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Hard to Handle by xxakanexx
Hard to Handleby Cher
Gabrielle Eleina have always been the "good Gabrielle". She embodies this name she gave herself as she intends to always be the good daughter to her parents. S...
A Collapsing Star by Elliahrose
A Collapsing Starby Rose
The Stark family has started to mend the broken bond between them and the rogue avengers. After the incident with Doctor Octopus, things finally seem like it's going to...
🕷🕸 Field Trip 🕸🕷 by CloeTheTealSnake
🕷🕸 Field Trip 🕸🕷by Ghost
Typical Midtown field tripping to SI but Peter never gets a permission slip signed... plus plot twist. Also, other alternatives if requested. Cover by the amazing @MyShi...
New beginnings (Percy Jackson abuse story) by murphy26
New beginnings (Percy Jackson abus...by murphy26
This story belongs to @Amberwolf2377 go follow her by May 3rd because my account is about to be deleted.
[Hoàn] Truyện chuyển ver hại chết người by cuixing
[Hoàn] Truyện chuyển ver hại chết...by Dú
[Đào hố] Truyện chuyển ver hại chết người Tên gốc: 盗版文章害死人 (Đạo bản văn chương hại tử nhân) --------------- Tác giả: Tiểu Tả A (小写A) Raw: ๖ۣۜKho ๖ۣۜTàng ๖ۣۜĐam ๖ۣۜMỹ - ๖...
An extremly driven man was reborn as harry potter in his mothers womb. See how the world reacts to an independant harry who has no qualms cracking skulls and bagging bi...
Unnoticed by JustSk8n
Unnoticedby JustSk8n
My life was nothing special. I never had any great accomplishments or did anything notable. Nothing but a face in the crowd, doomed to be forgotten. Then, things go sudd...
Blink. Blink. What? by Dealwithitmortals
Blink. Blink. What?by Tammy
I suppose that being reborn isn't really normal. Well, depending on which religion, I guess it could be. That, I could accept. I'm guessing that being reborn with a comp...
From Outside Eyes [Naruto] by Mysana
From Outside Eyes [Naruto]by Mysana
Shoichi watches his daughter and he wonders. Naruto Fanfiction, SI-OC from outside POV
Anyone of Us » Hua Ze Lei x Y/N by byakuyaQ
Anyone of Us » Hua Ze Lei x Y/Nby ging ging ging gong
It could happen to anyone of us, » Meteor Garden ff
Paranoia of the Starved |Kankuro| by Sleepyie
Paranoia of the Starved |Kankuro|by Sleepy
Alone. I am alone in my last life, I shall be in this life, I don't expect anything to change. Although once I realized, one simple factor, I realized that I no longer...
Black Lily(Vampire Knight/OC) by Anvelite
Black Lily(Vampire Knight/OC)by Anvelite
After the recent murder of her close friend, Lily is taken to Cross Academy to keep her 'power' in control. Headmaster Kaien Cross enrolls her into the Night Class, unde...
Swallowing the Sun by silencexxx106
Swallowing the Sunby Xiellesky
For those she loves, she would swallow even the sun. (SI!OC) (Twin!Fic) (Slight AU)
The Field Trip: That Proves EVERYTHING by Cat_Violin
The Field Trip: That Proves EVERYT...by 𝕗𝕒𝕟𝕘𝕚𝕣𝕝_𝕦𝕨𝕦
Read the title. It's a field trip fanfic where Flash has been an intern for 3 days before the events of the trip and Peter doesn't know that.
A Second Chance (REWRITING IN PROGRESS) by Satansbabymama
A Second Chance (REWRITING IN PROG...by Satansbabymama
Ai Hoshi WAS a badass 16 year old girl who knew how to beat ass. Until she dies. Woah I know what a spoiler but come on this is probably gonna be like every other Sakura...
Touch in the Worlds by Tulika98
Touch in the Worldsby Vasilisa Westwood
A Girl with no love for the mindless ramble that is Twilight is chosen for a mission... What is the mission? Who chose her? Waking up in the world of our own friendly va...
Nhạc và Họa Tác giả: Obsidian Gryphon [HL Lee] Nguyên bản tiếng Anh được đăng trên diễn đàn soompi and moonsclub's literature section. Bản dịch tiếng Việt bởi Tí Quạu vớ...
Till Death Do us Part ~ Meteor Garden (DISCONTINUED) by BamBamsLovleyWife
Till Death Do us Part ~ Meteor Gar...by BamBamsLovleyWife
Huaze Lei has captured Yui-Shan Le's heart. Are all odds against her? Read meteor garden to find out :)
Si estuviera en BTS Pt.2 ¨El reencuentro¨ -K1000a- by LinHan03
Si estuviera en BTS Pt.2 ¨El reenc...by linhan03
BTS a regresado del servicio militar y es hora de el reencuentro, dos años son verse y sin tocar y hacer lo que mas aman juntos fue una tortura. ¿Qué es lo que pasará de...
STUPID MISTAKEby Maria Dominique
Preface: Hindi ko inakalang aabot sa ganito ang paghanga ko sakanya. Walang pumilit sakin. My own decision, my love for him was the reason why I had to be someone's body...