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scary stories by JOSEWRITERIGUEZ
scary storiesby JOSEWRITERIGUEZ
A collection of scary stories. Dont worry they aren't real, as far as you know.... new stories Daily-weekly
Tiny horror stories by samyaansari_
Tiny horror storiesby Samya Ansari
Tiny horror stories (Doesn't exceed 100 words) None of these stories is from other books or online. These were all written by me. Do not steal them. Give credits if you...
Scary stories by InannaGilbert
Scary storiesby Inanna Gilbert
in this book you will find short horror stories, urban legends and very sketchy stories i found all of these online on reddit,creepypasta wiki and a lot more sites i hop...
Invaders by Alicia25M
Invadersby A. M. Meyers
Older cover by @Irenejames Newer cover by @chainxmoker They disguised themselves as one of us. Studied us for centuries. Some believed in them whilst others became skept...
67 True scary stories to tell in the dark  by staerry_nights
67 True scary stories to tell in ◡̈
SCARY STORIES Hope you enjoy👽 #177 in non-fiction (August)
Behind You by everythingaftersws
Behind Youby nina ˚✧
Carla notices a guy in her class. They keep bumping into each other and they start to know more about each other. But what Carla doesn't know is that it isn't a coinci...
THE SILENT ONE ✔️ - bts horror au  by outromono
THE SILENT ONE ✔️ - bts horror au by killuvnte
"a story in which the silent one's vengeance relies within a game in an abandoned elevator" ⚠️ written by: @filmfics on Twitter ⚠️
Two Sentence Horror Stories  by AllyHeartflilia
Two Sentence Horror Stories by Bxbble.Tėa
I made all of these, please don't copy! Story count so far: 23, complete !Any images or music used is not mine!
Cursed ✔️ by NiveditasDiary
Cursed ✔️by Nivedita's Diary
Genre: Horror/Mystery 'Sometimes It's Better To Keep Things Untouched' A perfect beach trip. A mesmerising emerald stone. It looked so hypnotic and beautiful. It's jus...
Creepypastas&Urban Legends  by ahsx01
Creepypastas&Urban Legends by Elle
(READ DESCRIPTION) Various horror stories (mainly creepy pastas and urban legends). Good luck sleeping... I did not write any of these stories nor claim any of them, all...
Ghosts we leave behind by cosmicgh0st
Ghosts we leave behindby cosmicgh0st
Nora Miller returns from college to a stubbornly defensive grandmother and an estranged workaholic mother. After a body is found in the canal, Nora begins to question th...
Penpal by ocnasey
Penpalby ocnasey
I do not own any of these stories and all credit goes to original owner.
50 Creepy Stories by staerry_nights
50 Creepy Storiesby ◡̈
50 Truly Terrifying Creepy Stories That'll Scare You Into Perpetual Insomnia. Website:
Zipper by Pixee_Styx
Zipperby Sam Schill
A little girl gains an imaginary friend...but the friend becomes troublesome. Five year-old Emmy has a vivid imagination. But is her imagination so strong that she could...
Scary Shorts by Hazeldusk
Scary Shortsby Hazeldusk
Two sentence stories, 5 word stories and more. Read this and get shivers to run down your spine!
101 Real Stories by legendary-chocolate
101 Real Storiesby snickers
Highest rank : #416 in short story Collection of scary stories that I read in Japanese horror story app. I translated these so it might not be perfect. Most of these are...
Carnival House [COMPLETED✔️2015] by robyncfrances
Carnival House [COMPLETED✔️2015]by robyncfrances
*UNEDITED* highest rank||#75 in Horror It's Halloween and four friends have wandered into the woods to see if the legend of The Carnival is true or not. For years, peop...
Creepy One Shots ✔️ by Michin_Cleo
Creepy One Shots ✔️by Michin_Cleo
scary and creepy one shots for the brave souls out there...
Ember Grove (and Other Scary Stories) by spelunkadunk
Ember Grove (and Other Scary Spelunkadunk
Featured on WattpadShortStory Spine Tinglers, these one-shots promise goosebumps in under 2000 words. Explore a memory care facility, a petting zoo, a fancy restaurant...
3A.M Confession by Tattoo_Heart
3A.M Confessionby CherryWaves🍒
Be careful when you confess something at 3a.m . It's the devil's hour and all those creepy creatures are listening.