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Hermione's Family Reunion by MidnightHerondale
Hermione's Family Reunionby Midnight
- Dramione - - Earlier known as 'Reunion of Grangers' - Hermione is luckily married to the love of her life, Draco Lucius Malfoy. The worst day of her life comes: the da...
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The Former Mrs Knight by doctor_disney99
The Former Mrs Knightby Rachel H
Ava was on top of the world, having married the love of her life, Mr Victor Knight. A millionaire real-estate agent with ties to the Italian mafia; who loved Ava uncondi...
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Granger's Family Reunion by LadyEmmeline
Granger's Family Reunionby Emmeline Clarke
Hermione Granger hasn't seen most of her family in a decade. What happens when she's invited to a family reunion? Will she tell her family about her mystery life with a...
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His Bitter Cupcake by Miss_whts_her_name
His Bitter Cupcakeby Shelley
When Maria receives a wedding invitation from her supposed to be sister in law, she never expected to visit her drastic past which changed her life forever, nor to catch...
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Bully for You by OutsideMyWindow
Bully for Youby yours truly
"I was wondering what kind of girl could have botched up a rescue attempt so badly. Now that I know it was you all along, everything makes sense." "Go aw...
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Granger Reunion by SNAPEll
Granger Reunionby Juniper Malfoy
It's been over 14 years since Hermione has attended a family reunion. Her parents are giving her no choice. What will happen when her bratty family sees her again...
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Snapshot [one direction] by rosessjess
Snapshot [one direction]by jess
in which a nineteen year old year old videographer is hired for a boyband's reunion tour "I thought you were getting back together with h-" "Shh" he...
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Misplaced by honestlyiamtrying
Misplacedby ~euphoria~
Lilly was abandoned at birth when her actual parents left her at the hospital three days after she was born. Since then she had been living with her foster family. Her...
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This Thing Upon Me by zarrydocumentaries
This Thing Upon Meby A.D.
New year, new life. By 2016, Harry Styles is prepared to establish himself as a solo artist and once more take the music industry by storm. On the brink of reinvention...
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Capturing A Runaway Heart [DaiSuga Fanfic] by -bokuto-keiji-
Capturing A Runaway Heart [ Jade T.
So it was me all along. The thing destroying their perfect relationship. Boy X Boy Credits to cover artist!!!! All Haikyuu characters are not mine, credits to mangaka of...
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Her attraction for him was so strong, she gifted him her innocence. She loved him enough and hoped after 14 months of being together, he would reciprocate her love. Hi...
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Gang leaders long Lost Daughter by starlit18
Gang leaders long Lost Daughterby starlit18
PART 2 OF THE BOOK!!! THIS IS A CARRY ON FROM BOOK ONE...... Lexi is a badass. She is the undefeated street fighter and street racer who goes by the name Nightshade. Lex...
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FRIEND OR FOE??? by paul512
FRIEND OR FOE???by Neelam Paul
Its an arrange marriage story of diya n jai. JAI is a sucessful business man who is in a serious relationship with NISHA.he is forced to have arrange marroge with DIY...
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The Stepfather (MxM) ✓ by SeizeTheButt
The Stepfather (MxM) ✓by SeizeTheButt
Forced out of his home in London, Sam has little choice but to show up on his mother's doorstep in Florida. Absent from each other's lives for the last nine years, Sam...
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Hide And Seek. by AsfarNoor
Hide And Asfar.
Book Two of the Mafia Series. "You can never escape from me, Rayla. You can run, you can hide but I will find you, my love." ←♥→ His presence felt so real. Alm...
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Lalisa Manoban came back to Seoul, South Korea after 10 years in New York City. She never dreams of coming back to the country where all she can remember was all the cri...
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Street Rat  by thefangkid
Street Rat by thefangkid
Jay knew exactly who he was. Son of the Sorcerer Jafar. The best thief on the Isle. A guy who always won a fight, and was part of the most feared gang. But there were ce...
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Sun Sathiya {Completed}  by Purna_Chatterjee
Sun Sathiya {Completed} by Purna Chatterjee
#5 in fanfiction 01/10/16 #12 in fanfiction 28/10/16 Written By Mawara Ejaz
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Adventurous Reunion (Naruto Fanfiction) by NightOfHappyLight
Adventurous Reunion (Naruto SN
A second before they died, the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Hokage were being brought to another dimension with time-and-space jutsu. As well as The Fifth until Seve...
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After Five Years by goldenmars
After Five Yearsby Mia
Synopsis Leila Reyes is a 25-year-old single mother of the cute 5-year-old, Melody. After graduating a course she hated —and having no companion in college —she struggle...
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