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in my own summer | norenmin by minwoos
in my own summer | norenminby 𝐥𝐞 📂
in the following months since his brother moved away, jeno felt himself growing more closed off from his parents due to his strained relationship with his brother who he...
Asleep by MikaelaBender
Asleepby Mikaela Bender
(Free to read + a paid bonus chapter) In a time when kidnapping is a common occurrence, Nora is about to become her father's science experiment. Nora believes she's star...
Hard Paper  by Nobody_Never_will_be
Hard Paper by ||NOBODY||
The world is cruel indeed. Our story takes place in a school where that is no joke. Bullies are normal and nobody cares enough to do anything about them. Woman who don't...
The Throne of the Damned (Ellistone Warriors Book 1) by angel701xX
The Throne of the Damned ( angel701xX
Nilsa Ellistone, the defender, and Maylea Ellistone, the wildflower. Two sisters who are destined for the throne of Wargolion, the Kingdom of Warriors. However, the El...
Hidden Reign  by _imaan_alli_
Hidden Reign by Imaan
The outside air is sour and food is scarce. But we must survive. Joining the program was supposed to be our saving grace. Now the Auction is the only way out. That is un...
Curtain Call (The Jewel Project #7) by Wimbug
Curtain Call (The Jewel Project #7)by Stef🍀
"This is it. The curtain call. Where we go from here is entirely your choice. Funny how we're right back where we started." It has been four years since Sam an...
Alien Stage (Star Au) 🌟  by Hello5newfriends
Alien Stage (Star Au) 🌟 by Find_another_story
This is an au of a YouTube musical series called Alien stage. (Au= Alternate Universe= Not canon) (I do not own this series!! It belongs to its rightful owner) 👇👇👇 Cr...
The Curious by Sophielynn03
The Curiousby Sophielynn03
*UNDER EDITTING* If you're looking for a book that has enemies-to lovers, conspiracy, and rebels, then this is the book for you! It also has a Divergent and Hunger Games...
Racing Hearts •|| Multiship  by angxel_bxtches
Racing Hearts •|| Multiship by ❥𝐵𝑎𝑏𝑦.𝐺𝑖𝑟𝑙𝑥
「︎- "I love you.." Jungkook mumbles... scintillating orbs looking the boy down.」︎∼︎ _______ "I love you... " Jimin says, wiping a shimmery tear from...
Islands of Hope by TheDuckA
Islands of Hopeby Chris Harvey
The year is 2245 and the Earth is largely controlled by Princips Ltd who have monopolised by slowly buying up different companies. The rich now live in mega cities whils...
Alpha Royale by xbookgirlx15
Alpha Royaleby Nino Falcone’s WIFE
*NOT YOUR AVERAGE WEREWOLF STORY* Since the beginning of the supernatural world, there has been only one ruling house of Alpha Kings and Luna Queens; the most prestigiou...
Ardia: Imminence by SamPinn
Ardia: Imminenceby Sam Pinn
After a freak accident during a seemingly normal hunting trip, Jesse, Flick, and Meril quickly find that the world is fast changing, and their safety is starting to be q...
Rebellious Disaster by CrACkHEadinreD
Rebellious Disasterby L3 Hadssah
Elizabeth Jackson always followed the rules and was known for being very classy. She never wanted to disappoint her mother and always wanted to make her father proud. Se...
Fix by amandayounggg
Fixby amandayounggg
Trying to find a new balance in her life, Christina Williams runs into problems with her ex boyfriend, the motorcycle club, and her financial situation. All while trying...
From the moment we met by Gemnotgemy
From the moment we metby Gem
The story takes place 30 years ago and starts in a fictional city named Laksteilburg in the UK, in this city the 6 heroines meet each other, all of them have their own s...
Freaks (#Wattys2019) by Fallxn_Freak
Freaks (#Wattys2019)by Crimson
{FREAKS IS NOW GETTING REWRITTEN UNDER THE TITLE "WAR OF THE FREAKS"} {Complete} {Highest Rankings- #1 in rebelling} - #4 i...
Harrison Bergeron - Love - ONESHOT by KyriaPerez
Harrison Bergeron - Love - ONESHOTby Kyria Perez
This is a rewrite of how a revolution took place to enforce the idealistic theory of there being no one more imperfect or perfect than one another. A utopia where even l...
Choosing A Vampire Queen  by calikoo998
Choosing A Vampire Queen by Callie
It's that time again! The time where 1 girl out of 100 is selected to marry the future vampire king! Win and you get a lifetime of riches and happiness. Lose and well...
Defective by The_Huntress_01
Defectiveby Yukiko
Akira Sakura, Miyako Himura, and their friends are all foster kids living in the hospital. They were all born with conditions that make living in a normal home hard. But...