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More Than Broken[COMPLETED]  by DarkestOrb
More Than Broken[COMPLETED] by Darkest112
"Even broken ones are not shattered. They somehow can still be fixed." •••• When Christel is adopted by The Blue Moon Pack, she expects to be cared for and...
Red Cupid Awards  (Open) by daephnix
Red Cupid Awards (Open)by Cherish O. J
New cover by @_shere03 Highest Ranking. #1- Contest #37- awards #2_ get discovered #2 _ Wpawards #39_ entries #4_ Hall of fame ...
Sakura Eyes by naeomiiii
Sakura Eyesby Naomi
When I was a child, I used to think the monsters Mom used to tell me in her fairytale stories were scary. But now that I've seen the real world, I've realized humans are...
(UN)PREDICTABLE by _retro_girl_
"I always knew I was different. I just didn't realize how much." -Harper Evans ****************************************************** Harper lives a pretty nor...
Shooting Star by Meagz56
Shooting Starby Meagz56
Zachary Gomer always felt he never had a place in the world, until his family moved from the bustling city to mediocre small town living. Zachary seized the opportunity...
16 Letters To My Runaway Father|✔️ by cynkruse26
16 Letters To My Runaway Father|✔️by Cynthia A. Krusen
#2 in Disappearance, #2 in Father-daughter & #3 in New family Dear Nathaniel Raymond, It's me, Anneliese, the daughter you abandoned to build your new, happy...
Love at First Write✔ by HariChandu143
Love at First Write✔by EmprissLuce
☆Won 3rd place in THE ROSIE AWARDS 2020☆ ******* #13 in HEARTSTRINGS BY 10/01/2020 #18 in HEARTSTRINGS BY 10/11/2019 #27 in HEARTSTRINGS BY 6/10/2019 #42 IN POETRY BY 1...
The Girl That Could | ✔| by Jumping_Jiminys
The Girl That Could | ✔|by Master of the Dream Shelf
After the death of Jessie's father, Makayla watches the slow disappearance of her friend. However, when a small note slips out of Jessie's locker promising the impossibl...
Dawn Of The Lilies by CaptainCork
Dawn Of The Liliesby 💜💚💜
Born with no feelings or emotions Jungkook is left with his notebook to explains the reactions of others until a dare changes everything. With a new found view will he b...
Shadows in the Rain | ENGLISH | Completed by Astral_Drop
Shadows in the Rain | ENGLISH | Akane Hime / あかね 姫
**WESTERN SETTING** "3 days more, I'll be back, love. We'll talk then." I've been reading his last message over and over again. But it's been almost a week now...
It Started With A Love Letter by Cloicloy5504
It Started With A Love Letterby Lily O'Neille
After reading the book; "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" Thirteen year old Riele Sanders developed the habit of writing a love letter to her crushes. She di...
Cracks beneath the surface by DementedSlytherin
Cracks beneath the surfaceby Elsie
Everyone has their own secrets. But what happens when the people in charge of the world you live in seem desperate to ruin your life with them? People all around the wor...
ROSE BUNGALOW  by MysticalCreature2307
ROSE BUNGALOW by MysticalCreature2307
Short story Entry for #redcupidawards A delivery personnel named Ashton who had a normal-poor life trying to make money for his sick mother but one day everything change...
A  little bit of me. by jennyjones22
A little bit of Jenny Jones
Tripping through the time, our souls had reached to meet at this skyline. Risking my soul's peace, my feelings are out for you to see. With this poetry book, I allow you...
And So It All Begins... Again [Book 2]  by ItIs_Adeen
And So It All Begins... Again [ Adeen_Babar
*STAND-ALONE NOVEL* "And then I realized, we all have those moments when we feel like an outcast, like we don't belong among all these people. As if, we're extraord...
A sneak peek into my heart by mi3books
A sneak peek into my heartby Owl head
"Poetry lifts the veil from the hidden beauty of the world, and makes familiar objects be as if they were not familiar" Percy B Shelley (of course not mine, I...
Defying Hereafter by EroseGrose
Defying Hereafterby Erose
When Julian is tragically killed in a car crash, Valerie makes a deal with a mysterious boy from the future to save his life. However, with only two chances and the task...
ICHS-Just For A Lifetime by FlawsomeFabulist
ICHS-Just For A Lifetimeby Laura Kings1324
[on-going] [not edited] •~•~•~•~• •~•~•~•~• "All I know is that I send him away, And its like I shot myself through the heart." •~•~•~•~• •~•~•~•~• 3 years ag...
To You, My Beloved by Generally-Bookish
To You, My Belovedby Book-ish
The Wolf Awards 2019 - 2nd Place (Romance Category) Winter Wolf Awards 2019 - 2nd Round (Others Category) Flowers Winter Awards 2019 - 2nd Round (Romance Category) "...