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Stockholm Syndrome (MewGulf AU) by FujoshiEnthu
Stockholm Syndrome (MewGulf AU)by Call Me Sya
Mew Suppasit, a leader of a famous gang in Bangkok, had to take the younger brother of his crime partner as hostage because of betrayal. But little did he know that he w...
Don't Be Afraid To Ask  by callme_annie
Don't Be Afraid To Ask by Anna Pawlak
When Zee tries to forget about the past, NuNew becomes his best company and someone who will try to heal Zee's broken heart, meanwhile Saint still regrets what he has do...
What happens when Saint Suppapong has a chance encounter with Prince Zee Pruk Panich, the Crown Prince of Thailand? What happens when they accidentally become roommates...
Zee Pruk Panich was one of Thailand's most prominent artistes. He came from a well-known wealthy family as well. He rose to notoriety when he was scouted by a talent age...
Chances Are | MewGulf by pararanch
Chances Are | MewGulfby pararanch
Princess Hours! AU where the activist and leader party Mew Suppasit is the appointed Crown Prince after the nation's coup d'état happened. Little did he know, his grand...
My Koon Chai (HIATUS) by mbakima
My Koon Chai (HIATUS)by mbakima
Pete, putra tunggal salah seorang pengusaha sukses di Thailand. Hidup serba berkecukupan,dilimpahi kasih sayang kedua orang tuanya, memiliki begitu banyak teman menjadik...
THE LAST PRINCE👑 by milo_melon
The story takes place at a time in mid era of Suppapong period dynasty, when upheavals and power struggles surrounding the throne had reached extremely devastating lev...
Mystery Lights by anneofwhitleybay
Mystery Lightsby Anne Marie
Saint is a Biology major student who goes on a field trip to a distant forest with his classmates. When he returns, he is found to be suffering from intermittent blindne...
Choux Cream Cake by Zellaraya
Choux Cream Cakeby Zellaraya
Barista x Baker AU Perth, a young barista cafe owner, unkowingly hires Saint, the baker of his favourite dessert, to work at his cafe. To Plan's dismay, they have unrema...
Are We Really Over??? by anneofwhitleybay
Are We Really Over???by Anne Marie
By an ugly twist of fate, the beautiful relationship between Perth and Saint is abruptly ended because so many people, especially the powerful ones who had a say in thei...
My Alpha [PerthSaint Fanfic] by KittyMefwa
My Alpha [PerthSaint Fanfic]by 雏菊彩虹
They were both alphas. So why do they feel like they were bound together? Warning: Improper/'Not nice' language used, read at your own risk and this is a BL Fanfic, if y...
To Find Love in a Place Called Trat by Zellaraya
To Find Love in a Place Called Tratby Zellaraya
Saint misses Perth, so Mae Nuk makes Perth come over and spend three weeks in Trat. Love ensues. A story set after the ending of LBC, where Perth and Saint come to terms...
One of many [PerthSaint Fanfic] by KittyMefwa
One of many [PerthSaint Fanfic]by 雏菊彩虹
Where Saint is just another person in the crowd of fans. Cover image belongs to Lost Apostle Jewelry, characters and song do not belong to me either. S/E: 10 Sep 2020...
PerthSaint-The unconditional Love by peachloveI
PerthSaint-The unconditional Loveby Peachlove
Perth and Saint met while doing the series Love By Chance, became close so much that they didn't realise when they fell in love with each other..
Irony of Love (PerthSaint) [END] by ireneadler816
Irony of Love (PerthSaint) [END]by ireneadler816
Hati-hati dalam mengambil keputusan hal itu hanya akan menyebabkan 2 hal menyempurnakan kebahagiaan atau... meleburkan kebahagiaan
Virtual Love ~book 1~ by WeLoveBls
Virtual Love ~book 1~by Turbulence
Met in a video game and became very close. Met in real life and became sworn enemies. Fight and Sup at least that's what they know each other by. Ultima eyes have never...
Amantes por error (ZaintSee/ZeeSaint-MewGulf) by Fukarankinto77
Amantes por error (ZaintSee/ MingLi77
Zee y Mew son mejores amigos y se cuentan todo, o.. al menos eso piensa Zee.. Un día Mew le pide a Zee que lo cubra en su trabajo por un tiempo, además de ayudarle a cu...
La prueba by Sombra_BL
La pruebaby Sombra BL
Existe un club para actores y aspirantes a actores, pero antes de poder entrar a el necesitas pasar por una prueba. ¿Saint lograra pasarla o caerá ante el amor antes? Un...
Can't Make You Love me by tiptoes009
Can't Make You Love meby tiptoes009
"Are you Happy?" - Perth "No... Not Really" - Saint