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The Wind Chimes by Small_Pills
The Wind Chimesby Small_Pills
They say love is a amazing thing, though..What if its what leads someone to bring out the worst of them?
No Belief by lovely_beautyxo
No Beliefby lovely_beautyxo
This is a crazy short story about separation , revenge , and disbelief !
The Girl With The Empty Heart by LivySinclair
The Girl With The Empty Heartby Olivia
Hi I'm Elisabeth Sorrento but everyone calls me Liza. My world used to be close to perfect. I had everything I could desire. Until tragedy struck my family, but that is...
One Light Away (SHORT POEMS) by aazrxmmd
One Light Away (SHORT POEMS)by aazrxmmd
Funny how you're dead and people start listening. Does that mean I have to die for people to notice my existance? But that would be ironic isn't it ? The death of me i...
My Mindful Poetry by Rebecca07
My Mindful Poetryby Bec:)
Every type of emotion is in here, i want people to be able to relate to what i write and understand it.
RANTING BOOK  by crazypyschoreader
RANTING BOOK by crazypyschoreader
I go here when I just someone or ideas or just generally someone to talk to and give updates NOTHING ELSE
Open Book by lynnerspc
Open Bookby leeenggay
I made this collection of different point of views in my life. I know a lot of people can somehow relate to some of my feelings here. I mainly did this because I miss my...
The Angle Sitting By My Window by The_Kawaii_Zebra
The Angle Sitting By My Windowby The_Kawaii_Zebra
It was a beautiful summer day in a small town in New Jersey in 1983 . There was a girl named Sarah, she loved to play in her treehouse that her dad and mom built for her...
collections by sarahobrian99
collectionsby sarah
this is a collection of writings or poems i want to share.
hope u enjoy this episode and im back thank god
It's 04:20 by TheStonedEditor
It's 04:20by Thestonededitor
"I'll rather lose you than stop", Hannah replied crying . "...and I won't leave", Andre replied as he shut the door... Not all hero's have capes.. N...
Deuce without his Dina by CookieJandi
Deuce without his Dinaby Jandira
Deuce loved Dina. Until Rocky's mysterious cousin moves to Chicago. She seemed innocent and beautiful which is why Deuce fell head over heels for her and left Dina on th...
My true love is back {On Hold} by randomgurl101
My true love is back {On Hold}by randomness
Violet has an old love come vack to her life and she goes through good and bad times after that
Cold Spring by EFTALEM
Cold Springby EFTALEM
First poem I ever wrote and felt relieved after writing it.