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°~Secret place~°  by yyeovbirr
°~Secret place~° by shinjiroto
A story where a two males fall inlove but.. Will they have a happy ending or sad ending..? "Do you believe in reincarnation.?" "Yes I do believe,why.?&quo...
Petals of Time, I have none left. by StormyandSandy
Petals of Time, I have none StormyandSandy
When they fall, time will too. Soft and fragil, yet so beautiful. How many petals do you have? I dont have any. A normal rose in a sea of roses, will it be noticed? Yet...
The Original Taylor Daughter by Ahsoka98
The Original Taylor Daughterby Queen98👑
Hi, I'm Alice. Alice Taylor, not heard of me? Well, I'm not surprised but I'm the original daughter of Roger Taylor, pretty cool right? There is a reason why you don't k...
My night stalker ❤️ by ErinColo
My night stalker ❤️by Erin Colo
This is about how a girl who is a groupie of Richard Ramirez the night stalker and how she meets him and what happens. Many different things happen in this story. I hope...
The Hunt by Confusion_Potato
The Huntby Confusion _Potato
Uhhh I'm not really good at describing sooo ummm let's just say that it has adventures, friendship, and will be sad here and there. Also the picture is not mine.
"I'm always become other people's burden, especially to the people closest and important to me" "I never seen him as a just friend, but he never seen me m...
Letters, 5+1 (Xiaoven) by Celestialstar3
Letters, 5+1 (Xiaoven)by Celestialstar3
"But now, you'll never know." *** The five times that Venti sends a letter and the one time that Xiao sends one back. A Xiaoven angst oneshot. Do note that Gen...
Friends with benefits | hyunjin ff  by GimmeDemTiddies
Friends with benefits | hyunjin ff by GimmeDemTiddies
A girl meets a guy that her friends have been talking to online. At first he has no liking in her but then she somehow catches herself in a friends with benefits relatio...
please... you can't leave me too by boppy2442
please... you can't leave me tooby ur pan bestie
peter parker x male sad short story *unedited*
Rest Peacefully, My Warrior by teuriii
Rest Peacefully, My Warriorby 이트리
Amara Buenaventura, a sweet and young high school student who is raised with moral principles, determination, kindness, and sincerity. She was raised in the harsh world...
"Her Hero" Mikeyxreader by karouy
"Her Hero" Mikeyxreaderby Karou Yamashita
you were bullied when you were in middle school Mikey saved you and the two of you has been closed to each other since then.
My Favorite Crime by scxrss
My Favorite Crimeby novamore
Abigail has always had her life under control. She's lived by three rules, Don't get attached, Don't let others get attached, and Don't fall in love. Carter on the other...
My love by _skyee1
My loveby Skye
A mysterious Dark-skinned woman with a tragic story? A curious lovesick stranger who's pain is yet to come? What will happen? Will there be a happy or sad ending?
little bit Like You by axdyhuf
little bit Like Youby acaaaa
Arthara Pratama,aku benar-benar takjub dengan dirinya. Semua hal tentangnya benar-benar mampu membuat diriku tidak karuan. Aku bukan gadis yang cantik ataupun pintar jad...
oneshots (requests open read description) by Prinzthebest
oneshots (requests open read • Prinz •
inconsistent updates but ill probably only do angst and fluff idk about smut yet also requests open :]
Flowers Aren't Always Great by Samuel_png
Flowers Aren't Always Greatby 𝚂 𝚊 𝚖 𝚞 𝚎 𝚕 |⌫
Flowers aren't always a sign of shared love, Jedediah finds that out the hard way. Marcus is a character I just thought of, pronouns for them are he/they. I don't own an...
Wires by VinnyGrimm13
Wiresby Vincent Edwards
A poem about being hurt by those you gave your heart to.
tsundere mona x female Y/N W.I.P by nameless_player
tsundere mona x female Y/N W.I.Pby •nameless_player•
for the lesbian genshin fans (both y/n and mona are 20 in this story there's also a bit of smut)
Blue Roses by c1rcus_4ct
Blue Rosesby Arson Syrup
In the middle of senior year, eighteen year old Josie Mellark moved to a school in New Jersey shortly after the passing of her father. She had previously lived in Virgin...
Love Hurts - Wilbur Soot X Reader by amb6rx2
Love Hurts - Wilbur Soot X Readerby ꧁☁︎︎ᴀᴍʙᴇʀ☁︎︎꧂
Wilbur Soot X Reader | SHORT STORY | •Not sexualising •No smut •sad ending •overthinking •crying { "Wow... love really hurts" I thought to myself tearing...