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His Master's Wishes by affanuoro
His Master's Wishesby Abs
In the days of kings and queens, and knights riding on noble steeds to far off lands, 15 year old Italian Lovino Vargas was separated from his brother at a young age and...
I'm sorry (Spain x Romano) by galaxy_senpai
I'm sorry (Spain x Romano)by galaxy_senpai
A love triangle is in the mix what will happen between the nations?
You're Not My Boss! (Nyo!Romano x Spain) Modern/Room Mates AU by cyanidewithcupcakes
You're Not My Boss! (Nyo!Romano cyanidewithcupcakes
Modern/Room Mates AU. Lovina Vargas is sick of of it all. The tomato bastard of a room mate was too much to handle. She decides to move out and drama ensues. This story...
death, lies, and love by XxTryAndStopMexX
death, lies, and loveby Ze Awesome Me
lovino is a country just as everyone else. as a country, he is practically immortal, all countries are. that's why lovino is so depressed when his boyfriend Antonio gets...
Don't Ignore me... Please (Spamano) by Junetheheart23
Don't Ignore me... Please (Spamano)by Junetheheart23
One day Romano notices Spain is acting strange. When Romano asked why Spain is acting so weird Spain doesn't say anything. Next thing you know Spain is full on ignoring...
Spamano - Tomatoes To Your Pasta by BunniCake15
Spamano - Tomatoes To Your Pastaby BunniCake15
Spain deals with Romano and their sexual tension somehow in this tale of woe, fluff, and about-damn-time kisses.
Hide It (Spamano) by Hai-iroga
Hide It (Spamano)by C.C.
Lovino has fallen in love with his foster brother Antonio and is trying to cope with him visiting for the weekend, in an alternative universe Hetalia.
Bring Me Back to You    -Spamano- by honey_sunflower925
Bring Me Back to You -Spamano-by Jess 🌙
After years of boycotting romance, Lovino finds himself in a difficult situation. He's in love with his best friend, Antonio. What he doesn't know is that he doesn't hav...
Once Upon An Alley {SpaMano} by hetalian_pasta
Once Upon An Alley {SpaMano}by hetalian_pasta
Lovino Vargas sees the world the way he does because of so much rejection. For this reason, he became the leader of the largest, biggest and strongest mafia in Europe. ...
Nothing But Trouble by ALonelyTomato
Nothing But Troubleby Executive Dysfunction Junctio...
Little Romano wasn't expecting to be separated from his little brother. However, when Austria gives the young nation to Spain, he finds that living with him is harder th...
In The City by ErenandLevi23
In The Cityby Tyler
Lovino (romano) is a hard working person. He works 2 jobs a day so he can pay for his crappy apartment. Lovi is a run away from his life years ago and has been hiding ev...
Invierno [Spamano] by AnimeWorld5640
Invierno [Spamano]by AnimeWorld5640
"Until the storm passes." Antonio replied with a smile. He took off his scarf and wrapped it around the Italian's neck. Lovino scowled and lifted the cloth to...
Romano X Spain  by Clawdia_phantomhive
Romano X Spain by Clawdia Phantomhive lps
Romano X Spain. No lemons. Enjoy!
What do you see in me? - Spamano by Mickibooo
What do you see in me? - Spamanoby Micki
What do you see in me? Do you just see my facade? My grumpy, swearing, hating side? Is that all you see?
Brothers At War (Gerita & Spamano) by MaddiexRose
Brothers At War (Gerita & Spamano)by spamano trash
Romano and Italy get into a nasty fight, ending with Romano declaring war on the younger brother. Italy seeks Germany for help and Romano runs off to join Spain. Italy a...
Love Makes The Heart Remember by Derpypeoples
Love Makes The Heart Rememberby Derpypeoples
When Romano loses his memories it causes worry for Spain. Will he ever regain his memories? Will their bond allow him to remember him?