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schoolboy // a choen story by glyears
schoolboy // a choen storyby ohnor
a choen story 😳✋✨ ongoing 😌✋✨ this might have some hot steamy scenes if i feel like it 🥵🥵 this might get cheesy im not including some people you might want in it im...
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Cliché Scenarios by LilReezy_
Cliché Scenariosby LilReezy
Saucy oneshots 😏
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Hood melody  by emazhionaeslays
Hood melody by Emazhionae🖤😈
Blue is from da hood with a nigga mentality why happens when she runs into da most knw hood nigga. Antwan was juhh a normal hood nigga you knw da usual fucking bitches...
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A Most Charming Prince by BindingTies
A Most Charming Princeby Leigh W. Stuart
A prince with panty-melting hotness and a magnificent prophecy, a maiden trapped in a life of servitude, a brothel of lusty wenches, a dastardly villian, a thief biding...
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Valentine's Day Anthology by RomanceSparks
Valentine's Day Anthologyby RomanceSparks
Who doesn't like to have a little bit of love on Valentine's Day? An impressive line-up of authors have joined forces to bring you a special anthology. A new story for e...
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Eternal by EveHonor
Eternalby eve
**this is the sequel to my previous book 'Stay Away from Pleasure' so I would advise you to read it before reading this book** After Lisette's traumatic discovery, a ne...
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BTSxReader oneshots by LemonRoseBitters
BTSxReader oneshotsby ♤RoseBlood♤
•Tingles, warmth, joy. Love brings all these feelings to you... and so does BTS. We love our boys and they love us. But now you can imagine it in an entirely different w...
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He's MY CLARE BEAR  by devonupnextt
He's MY CLARE BEAR by devon up next
a story between a heart brake and a heart ake with two many things holding the queen naija down we will find out how much she can take and will her faith stay strong ?
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phil her up by phildelphine
phil her upby tecca🙈
y/n is no ordinary girl, Australian native Iggy Azalea's niece--you were on a mission trip to the Philippines when you meet Phil. He's a bit older then you, but you don'...
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Simon Cowell + Gordon Ramsey | Precious by samaraabron
Simon Cowell + Gordon Ramsey | samaraabron
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Why him? ✔️ {JJKxR} by LemonRoseBitters
Why him? ✔️ {JJKxR}by ♤RoseBlood♤
"I hate him... so why do I feel this way?" (Yep that's our cheesy little quote thing xD) Bullies aren't always rotten people and Y/n soon finds that out thanks...
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Sexy Summer Party by RebeccaReveals
Sexy Summer Partyby Rebecca Reveals
The first in a series of journal entries of a beautiful young woman's sensual journey in the heady Eighties. Rebecca finds herself seduced by a delightfully attractive c...
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Till The End by ourlovesxoxo
Till The Endby ourlovesxoxo
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gordon ramsay x reader smut by goodsloth
gordon ramsay x reader smutby goodsloth
o yes
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Power Outage (France x Reader) Lemon by Minepony2001
Power Outage (France x Reader) Minepony2001
You are living in England and are good friends with Arthur, but what happens when France falls in love with you? This is not my own original story!!! It belongs to bask...
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Late night conversations  || Texting Yoonmin by antonia080802
Late night conversations || The official Yoonmin dump
"Hey hyung, have you done the maths homework ?" "Yeah here you go..." *attached image* A story how maths homework turned into something much more
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Emotional Minds. by sinfulares
Emotional sinfulbarbie.
Follow the troubles of teenagers as their lives are turned upside down.
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Rin x Nitori- Free! Iwatobi Swim Club FanFic: Swimming to Your Heart *On Hold!* by Baka-Sora
Rin x Nitori- Free! Iwatobi Swim Skye Fairbanks
Nitori's feeling for his Senpai are inevitable. What will it take for Rin to realize his feelings? It might just be a night where a blonde gets too touchy and his annoy...
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FreshieTales by greedyfortheblast
FreshieTalesby greedyfortheblast
The love story of Bob the tomato and a Larry the cucumber. Based off of the life of two freshmen in highschool, Larry tries to win over the affection of Bob through extr...
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MakeUp Sex ~ Truly the Best kind😜 by Mansi_Randomness
MakeUp Sex ~ Truly the Best kind😜by Mansi
Well! its a short story*by my standards🙈🤣* SEXY...STEAMY & HAWWTT!! in 3 parts ...wrote it ages ago..uploading on wattpad today
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