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My Roommate|| J.JK FANFICTION|| O•N•H•O•L•D by Crystal_Maknae
My Roommate|| J.JK FANFICTION|| O• hwang hyunjin
In which fate brought them together, causing two worlds identical crash into each other, making a universe, extraordinary real. ~~~ Cover Made By: @-BlackDress Started:...
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The Iridescence of Us by Stacier84
The Iridescence of Usby Stacier84
Callie Brooks is stuck trying to get over a recent breakup while her college roommates try to help her - Jenna pushes her to move on with her life, while Vance just list...
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Roommates with the 'badboy' by kayahaha
Roommates with the 'badboy'by kayahaha
Hey babies 💙
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Heartbreak Roommate by kristentaylor16
Heartbreak Roommateby Kristen Oldham
Devastated by a scathing betrayal by her ex-fiancé and former best friend, Lydia Montgomery is forced to leave her home to move in with her brother and his roommate to g...
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Roommate || KTH FF [Completed] by taeisshy
Roommate || KTH FF [Completed]by ˗ˏˋ TOMU ˎˊ˗
"You know? You're gonna have so much fun roommate..." "Huh?" Eun Mee. Just another normal high school student struggling for her studies decides to l...
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The Messenger // M.L fic by mikaylapast
The Messenger // M.L ficby mikaylapast
In which a young witch is subjected to the sadistic narcissism of the Antichrist. Selina is an intriguing young witch, her ability to communicate with animals sets her a...
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ROOMMATE [YEONBIN] by vkook_loveyourself
Where Soobin ended up being in a shared dorm room with their campus badboy and heartthrob. - maybe this is a bit ridiculous, but isn't people always fall in love in the...
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BLAMELESS | michaeng by onlylookatcub
BLAMELESS | michaengby Ces
Incoming freshman Son Chaeyoung, finds herself stuck with three crackheads as her dormmates. Just as she's about to find a new place to stay, Myoui Sharon arrives. Did I...
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Tax for heroism (crossover Spider-Man/Alex Rider) by jajafilmE2
Tax for heroism (crossover jajafilmE2
Two heroes. One takes saving the world as his duty, the other never wanted to be a hero. Peter Parker has successfully graduated from high school, managed to purge and d...
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Love Your Roommate  by MariaE_writes
Love Your Roommate by ᴍᴀʀɪᴀ
Theo doesn't know his dad isn't really his dad, that the man he had been living his entire life isn't really his father, his sister isn't sister, it's all lies. But when...
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In The Dark by AuthorXan
In The Darkby Xandria
Ren Chapelle and Ryder Jackson are long time high school friends. They had always been best friends and Ren trusted that both of them would not fall in love. Their mista...
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My roommate by AbigaelBPassionante
My roommateby AbigaelBPassionante
This is the life of a young girl named Ashley Lee who has just finished her classic study. She goes to university to learn the law. She wants to become the most influent...
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Behind my dark soul by the_gost_of_my_past
Behind my dark soulby Lucy Moyo
If there is one thing that couldn't be denied it would be Alicia Stone was a bomb. Smart, independent, and undeniably beautiful the girl was everything but shy. Moving f...
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Roommates • m.p • by lilcastellanos
Roommates • m.p •by I’m bored.
Even when I'm mad at you, all I want to do is talk to you.
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Under the influence (bxb) by vi_1920
Under the influence (bxb)by Vi
"C'mon! I... It was... Ugh! I was under the influence! Just... Do me this solid dude" ~~~~~~~~~ Noah messed up. Like, royally messed up. As his oldest frien...
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Cold Waters by smidorii
Cold Watersby Stephanie Midorii
Mimi Bennett is a sarcastic, coffee addicted high school graduate who can't wait to move out with her best friend, Jace Oaken, and his mysterious, handsome older brother...
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Lessons in Life by Luci0812
Lessons in Lifeby luci
Maybe life is not meant to be fully understood. Maybe everybody is bad at life. Maybe the trick is not trying to figure it all out but just do your best, try your hardes...
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Doubts of Serendipity by leyahentice
Doubts of Serendipityby HALE
When Martinne thought she had her life figured out already, there came Felix de la Pierre who plans to piss the hell out of her college life. One incident clearly states...
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