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The Alchemist of Honnouji (Kill la Kill x Male Reader) by MrWorstAuthor
The Alchemist of Honnouji (Kill la...by MrWorstAuthor
(Y/N) is a young alchemist who is attending Honnouji Academy that nobody knows of. One day he meets Ryuko and decides help her find her fathers killer. Fun times will en...
Double Bladed Romance [Ryuko x Male Reader] by Luigitails789
Double Bladed Romance [Ryuko x Mal...by MSFan635
Ryuko Matoi, a young girl who's on a quest to solve the mystery of the murder of her father. She strives to Honnouji Academy for answers while holding her signature scis...
Kill la Kill: The Power Within (Male Reader x Ryuko Matoi) by Yoshi759
Kill la Kill: The Power Within (Ma...by Doofenshbird
(Y/n) is the new transfer student at Honnouji Academy. But he's not like any ordinary student. (Y/n) is what you call a "special case". He is very strong and s...
Crushing and Cutting (Ryuko X M.Reader) by Goldendeath
Crushing and Cutting (Ryuko X M.Re...by That_Writing_Fella
Yep. We're giving this a shot. May 12, 2021-#1 in Ryuko
The Innocent Bystander (PowerfulM!Reader x Kill La Kill) by kdog2201
The Innocent Bystander (PowerfulM...by kdog2201
Meet (Y/N), the most powerful hero on earth... that no one has ever heard of. He's done it all, slay monsters, avert disasters, and save the planet and if there is one t...
Ryuko Matoi x Son Of Satan male reader (ON HOLD) by TheAuthorDragonSin
Ryuko Matoi x Son Of Satan male re...by TAOD
Basically your rin okumara everything is the same as rin except your name anyways i will put songs by neffex and others in all credit goes to the musicians
Saiyans And Life Fibers by UltrainstinctRoku42
Saiyans And Life Fibersby UltrainstinctRoku42
Robert Aaron, the mysterious new guy, one of the last known pureblooded Saiyans remaining, now enrolled in Honnoji Academy on a scholarship from Satsuki herself, given t...
Ryuko x Fem Reader short stories by BreanaSimmons
Ryuko x Fem Reader short storiesby Sendaddy ~~
So I remember watching kill la kill when I was a kid and my mom didn't take it too well when she found out I watched it but it's actually a good anime and I recommend it...
Oh shoot, I love you!  MarinetteXKagami  by Mcos567
Oh shoot, I love you! MarinetteXK...by M:>>>
Kagami ends up going to public school. The same school as Marinette what do ya know. Marinette is now having to deal with the responsibility of a more complex double lif...
Evolving Threads/Evolving Dream (Multi-crossover fic series) by Startedfromathread
Evolving Threads/Evolving Dream (M...by Justadreamer
After the revolutionary war, Tatsumi was able to survive the fight with the emperor. No longer willing to stay in the Empire after seeing so much death, so he leaves in...
Kill La Kill x Male Reader by Deotakukids
Kill La Kill x Male Readerby Deotakukids
In Honno City lived a teenage boy who had managed to stay under the radar and not go to the crazy school that was at the top of the hill, along with your sister that you...
Falling for the enemy by httpsanonie
Falling for the enemyby httpsanonie
Villians:catnoir, carapace, ryuko, queen bee. Hero's:ladybug, viperion, Rena rouge. (You could've heard about this storyline in other books. But I swear I didn't steal a...
The abused but loved hero (sample) by Hydraking434
The abused but loved hero (sample)by ZolKnight
Izuku midoriya, a boy who was abused and beaten by his friends and family, found a new family that loves and cares for him. I DO NOT OWN MY HERO ACADEMIA
It's You! - A Marigami Love Story by sheisqueer
It's You! - A Marigami Love Storyby sheisqueer
~miraculous ladybug fanfic~ ship - marigami It's the first day of 11th grade and the characters of MLB are all in the same class again. This year, they have a new classm...
The Psychic (OC x Kill la Kill) by TheLengend232323
The Psychic (OC x Kill la Kill)by TheLengend232323
Meet Andoru, A 16-year old who just wanted some pizza rolls. He gets transferred from elementary School all the way to the prestigious (and I use 'prestigious' loosely)...
The Stardust Man Joined The Gang (Jotaro!Reader X Kill La Kill) by ItWasJotaro
The Stardust Man Joined The Gang (...by ItWasJotaro
"After defeated DIO, (Y/N) returned at home with only his Grandfather Joseph. After some weeks, Joseph explained that (Y/N) lefted school for joining the research o...
The bts conversations of the mlb characters by xXLess_RoseXx
The bts conversations of the mlb c...by 🐱Lessi🐞
ever wonder what the mlb characters talk about when not on screen? *cover designed by me but the image is not mine credit goes to the original owner *Not my characters...
The Snake's Twin by TheSapphireStar
The Snake's Twinby Sapphire
Yuyuki Jakuzure, twin sister of Nonon Jakuzure, Uzu Sanageyama's girlfriend, and Mako Mankanshoku's friend, which means that she's Ryuko Matoi's friend too Plz read firs...
Kamen Rider Zio En Kill la Kill by AndresJhonson2019
Kamen Rider Zio En Kill la Killby Jose Andres Avila Ramirez
Tokiwa Sougo es enviado a otra dimencion conocera a nuevos amigos y nuevos enemigos a los que se enfrentaran en su nuevo viaje
Lost Hedgehog by DJMM15
Lost Hedgehogby I creative
What if after the battle with Solaris when Sonic and Elise were at the end to just blow the candle what if Shadow was there but not just him but also Mephiles abs while...