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Purple like your mum by phanmily
Purple like your mumby phan trash tbh
Your moms purple like ur cucumber
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The Salsa Fic by oddlygay
The Salsa Ficby oddlygay
Things might get a bit saucy for a certain bowl of salsa when his life is flipped upside down by an unexpected nacho chip. Phil was just a normal bowl of salsa not expec...
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Homestuck x Reader (LEMONS!!) by CursedAkusia
Homestuck x Reader (LEMONS!!)by This is dead
Warning!! DEM LEMONS GET SOUR!! But, seriously, I've been wanting to write a fanfic for a while now, but I've been afraid of the feedback. At this point, I don't give a...
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El Rauncho (ManxMan) by BigDaddyBamBam
El Rauncho (ManxMan)by Big Daddy | Donnie Boi | BamB...
"I'm bored, brah. This gon' be a long ride, man, fuck me," Mason sighs, and then rolls down the window to get a splash of cool breeze. Blake clacks his tongue...
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Boys Day Out by hobbitinspace
Boys Day Outby hobbitinspace
Frodo and Gandalf go on an adventure, and learn some things along the way! I don't own Lord of the Rings, don't be a fucking idiot.
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Good Girls [Michael Clifford] by Saucy_Five_sauce
Good Girls [Michael Clifford]by Seriously Jasmine
"Good girls like you love to hate bad boys like me."
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Kyle and Marvin Love Untamed by atomic__tangerine
Kyle and Marvin Love Untamedby CHRISTINA AND ALLIE
Kyle lives a complicated life. From the start, when he was an infant, at just age of 298 years old, his parents disappeared in supposed murders! The only reason Kyle kn...
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The Saucy Tales by BlubBlubImaJellyfish
The Saucy Talesby BlubBlubImaJellyfish
Could be about actual condiments or just "saucy" romance ;)....maybe even both
The Elite by Mergaherg
The Eliteby Mergaherg
Luna, or better known as Lucy, lives in a werewolf dominant world where Alpha Jacob rules. She, as a human is looked down upon and she hates it, she hates werewolfs. The...
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The River boys by geeorginagee
The River boysby geeorginagee
The River boys are the local gang, and they're my brothers. Verena is one of 5 siblings, the rest of them boys. Living with 4 overly protective brothers who potentially...
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Don't Get Mad, Get Even! by Sheppo21
Don't Get Mad, Get Even!by Sheppo21
Georgia's just your Typical teenage girl living in NewYork City. At only 16 Georgia has it all, the perfect parents , her dream guy and the best friends a girl could ev...
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The Pomme of my Heart (Drapple oneshot) by babycomeon13
The Pomme of my Heart (Drapple Ellie™️
The Sexual Tension was practically visible. The apple. Draco Malfoy. Who would win out overall?
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50,000,000 shades of Tomska by CheesyKiansBooks
50,000,000 shades of Tomskaby CheesyKiansBooks
A romantic novel , all about my favourite youtuber, Tomska
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Vanilla Dipped In Chocolate by MonaChiedu
Vanilla Dipped In Chocolateby Ramona Morris
¦Cassandra Payne is one of the best pastry chefs on the West Coast. While in the middle of the "Wedding Madness Month", her busiest time of the year...
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Fury by emmalouloop
Furyby emmalouloop
Seth wanted to enter her. His body ached for her but so far she hadn't given him an inkling that it was possible for them. But now Lola was standing right in front of hi...
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Outlaw Running From Love by wonderfullywondering
Outlaw Running From Loveby wonderfullywondering
Who said angels were perfect? They need to be in a mental house. When I say Cupid what do you think of? The baby in the diaper shooting people with he's heart arrow and...
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Sins by TyPlex
Sinsby TyPlex
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Behind a closed door by KellyMurison
Behind a closed doorby Kelly Murison
Meet 25 year old Carly , she's a fun loving party girl...until a night that changes her life drastically. Overnight she goes from confident to secluded. Her world turns...
Sassy, Saucy, Salacious (BoyxBoy) by ciannnna
Sassy, Saucy, Salacious (BoyxBoy)by annaiC
"Clyde." "What?" "Your sass is showing." The winds of Chicago are blowing in the right direction, especially for Kenny Taylorson. Kenny, a...
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Ephemeral Rapture (RWBY) by Skirtz
Ephemeral Rapture (RWBY)by L.C Paige
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