid by the name of Damus Adapin.
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"The Bladebreakers"|Tom Holland|Hardik Pandya|Shubman Gill|Robert Pattinson by SAMADRITA_VK
"The Bladebreakers"|Tom Holland| 🏏Sama ❤️
"Your blades might be more powerful than ours! But we are more powerful bladers than you all are!" _...
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Regentrification by LwaziDaGod
Regentrificationby Lwazi Chewa
Regentrification tells the story of two people who are spiritually linked by a supernatural magic. After being summoned to a meeting place by an ancient mystical order t...
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blue sun and moon by maniacsaiyan
blue sun and moonby maniacsaiyanassassin
When a empire from space wants to improve relations with a planet that doesn't even know they exist. Having a leader like their people helps.
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Cecily Black by ENMorely
Cecily Blackby E.N. Morely
Unnoticed, quiet, a loner. It's not her fault. It's what happens when you move into a new city and start school midway through the year. It doesn't help that her sister...
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Holding Fire by dragonsandrockets
Holding Fireby dragonsandrockets
As humanity enters galactic politics after finally discovering that there is other life in the universe, the demon world is destroyed causing utter instability for Earth...
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Jeels by Tidwell56
Jeelsby Mindy Peterman
The world has changed over the course of a century. The Jeels, with help from the Goren and a faction of earthlings, rule over what was once a dying Earth. As a reluctan...
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Chronos  by ListenToMi-Ru
Chronos by Mi-Ru
A filament of time. Have you ever regretted so much you had to go back in the past? What would that cost you? The future? The past? Everything? The next time, this tim...
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A Single Strand (V2) by ECSherman
A Single Strand (V2)by E. C. Sherman
When Hyrna Mal'vai runs away from her home planet to escape her uncle, she finds an ancient world that warns of a terrifying alien invasion - and Hyrna's the only one of...
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Taki is a normal grade 12 student. He seems quite and don't talk to people that much. One time, he faced a big problem with his family. He became more depressed and more...
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