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The sun is back (inspired by viral Twitter story)  by savroose
The sun is back (inspired by savroose
A post apocalyptic thriller in which Aiden, a battered and scarred young man fights to stay alive in a broken, terrifying world. After the sun disappears, Aiden is force...
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Paranoia by easy_yase
Paranoiaby EasyBeth
Strange things are happening around Liam and he can't put his finger on it. Ever since arriving in London, he's had the creeping feeling that someone or something is out...
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The Menticide Project by leovaldez994
The Menticide Projectby G.C. Fox
*BOOK TWO of The Last Time Keeper*- Meridian Knowles is gone. In her fight against Markos, she was forced to make the ultimate sacrifice, even after a betrayal that nea...
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Xyhra(Part 2): Valor by GuardianKnight1
Xyhra(Part 2): Valorby Luke J. Williams
Elia and Seruka fight against the Shadows of the Abyss underneath the war ravaging Torriban. Their resolve, skill, and loyalty to their friends and family is tested as t...
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Dragon Without by Devrali
Dragon Withoutby Demerix
Synthia is a Dragoness, a being created by the fusion of a dragon and a human. Containing near boundless amounts of magical energy, she plans on using that energy to des...
Nuclear by aiza_60
Nuclearby Aiza
Highest Ranking: 155 in Action ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ Imagine a world, like earth in many ways, yet so incredibly different. With sunsets from your wildest dreams and crea...
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Light by Annie54433
Lightby Anya
Mya is just trying to fix the mistakes her mother made.
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(Zim x Dib) Operation: Invasion by SamIaint
(Zim x Dib) Operation: Invasionby Not Sam
Zim has the perfect plan; destroy Dib, and take over planet Earth! However, many wrenches are thrown in: feelings, the court system, government, and plain bad luck. Will...
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PROJECT: ATHENA - a space fiction roleplay  by BullshtandBrilliance
Artemis, Apollo, Gemini, Mercury. Four of many historic missions flown to further advance human space exploration. Now, there is Project Athena. 12 of the world's most i...
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The Last Philosopher by NickfEast
The Last Philosopherby Nick East
Before everything, it's assumed there was nothing, but what if there was no real difference between the two? Just two extreme philosophies from the original conflict. Th...
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Silhouettes  {The reign of Carth's Institution} by Tmensako
Silhouettes {The reign of Carth' Sako Sako
"We're not even normal, so why try having a normal life?" Life for fifteen year old Azer and his group of friends has been pretty normal. If by normal you mean...
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Nocturne by squirrelg
Nocturneby Gladys Quinn
Close to the turn of the century, twelve thousand year old vampire Esteria hopes to be closer to the peace that she has long been seeking. Helping the megacity advance o...
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Dark Colors by Novaa_Ly
Dark Colorsby Nova ☾
--- After the apocalypse started, they thought things were never going to be the same anymore. What happened? Could they find peace again? Will happiness and joy return...
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Writetober by ACourtOfStories
Writetoberby A Court of Stories
I've been inspired by @writinghaven on Instagram who is doing the writetober challenge. Each day during the month of October you're given a prompt and you just write. So...
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Dark Omega by twilightpeaks
Dark Omegaby Felix M. Bloom
In Dark Omega, epic fantasy meets science fiction to create a darkly magical future. Divided star kingdoms, ruled by nobles claiming descent from the gods of antiquity...
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The Snowball Earth by thomas_778
The Snowball Earthby thomas_778
When the earth freezes over, all eyes are on the son of the great deceased inventor Gerald Ford. They look to him for a scientific breakthrough to return the earth to i...
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There's NoWorld by Empty_Mask
There's NoWorldby Empty_Mask
Have you ever wondered if there's a place where everyone and everything learned how to coexist with one another in one place? Well there's NoWorld. NoWorld is full of su...
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Undoing the Beginning  by ShyHidingShadowGirl
Undoing the Beginning by ShyHidingShadowGirl
[Sequel to Undoing the End] It's been ten years since the apocalypse was averted. Since then sixteen-year-old Liam Belmont's biggest problems have been surviving his bi...
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From Above We Fall and From Below We Climb by KutlinL
From Above We Fall and From KutlinL
Saving the world is a crap ton of work. She just wants to go to sleep. It's so hard to just live anymore. She needs help from everyone for the doom she sees coming.
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Gatehammer: A 30K Warhammer story. by RandomDisorder
Gatehammer: A 30K Warhammer RandomDisorder
A story of hope and brotherhood, a story of ever expanding light and newly birthed darkness. When the people of Falmart find themselves in a wider, far more powerful gal...
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