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Unwanted  by lezencanticum
Unwanted by اقرأ خان
Jeopardise life of Bella Winters. P. S~The names, characters,places and events are my imagination with authenticity. Any resemblance to a person or place or event is en...
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Broken by Warpside
Brokenby Warpside
🖤🖤🖤The story of the Turner siblings is one about betrayal, sorrow, and most of all, the cruelness of the world, our sad society. 🖤🖤🖤 🖤🖤🖤You may never look at th...
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Why Me ?  by kayy_islitasf
Why Me ? by kayy_islitasf
Why me ? malaysia is a 17 year old who is forced to love with one of the thugs her dad made a deal with , apparently her dad sold her instead of paying of his depths...
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265 IQ in an Otome Game by Everydayistoosad
265 IQ in an Otome Gameby Everydayistoosad
Mikoto Adachi is the renowned savior of the world, with her 265 IQ, she saved the world, by actually putting into action laws. She famously became president at only ten...
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Trying To Endure by adreenfernando
Trying To Endureby Adreen Fernando
On Friday the 13th of June, the lives of Derek Matthews and April Levesque changed forever. Two months later, a student they both care about dies. The paramedics infor...
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#sadlife » yoonmin [texting] by wangzico
#sadlife » yoonmin [texting]by 🥀
Book 1 ssugasexual: i'm so bored, help #lonely #needsalife #dumbshit #boring #hungry #nofood #sadlife - [texting mostly;] ☹ All rights reserved. Copyright © wangzico 2015
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Soon to Be Happy (BakuxSingerReader) by BakugousWifey
Soon to Be Happy ( Nishi
(Y/N) is a girl who goes at U.A. She has a dark past...she never got to see her mother, or at least she doesn't know about it... she lives with her Abusive and sexist mo...
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Profound Sadness by runenough
Profound Sadnessby RUNENOUGH
How you describe sadness in words ? How if the words can't fully define how sad you are ? How can this infinite sad be understood ? My words are bad, my imagination is...
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I Refuse To Speak by Cassie_Lane
I Refuse To Speakby Cassie_Lane
Arabella I don't know what the hell I'm doing. Damon Broach, the baddie of Waterford High, is standing in front of me waiting for me to speak to him. I could feel th...
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Possessive (Yandere! Big Brother X Reader) by HuhuoRose
Possessive (Yandere! Big Brother 地狱
When your big brother loves you as more than a sister, things starts to go the way you didn't expected. You are innocent and gullible, and you have no idea why the peopl...
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I'll see you when i fall asleep 💭 by sobluetoday
I'll see you when i fall asleep 💭by blue ♡
This is what a toxic relantionship feels like. 🥀
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Hopefully no one will know... by angi_cosplay_
Hopefully no one will Angi
Kirishima is abused at home and he wants no one it find out. Bakugo discovers that something is up with the red head. Who will break him more then he already is? Who el...
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Poems I Love (2)  by Kelsie_Puckett
Poems I Love (2) by Kelsie Puckett
This is part two of the poems, quotes, and song lyrics that I love. If I find them with the author I will write the authors name on it. If you have any of your own and y...
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My bully is my crush by NEPT00NZ
My bully is my crushby 𝓚
My name is amillia i am getting bullied by this boy lucas coly will it all change after a school project
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Lonely by lily249924
Lonelyby courtney mcfarland
My life isn't depressing it is just lonely. This is a story of a lonely girl in a terrible world. I'm a heartless human being.
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But I'm Not A Human. (BL - Zombie Apocalypse - Slow Updates) by stressedissweet_1663
But I'm Not A Human. (BL - No name
This story starts at March at the year of XXXX. A month after the zombie apocalypse began. A pair of newlyweds searched for shelter for their unborn baby who is expected...
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Poems I Love (7) by Kelsie_Puckett
Poems I Love (7)by Kelsie Puckett
This is part seven of the poems, quotes, and song lyrics that I love. If I find them with the author I will write the authors name on it. If you have any of your own and...
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SAKI RESHE...! (CIGABAN GADAR ZARE) by HauwaAUsmanjiddarh
LABARIN BASMA & AMMAR CIGABAN GADAR ZARE Labari ne mai matuk'ar ratsa zuciya mai k'unshe da ababan tausayi, yaudara, nadama, butulci, makirci, ha'inci, rikici, fansa, ku...
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200 𝗤𝗨𝗘𝗦𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡𝗦 | thread by liuxinie
200 𝗤𝗨𝗘𝗦𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡𝗦 | threadby yuxin ! ♡
you're bored in the house , you're in the house bored? why don't you try answering some of stupid and kinda creepy questions? on-going @𝘭𝘪𝘶𝘹𝘪𝘯𝘪𝘦 !! : if i repea...
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the blue and the solace by ohfallacies
the blue and the solaceby ohfallacies
a poetry, thoughts and an excerpts collection. - #8 in poetry - #2 in poem
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