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Close To You (Adommy) by Beautifully_Depress
Close To You (Adommy)by Aleeeeeee
Life when you're young is amazing! You get to live it the way you want to and no one tells you what to do. When you think of a happy life like that, you think nothing go...
Silver Lining  by CelticGlambert1216
Silver Lining by Kallie RHS
Adam and Nix are finally back together, living in New York City, happy and engaged to be married. For the most part, it seems their troubled, rocky past is behind them...
Strange Love (Sequel to All The Small Things) by NirvanaDreamer
Strange Love (Sequel to All The Tiny Cactus
PLEASE READ ALL THE SMALL THINGS BEFORE YOU READ THIS STORY OR IT WONT MAKE ANY SENSE. (It's on my page :) After a very eventful 3 and a half years, Adam gets offered a...
Wasted || Adam Lambert (BoyxBoy) by adamlambertees
Wasted || Adam Lambert (BoyxBoy)by A
Adam Lambert is an inspirational singer who brings light and happiness to his dedicated fans. Although he may seem like a successful man, he faces his fair share of bat...
Its Complicated by XxGlambert123xX
Its Complicatedby Lmao
Adam Lambert is a 18 year old high schooler who has an abusive father. He meets a boy who may change him, and he starts to fall for him. But ya know, who could blame him?
Blue Eyes To The Rescue by Priscilla-Lynch
Blue Eyes To The Rescueby Priscilla-Lynch
First, I don't know why this story have a [PG-13] rating. Second, I hope you like it.
The difference between me and you  by skylarmurphy547
The difference between me and you by skylarmurphy547
I play a character named Allison ledisi who is a vampire who goes to northern lights high school and there are a few new students that are humans and we have music class...
Secretive by JulieKoskiBert
Secretiveby JulieKoskiBert
So many secrets at Mount Carmel High School, it's only a matter of time that one of them is revealed...
The Boy with the Blue Eyes by rewriteanderase
The Boy with the Blue Eyesby rewriteanderase
Adam is a 20-year-old living by himself in the upper east-side of Manhattan island in New York and working as a waiter, getting his creative needs out at a local theater...
Nirvana by Saaruliiini
Nirvanaby Saara
"And finally the suffering can end..." He whispered softly while stroking the petite blonde's hair. Blood dripped on the carpet breaking the silence. A story a...
Pink Dress by FairyKilljoy
Pink Dressby Shymiera Entwisle
Doll collecting may be a relaxing hobby for some, but dolls can at times scare Sauli. When he receives a porcelain baby doll, he starts to see his friends acting weird:...
Saulbert One-shot (ManxMan) by AdamLoverx
Saulbert One-shot (ManxMan)by AdamLoverx
It's an Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen fic. If you're not okay with it. Don't open it.
Gangster Love by CyrusftLambert
Gangster Loveby CyrusftLambert
{ Saulbert Fan Fiction } The Lambert Gang vs The Koskinen Gang, it was always been this unstoppable war since both Adam and Sauli can remember. Until one day they disco...
Ghost Towns [Adommy] by Useless-girl
Ghost Towns [Adommy]by Useless-girl
When life gets in the way...
Tamed - Part II by JulieKoskiBert
Tamed - Part IIby JulieKoskiBert
Adam and Sauli are both getting ready for college! And Adam is going through some new changes too, which causes him to become more frustrated with his advantage. But onc...