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HIGHEST RANKING: 12 IN ROMANCE It is that kind of love that leaves you feeling dizzy, intoxicated, breathless. It's something you can feel it in your very bones, and it'...
Spin-off Stories by Bahubalifan
Spin-off Storiesby Bahubalifan
Hi Darling and Sweety fans !!! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Here's a treat for all Prabhas-Anushka movie fans! Do you adore this perfect pair onscreen but felt that there could have been mo...
Beyond Just Love by BadmaashDil
Beyond Just Loveby BadmaashDil
An Arjun-Sakshi fan fiction....
A fanfiction based on ICT and their family. When a girl discover's about the term called 'ICT' and has a sudden urge to know everything about it. Peep in to know more!!
Second Chance (Completed) by annie_scorpion
Second Chance (Completed)by Neha (Annie)
He has loved someone immensely. But she was snatched away from him brutally. Now he is too broken to even think about love. His only aim is to punish one person who snat...
Hello My Dear Wrong Number by BadmaashDil
Hello My Dear Wrong Numberby BadmaashDil
An Arjun-Sakshi fan fiction.
Aashiq Banaya by Desi_Ladki
Aashiq Banayaby Desi Ladki
Cover credit ~ @GraphicAssemblers Also @ImLilMissComplicated aka AmyraCreations Anika Kapoor, a sister of two famous actress, had a hateful...
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Something Incredible (on hold) by annie_scorpion
Something Incredible (on hold)by Neha (Annie)
He loved, lived and died. Now he is just a living corpse waiting for the day he will punish the one who is responsible for this wretched life of his. She is a breath of...
Arjun- A warrior ( COMPLETED) by Susan_lucy_Ange
Arjun- A warrior ( COMPLETED)by Susan_lucy_Ange
A person who fights for justice and save the innocent people. what will he do about his love. will he fight for his love or give up?
Raya ff - 😍When Love Hunts You 😍 by ArJa09
Raya ff - 😍When Love Hunts You 😍by Ar Ja
hiiii sometime life is so difficult to handle . sometime we think quit. but something happens an we want to live for that person only ... .. ... ... ... ... ... ...
My Heart Bleeds Ink by TheImperfectPoetess
My Heart Bleeds Inkby sakshi agarwal
POETRY COLLECTION "My heart bleeds emotions that turns into ink on paper" These are not just words but my inspiration for writing this collection. It's a simpl...
Where Ever You Go I Am There by BadmaashDil
Where Ever You Go I Am Thereby BadmaashDil
The story has a new character along with Arjun-Sakshi who is very important to the story.....he is a new recruit in ETF!
A Diary.. by overthinking019
A KrishnaAarti
everyone have two different faces, one face they show to all world but other face they hide it, in their own, may be they scared to show that face to world, it calls a i...
You are my Strength by Praahi
You are my Strengthby Praahi
Story requested by @Tanzi18 A story of a girl who is life of her brother. To know how she fell for her brother's friend despite of hating his profession, read this sto...
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His Love by saakshian
His Loveby saakshian
This Story is about two person who they discover their love after their so called arranged marriage. She loves her Mr.R, but he loves her. His love make her fall for hi...
Ariya FF : The Wait by Ariya789
Ariya FF : The Waitby ariya99
Life is never predictable. It always surprises you and leads you to somewhere you haven't planned. Acp Arjun Suryakant Rawte.. A man who once had a lot of happiness, dr...
Healing Hearts  ( Oneshot - Saaho × Silence ) ✓ by nila_c423
Healing Hearts ( Oneshot - Nila
A sequel for both Saaho and Silence. What if Siddant , after avenging is father's death decides to get married to Amrita , the love of his life. Amrita's death shatters...
It's destiny we fall for each other (RAYA) by Raya763
It's destiny we fall for each Cheryl
This is going to be a short story which I kind of fantasizes while watching BALH. Hope I do justice to this two super iconic characters of ours. #1st on Raya(08/10/20...
Together Forever by manjulika28
Together Foreverby manjulika28
Love conquers all, a famous saying and she proved it, she conquered death and came back just for him. This is a fan fiction for my all time favourite couple Ariya! Join...