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Saved by ohyeahitsallison
Savedby Allison
This was a story I wrote for a sixth grade assignment. I received a 100 percent, but that doesn't necessarily mean its a fabulous story. Feel free to comment.
Plastic cattle  by AfreenOli
Plastic cattle by Dr_Whiskers
Cattles are farmer's life saviour. Farmers rely thier future on them. Plastic is human's nemesis. But too Humans rely on them. When plastic meets the Cattle, then its...
Description:"The Greatness Of Nation can be judged by the way it's animals are treated",this is a thought dedicated by Mahatma Gandhi. In today's world every h...
Why Going Vegan is the Answer to All Your Problems by audreyisvegan
Why Going Vegan is the Answer to Audrey Watson
The world is changing. People are changing too. This is why you should change as well. #AnimalsAreNotOurs
The Crozanions by ABJR18
The Crozanionsby Abhi Padalkar
In the world full of life , there were few mutated animals who have lived in this world for a long time and have had alliances with humans since generations of mankind...
A Home For Peter by honeys_stories
A Home For Peterby Nights Under Stars
A Young Dog who was sent to a Pet's home after his Owner had a baby and started ignoring him. He found a way out when he escaped a staff's hold.
Bear by Lys714fujo
Bearby Lys Ode
A collection of stories of bears all over the world; all different genres, and how they think in the challenges they are faced with. There are many misconceptions about...
END OF THE WORLD #PlanetOrPlastic by ivanshov_
END OF THE WORLD #PlanetOrPlasticby Trisha
|This is my entry for National Geographic's #PlanetOrPlastic contest.| What if the end of the world was never because of Tsunami, volcanoes or earthquake; but because of...
A Severed bond by iamDeegreatest
A Severed bondby Anthony
Liam has always lived with her mother Juliet and it has always been them against the world. But one faithful day when Liam finds her mother making out with a stranger on...
The Turtle And The Plastic by IDKAlyssaXD
The Turtle And The Plasticby IDKAlyssaXD
This is for the National Geographic, Planet or Plastic Competition. I don't wanna win prize, if I were to win this. I strictly just want to spread awareness of the damag...
Zanatee Zoo by JDSettle
Zanatee Zooby JD Settle
Take a journey through Zanatee Zoo. Come care for the animals with me and get to know the them. Zanatee Zoo is a made up zoo that I own. My name is JD and I would love t...
For every little hero saving earth  by NowIAmABeliever
For every little hero saving earth by NowIAmABeliever
For all of you trying to find a way to fight climate change and help our beautiful, natural ecosystems. I am tired of not finding accurate ways to help rewilding and &q...
A Dolphin's Tale by RiddhiJogula
A Dolphin's Taleby Riddhi Jogula
|ranked #1 in category say no to plastic as of 19th November 2019| Hop in to see how plastic pollution affects the animals and has adverse effects on the environment...
#SaveAnimals **ASKIDA** by Smile_HD
#SaveAnimals **ASKIDA**by *Dab*
#SaveAnimals Sude Andaş için protesto etiketi. Her yerde paylaşın.
The Planet Protectors 【A Helping and Saving our Planet Conversation】 by -Skylar_Rao-
The Planet Protectors 【A Helping Skylar R.
Join and become a member of the solution to the problems of our planet!