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Marrying my Opposite by kinalhariya
Marrying my Oppositeby kinalhariya
Book 2 of New Beginnings. Rank#6 in romance (21/6/2022) Rank #1 in general fiction (22/9/2021 & 22/7/2022) Rank #2 in general fiction (10/9/2021) Raghav and Tanya have k...
To Live Is To Fight (#2) by justanothergirl1314
To Live Is To Fight (#2)by Michelle J
Second book of 'The Nerd Can Fight' Series *You'll need to read the first book to understand this one* After Adam's memory loss, Cassandra struggled to keep her distance...
✔ (Bts Jungkook FF) Mafia boss X Secret agent - Book 1 by haru__bts
✔ (Bts Jungkook FF) Mafia boss X Haru
BTS JUNGKOOK X READER "Mr. Jungkook, I am here to kill you' Y/n spoke. Story by @haru__bts Cover by @Jkwifeeuuu
One Stormy Night by sinnersaintbitch
One Stormy Nightby sinnersaintbitch
" I will make your life a living hell!" She is the campus flirt, so as they say pero hindi iyon naging hadlang para maging boyfriend niya ang pinakasikat na SN...
For A Thousand Lifetimes by Kirtika202
For A Thousand Lifetimesby Kirti
"Dhoka kitna dard deta hai ye humse behtar Kon jaan sakta hai", Haseena says, sadly smiling remembering "their" good moments. . . . . "Kabhi na...
Forcefully Married ✅ by SanaKazi
Forcefully Married ✅by SanaKazi
"You should have told me before that you weren't interested in me" I yelled at my so called husband Samad. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. "Jawariyah p...
Demon's Journey by savingtheGrace
Demon's Journeyby savingtheGrace
The story is complete. Warning: Tagged 18+ for violence. Palan is raised in the harsh world of the demons, depending on himself to survive while raising his sister. One...
The Last Knox by Faveyjamila
The Last Knoxby Fave
'Nothing could be done to save them at this point. No matter who was called or what she said, they would still die. The holes planted by the bullet in their bodies were...
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The Villainess Speaks The Truth by ladypatty23
The Villainess Speaks The Truthby Lady Patty23
Felicity Almirante. Once fun-loving, popular and intelligent magus whose is known for her troublemaking pranks has now become a villainess whose heinous acts causes the...
Differences by shaziasadique0620
Differencesby shaziasadique0620
Life is full of surprises but I certainly wasn't expecting this one !!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Whistler Pack tops the first am...
The badass Girl by LunaticMoonver
The badass Girlby Ruby
***** Kyzeel Nimoshien also known as Alyxa Zeel Standford, is a girl in disguise, she disguise as a nerd to protect her love ones. She has a secret that can lead them to...
Hating Valentines Day by ExclusiveBanana
Hating Valentines Dayby Ream Marie
Lorelle Medea, the never valued eldest daughter who always do her best in everything she does but was still taken for granted. Alister Cullen, every girls dream husband...
The Emotionless Stranger (Zombie-Kill Series 1) by shyinggirl26
The Emotionless Stranger ( shyinggirl26
HELL is come. RUN for your life if you want to live. HIDE in the safest place and; FIGHT to survive. UNITY is needed but no one knows if they are victim or a villain. ...
HER PSYCHOTIC HUSBAND by Crazy_lollipop_lover
"You know what? You are a cheap trash who just deserves to be belonging to the garbage. Yeah. You belong to that garbage tin. Just go away. They're craving for you...
Blame (Thiam TW) by becca_dunbar_raeken
Blame (Thiam TW)by becca_dunbar_raeken
Liam gets blamed for something he didn't do. Who actually believes he is innocent? TW: major character death
Stolen Paradise: Perfection by BosedeLuyomi
Stolen Paradise: Perfectionby Bosede Oluwayomi
It has been nearly a year since Funmilola's disappearance and buried secrets were unearthed that shook her parent's marriage. Derek Olanrewaju arrived and was shocked at...
to live or to die • S.C by ashikoiya
to live or to die • S.Cby liae
"Do it." He got in closer, his fingers brushing over your hand, as if he was telling you to suck it up and kill them in one swift move. You let out a breath, f...
𝐒𝐀𝐏𝐏𝐇𝐈𝐑𝐄 𝐀𝐂𝐀𝐃𝐄𝐌𝐘:The Long Lost Princesses[UNDER REVISION] by Pretty_Zia1
Lost, lost in nowhere for them to be safe. Living as a ordinary people to keep them away from danger. To save them from darkness and to save them from death. They are se...