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Street Brat (Ereri) by monsoondownpour
Street Brat (Ereri)by Monsoon
Having been on the streets with his sister from a young age, Eren is used to skirting around the law to get by. He'd long since discarded any childhood dreams of joining...
ALTIVOLUS (Ereri) by BrightEyesEren
ALTIVOLUS (Ereri)by ☆ Inactive ☆
Walking down the street, you'll notice that everyone- no matter the age, sex, or race- has wings. They're meant to be extravagant, beautiful, stunning, all so you can at...
IM No good for you £RIREN£ ✅ by Erenweeb
IM No good for you £RIREN£ ✅by Farting_fingerz
ModernAU Levi Ackerman is an 16 year old alpha the strongest, handsomest, smartest, and very popular almost everyone in his school( ATTACK HIGH) would kill to be his mat...
Riren/Ereri One Shots! by Fandomz_Are_Life
Riren/Ereri One Shots!by Ace
Angst and fluff! Edit, 2019: This book is discontinued. I still will be keeping it up. Edit, 2021: I wrote this when I was 15, it honestly sucks. That also means there'...
Trauma [ERERI/RIREN] by stfuim_reading
Trauma [ERERI/RIREN]by panicatthe_always
Eren's mother had died a long time ago and he still hadn't gotten over it. Grisha abused him and blamed him. He tormented himself over it. He got nightmares and he hated...
JUST FRIENDS RIGHT? £RIREN£by Farting_fingerz
Modern AU Where Levi Ackerman and Eren Jaeger are the best of friends even when they were kids, they already know how the other works. Until they where collage they we...
This Side of Paradise | ERERI / RIREN by TaeyeonRiren
This Side of Paradise | ERERI / RI...by 진격의 거인 사진
Levi is a bully. Eren is the bullied. But what Levi doesn't know is that Eren has cancer and had recently broken up with his boyfriend because of it. So, Levi decides...
Did You Miss Me? by Well_thatslife
Did You Miss Me?by (:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅[̲̅:♡:]̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅)
When Eren was 19 he started to date a guy named Erwin. He was smart, funny, and handsome everything you would want in a boyfriend. A few months into the relationship thi...
♡ Eternal Bond ♡ {EreRi | RiRen} by GGAsuka
♡ Eternal Bond ♡ {EreRi | RiRen}by Asu
"I want to see the more to this world... because I was born into it!" A single desire and dream that coursed through his every emotion kept him alive and stri...
Why me?    Eren x Levi by -rivaere-is-bae-
Why me? Eren x Leviby rivaere
The bad is only getting worse for Eren, he's tired and wants to give up. Will there be anyone there to save him now? Can Levi save him or will he shut him out like he do...
The Music Room - Ereri/Riren (SNK) by PorcelainSky
The Music Room - Ereri/Riren (SNK)by ☆Sky☆ *hiatus*
Levi Ackerman resides in a facility for the terminally ill, angry and bitter toward the world for being stripped of his life before he's even allowed to live it. He keep...
The Life of.. Y/N Jones  by RandomFandomAccount2
The Life of.. Y/N Jones by Marvel_Netflix_CW
This story is about The Life of Y/N Jones, you are the twin sister to Jughead Jones and oldest sister to Jellybean Jones, much like your brother Jughead, smart as fuck...
The Creation of a Bartenders Heart [UP FOR ADOPTION] by 4A2L3M20R
The Creation of a Bartenders Heart...by Riva💕😭ilylucy
►#1 ʀɪʀᴇɴ (sᴇᴘ-ᴏᴄᴛ, 2020) || #1 ukeeren (Feb, 2021)◄ ➥ ✞Modern AU✞ ⊹ ° ☼ ♠️ ꑇ ⊹ ° ☼ ♣️ ꑇ ⊹ ° ☼ ♥ ꑇ ⊹ ° ☼ ♠️ ꑇ ⊹ ° ☼ ♣️ ꑇ "Can I help you?&q...
Forbidden Lovers  by Chorogirl
Forbidden Lovers by gray
This is a story about how a 33 year old male Alpha and a 18 year old male Omaha how they were able to love. This is a Omegaverse fanfic and they dont work in the Wings o...
False Pretense [EreRi/RiRen AU] by iStygianEmpress
False Pretense [EreRi/RiRen AU]by Levi Yeager
Since their childhood days, Levi is a friend of the Yeager twins. They're inseparable, and something being more than friends eventually developed. But there comes an unf...
Same, but Different by Recycled_Ereri
Same, but Differentby Recycled Ereri
-Same- Two single fathers in their twenties both had a child with their childhood sweetheart and thought their happy endings had finally come... -But- They were wrong. T...
Neko Neighbors (Slow Updates) by Lollipop_Usagi
Neko Neighbors (Slow Updates)by Usagi
Description is inside but here is a short summary. Eren and Levi are nekos. Armin and Erwin are neighbors. Armin is Eren's master/owner/friend. And Erwin is Levi's 'owne...
My Old(Hot)Teacher by kawen14
My Old(Hot)Teacherby ig||yaoismex
The Artist of the Title is Yomi. **Still working on this** Hi, my name is Eren Jaeger! I am a 9th grader that has feelings for my Biology teacher. Crap, did I just say t...
Our Time Together by dumb_as_a_door
Our Time Togetherby Spitz
Expect updates every Sunday. Eren and Levi's fathers are dukes. They're also old friends. So every year, the two families spend a couple of days with each other. As the...
A Broken Act by iStygianEmpress
A Broken Actby Levi Yeager
Levi Ackerman has only one dream-to be a world renowned actor. With his looks, talent and not-so-great personality, it wouldn't be that hard to snag one role in the newe...