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The Past Returns Jax Teller love story by Lacey118
The Past Returns Jax Teller love Lacey
What if Andy had dark past before she became a cop. What if after her mother left she became a different person, so her father sent her to spend her teen years Charming...
Saving Andy by RamaNajib
Saving Andyby RamaNajib
Based on 2x01, Andy gets shot by an unknown sniper. With her life on the line, Sam and 15 Division must track down the sniper before he strikes again. Andy and Luke are...
Secrets by Bats1989
Secretsby bats ndingz
Gail is a very difficcult person to deal with, that all changed when she met Holly Stewart.
Saving Andy by ElizabethLSullivan
Saving Andyby Eliza Sullivan
Andy is closing in on her due date, but she's still missing. Meanwhile, Sam is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Her kidnapper is well known around Fifteen Division...
Rookie Blue (DISCONTINUED) by Shannonannegan
Rookie Blue (DISCONTINUED)by Shannon Ann Egan
A Rookie Blue fanfiction about how I think Andy and Sam should turn out. Not set after any seasons just my story about Sam Swarek and Andy McNally.
I Need You Like You Need Me by Lesbian_Love_Is_Cute
I Need You Like You Need Meby jess💙
Traci/Jerry and Andy/Sam Read it to find out.
She Is My Family by Lesbian_Love_Is_Cute
She Is My Familyby jess💙
Andy McNally has been gone for a year with no explanation except a letter to Jerry Barber. Why did she leave? What is her connection to Jerry? Read to find out.
I'm Sorry, McNally by ElizabethLSullivan
I'm Sorry, McNallyby Eliza Sullivan
Sam apologizes to Andy for what he said in the streets that day. Takes place in the locker room at 15 after Nixon attacks Andy in the storage unit. McSwarek One Shot
The Undercover Life by ElizabethLSullivan
The Undercover Lifeby Eliza Sullivan
She knows that Luke is pissed. It's not because she just broke up with him, but because she's going undercover with Sam Swarek. After all, Sam is the reason they broke u...
McSwarek (Rookie Blue) by daddydempseyx
McSwarek (Rookie Blue)by 🤡
I really just love McSwarek and I hope you do too.
Rookie Blue: Transfers (on hold ) by lover_of_life123
Rookie Blue: Transfers (on hold )by That total fangirl
Two sisters wanting a fresh start and a more ordinary life , transfer to 15 divison from NYPD.
Rain Falls on the Roof by sowemoveon
Rain Falls on the Roofby Rolling Mr. Trolling
Sam and Andy (McSwarek) after the season 5 finale. Marlo isn't pregnant with anybody's baby, it was Chloe's ultrasound and she had been talking about it with Marlo that'...
In Another Life by ElizabethLSullivan
In Another Lifeby Eliza Sullivan
Shortly after Andy McNally returns from a successful UC, she receives threats from the man she put behind bars. She has now choice but to leave her life behind with no g...