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A New Life (RE Leon Kennedy X OC) [BOOK 2] by LazyGrill
A New Life (RE Leon Kennedy X OC) Ilsa
A year and a half later, Lucia had become someone else. Her identity had changed and she moved to New York. She had acquired a life that everyone dreamed of; including...
The Butler's daughter (RE4 Leon Kennedy X OC) [BOOK 1] by LazyGrill
The Butler's daughter (RE4 Leon Ilsa
What if Salazar's butler had a daughter before he turned? Let's find out what would have happened if Leon met her on his mission. (Prequel to A New Nightmare) (I do no...
If I Lose Myself  (Resident Evil 4) by ScarletAngel1776
If I Lose Myself (Resident Evil 4)by Alexis Wondra
A Resident Evil 4 fanfic. What if Leon had help inside the castle from someone he freed from imprisonment? Amor LaCienega is a spirited, strong young woman. Who just hap...
His Broken Butterfly by DarkBoffyroxx
His Broken Butterflyby 🖤Onny/Onyx🖤
After the years of being a subject of umbrella she finally broke free and found the truth. She joined S.T.A.R.S with her little sister. She soon joined R.P.D and met Jas...
Wonder Woman:Rise Of Saddler  by Cielocha555
Wonder Woman:Rise Of Saddler by Naruto Uzumaki
After Defeating Ares And Stopping World War 1 Diana Prince Also Know As The Princess Of Amazons Learns Saddler Is Planning On Turning The World Into Chaos With A Parasit...
Resident Evil 4; The Novel by _BlondePrincess_
Resident Evil 4; The Novelby Beth.
A novel of RE4 written by me. I do not own anything except for the novel of this that I made. All characters and the plot were made by Capcom. Summary: It's been six yea...
Resident evil 4:We fight together! by AlexandreStaMaria
Resident evil 4:We fight together!by Alexandre Sta Maria
2 Years ago Jill died rescuing everyone on a mission, Karen suddenly had PTSD the day after it happened.And so she needed a vacation to recover all her pains and psychol...
Can I trust you (Leon X Oc) Resident Evil 4 by Djspine
Can I trust you (Leon X Oc) Djspine
This is a Leon X oc . In this story a 15 tear old girl named Nhuilis a super human she has skills and knowledge , her weapons on choice are twin samurai blades and a sh...
ramon salazar x reader by NightWolf423
ramon salazar x readerby Dark Light
A girl the ran away from her home to stay away from her parents that never accepted her for who she is because of her eyes and fell in love with this strange guy that ac...
I Loved And I Loved And I ... Lost You? ~ A Leon S. Kennedy/Luis Sera One Shot  by Faithless11
I Loved And I Loved And I ... Faithless11
A different take on Luis' death scene, where he survives. For the rest you need to read. ;) Note: I do not own Resident Evil or any of its characters (If I would Luis su...