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Highland Fling - A FREE to READ Funny Chick Lit Romance (COMPLETE) by SavvyDunn
Highland Fling - A FREE to READ Emma Baird
*EDITORS PICK* "This book has been so amazing I found myself daydreaming about it💖💖 totally worth my time 😃" "This story has had me laughing, screaming...
The 12 Dates of Christmas by circa1927
The 12 Dates of Christmasby Gemma (Germy) Runner
A series of short stories based on writing prompts, featuring different actors! A variety of genres from fluff, to smut, to feels. Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch...
Side Effects ☼ ⎨Tom Holland & Sam Heughan⎬ by louiseriek
Side Effects ☼ ⎨Tom Holland & Louise Riek
Sisters Danielle and Christina Grant are daughters of the British actor Hugh Grant whom are world famous for his role in several great movies. However, even though the t...
Sam Heughan Imagines by Aidanturnerimagines
Sam Heughan Imaginesby Aidanturnerimagines
This book is for Sam Heughan and his characters' imagines. Enjoy!
A Baby For Christmas by TemperanceBooth1
A Baby For Christmasby TemperanceBooth1
Sequel to the movie A Princess For Christmas.
Scars to Your Beautiful by paula_fnds
Scars to Your Beautifulby Paula Fernandes Correia
Sam Heughan recebe uma mensagem de uma fã que lhe chama a atenção, infelizmente por motivos que não lhe trazem felicidade. Será que ele irá conseguir convencê-la de que...
Secret Love Song by paula_fnds
Secret Love Songby Paula Fernandes Correia
" Momentos roubados que nós roubamos enquanto as cortinas se fecham. Nunca serão suficientes..."
You Are The Reason by paula_fnds
You Are The Reasonby Paula Fernandes Correia
"Porque eu preciso que você veja, que você é o motivo..." Capítulo 3 (e final) da triologia de Oneshots. Continuação da "Slow Hands" e "Secret L...
Between Heart and Home [ An Outlander AU Fanfic ] by MILLENNIALIDIOTx
Between Heart and Home [ An Shawnee Lynn
[ Based off the Outlander TV show; basically a personal spinoff with many creative liberties. ] 1748. 2 years after the Battle of Culloden. And the surprising return of...
Love Story (The 6 month Period) by Ginny6789
Love Story (The 6 month Period)by Ginny6789
The story revolves around those 6 months... (mentioned in the Epilogue) where Erin Darke and Sam Heughan fall in love with each other.... Erin Darke, who is strong enou...
Heart in Scotland by Rock16101
Heart in Scotlandby Rock16101
You meet Sam Heughan in a Scottish castle. He is taken aback by such a beautiful woman, and you don't find him too ugly either. What will happen? *This is just a short...
Fandom Gif by Niallers_lil_Potato
Fandom Gifby Olivia<3
Literally just a collection of gifs. None of these photos belong to me, I found them all in google. Hey, you can message me if you want someone else you feel is worthy...
Charisma Never by Once_Upon_an_Avenger
Charisma Neverby ✌️✨💛
Love is weapon...Weapon is love "Sorry I didn't kiss you." " was obvious you wanted to." "Says who?" "You."
CATHARSIS, sophie skelton by dqnerys
CATHARSIS, sophie skeltonby 𝖎𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖆
once the sun has set, no candle can replace it. girl x girl - au. social media. ...
Highland Wedding - A FREE TO Emma Baird
Marriage-it's the greatest, right?! Gaby's just proposed. Jack, her husband to be seems happy enough. it's just they've only got three months to arrange the whole thing...