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When You left..(Black Veil Brides, Motionless In White, Snow White Poison Bite) by SeizeThatBooty
When You left..(Black Veil Brides...by Amity
Mystic Ray Cerulli is a normal teenage outcast. she was bullied throughout her years in school. But, she learned never to care. She was close with her brother, But. When...
Infamous *Ricky Horror Love Story* by kvltstranger
Infamous *Ricky Horror Love Story*by rhi
Riot Cerulli is the troublemaker of the family. With her living in her brother's shadow, that's her way of leaving her mark. When her Mother has finally had enough of he...
His Mate (Ryan Sitkowski vampire fan fic) by theonewithnovoice
His Mate (Ryan Sitkowski vampire f...by theonewithnovoice
Hi I'm Jessica Hunter I'm 18 and my family are vampire hunters. One night I had enough of the beatings and ran away. Being a clumsy bitch I am I tripped and got into vam...
Juvy (Ricky Horror) by loserxwithxdreams
Juvy (Ricky Horror)by Bri
Andy Sykes is commonly mistaken for a boy. Her mother and father wanted a boy and accidentally marked the 'male' bubble of the paperwork for her birth certificate and th...
Compatible (Ricky Horror Love Story) by ShadyCaity
Compatible (Ricky Horror Love Stor...by Caity Motionless
I never really was good at the whole dating thing. I've never been in love, and frankly I don't believe in it. In my opinion, dating is just to see if someone is compati...
Give Me A Chance by motionLESS37
Give Me A Chanceby Zoey
Liv runs into Vinny Mauro at Warped Tour without knowing who he was. They met by coincidence but does it go anywhere? You said you'd never hurt me Now this is all we hav...
Adopted By Ash Costello by weallwannadie
Adopted By Ash Costelloby tara
Angel grew up in a foster home. She switched them every year. But one year she moves in with a woman named Amy. The week after she moved in with her, there was a New Yea...
Dead As FUCK |Motionless In White||Ricky Horror|  by MissBalz
Dead As FUCK |Motionless In White|...by Shameless_Ricky
Chloe Charnas was taught to be afraid of the world. She considers herself as one of the "big girls" but in reality she's just a weak, petite,girl with low self...
Ricky's sibling by altcomet
Ricky's siblingby altcomet
Y/n, Ricky's younger sibling, needed to get away from their old life and found themself in the middle of a band with too much energy. See how they handle heartbreak and...
direct message // ricky horror by satanic-cats
direct message // ricky horrorby satanic-cats
rickyhorrorx liked your photo. rickyhorrorx started following you. rickyhorrorx sent you a message.
A Wicked Game to Play (Ricky Horror) by houseofterror
A Wicked Game to Play (Ricky Horro...by Terror
After a break up with her high school sweetheart, Ivory finds herself at a party with her best friend Robyn, who's cousin is Motionless In White's keyboardist ,Joshua B...
Ricky Horror/Ricky Olson Smut by morgxe-is-neck-deep
Ricky Horror/Ricky Olson Smutby Morgue vomit
I legit wrote this book when I was 13 and I didn't realize people enjoyed it that much (REQUESTS ARE OPEN)
Ricky's Best Friend//Ricky Horror Love Story [COMPLETED] by xandrea_m
Ricky's Best Friend//Ricky Horror...by xandrea_m
Scarlet Thomas (AKA Scar) lived with her abusive mother and sister. Her and Ricky "Horror" Olson were best friends. They were always the outcasts. They were al...
Ricky Olson Love Story by rickyolsonn
Ricky Olson Love Storyby ricky
You moved in a town near Scranton, Pennsylvania to live with your father after your mother lost custody of you. Little did you know, you'd meet the man of your dreams he...
Mostly Motionless in white images+ more by gokisstherats
Mostly Motionless in white images+...by Aloe<3
Request Idc if it's 3:44am. I'll try my best with anything.
Motionless in White One-Shots by Graveyard_Baby_
Motionless in White One-Shotsby Graveyard Baby
Imagines, One shots and short stories about members of the one and only, Motionless in White. #7- Vinny Mauro 7/21 #4- Ricky Horror 8/21 #2- Ryan Sitkowski 3/22 #1- Just...
Disguise {Chris Motionless} by BloodSapphire
Disguise {Chris Motionless}by 🌻 𝓢.𝓥. 𝓐𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓻𝓼 🌻
When Chris Motionless meets his new neighbor, Briar, he'll learn more about her than he thought he would.
Neighbors (Chris Motionless) by GrandDaddyDevil
Neighbors (Chris Motionless)by Dying inside ⚰️
Athena, the loner, and apparently the "freak" to everyone meets Chris Motionless, them being a tad bit different from everyone else makes them even closer. Bes...