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The King of The Night by AutumnsAngel7
The King of The Nightby AutumnsAngel7
"Bitter are the wars between brothers." - Latin proverb
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Forbidden Love's Curse by Delcesca
Forbidden Love's Curseby Delcesca Newby
All myths skew the truth... Two thousand years ago, Eros met Psyche. Against terrible odds, romance bloomed, and their love became legend. Two thousand years later, they...
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loving you is like... by _tayalissa_
loving you is it’s tay
Cover by @miss_marna --------- She looked him in the eyes, hers unwavering in their intention. They seemed to plead with him for the truth. "Do you love me?"...
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NOT HIS TO CARE by chayasreedeka
NOT HIS TO CAREby chayasree deka
Ray and I were couple goals. He was this handsome hung popular football captain since middleschool and I was the shy nerd hiding behind my pen and paper. One fortunate...
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IRON GOD | Volume I: Hamartia by Sandcat-
IRON GOD | Volume I: Hamartiaby Liliana Sandberg
Without the Iron God, the world has plunged into an icy blight. Among the survivors are the Razaghal, illegitimate descendants of the lost god, gifted with unusual abili...
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Rewrite The Stars ⭐🌟💫✨. by FlorK2D
Rewrite The Stars ⭐🌟💫✨.by Mamley
They say the our destiny is written in the stars. But what if their love was real but were separated by ego, pride and misunderstanding. Can their failed love story be...
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A Tale of Death and Debt by thesunshallrise
A Tale of Death and Debtby thesunshallrise
[Rank #8 thedarkworld] What happened after Loki disappeared with the tesseract in endgame. What was Loki's fate? Is he dead or alive? A tale of Death and Debt dives into...
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A Complicated Disaster by kperez403
A Complicated Disasterby ReinaKay
Raul thinks he knows a single thing about love and as you'd expect everything goes downhill from there. It started off as a normal crush. Then it became more complicated...
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AMPHITRITE : His Redemption by KreaRParker
AMPHITRITE : His Redemptionby Krea 🌙
"No...No...please don't this now, we can be together...I'll treat you like the queen you are, Amphitrite...You're my mate, My Luna...Don't do this..." Poseidon...
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Runaway  by MMV2007
Runaway by MMV2007
A girl named Luna ran from a burning house and has no record of her past. Then a coven of men "save" Luna, but she finds out they have a secret. Will they tell...
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A Final Request Before Saying Goodbye (In Progress) by iliannabinoche
A Final Request Before Saying Ilianna Binoche
KYLIN: Why didn't I say no in the first place? I'm not a savior. I can barely fix my own problems... ***** RUTHANNE: "I know... this is asking too much..." St...
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The Legend of Lexolia by odt_oddity
The Legend of Lexoliaby JustDee
This tale follows a story of how different people from various walks of life come together to fulfill a legend that has been passed down from one generation to the next...
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Metanoia by primeroont
Metanoiaby -sample
i deleted another story with Sean i was working on because i didn't like it that much :> TW: Depression, Suicide Attempts, Murder If you have a problem with any of th...
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Teddy's Redemption  by akiraarlee
Teddy's Redemption by akira🦋
People change , we all know that. After moving away for seven years , Grayson returns back to his childhood home. Almost everything stayed the same except his childhood...
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A Mate Neglected: Book 1 - Shadow Moon Series by CassieSmilez
A Mate Neglected: Book 1 - CassieSmilez
Nova is the daughter of the Beta for the Shadow Moon Pack. She is often misunderstood, so she is beaten, betrayed by those she once called family and friends, and blamed...
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For Molly by Krazywritergirl
For Mollyby Krazywritergirl
Dani Evans hadn't spoken to her brother in two months. When her family received a call that he had been killed just blocks away from their home, they had no clue that th...
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Shadowed ✔ by tarajadestone
Shadowed ✔by Tara Jadestone
Life for sixteen-year-old Melanie has always been in the dark. So when her sister, the savior of Tenebris, is called to the King's Castle, Melanie can only hope that pas...
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Boundless by Dellariousx
Boundlessby ⋆ Della ⋆
Valerie Anderson was once happily married to the man she vowed to spend the rest of her life with. Everyday was like a dream to both parties, until a mishap happens that...
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Finding Me by miinritsu
Finding Meby miinritsu
When traveling to a special place, a boy unexpectedly discovers himself. [COMPLETED on July 6th 2020]
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Angel Fall by colemanluck
Angel Fallby Coleman Luck
Starlit Mountain, Crimson Throne, Spreading wings, Stand alone, Caller of Shadows, Mist in the night, Eyes of the lost, Light in the Light, Ghosts of the morning, Mounta...
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