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Thick Beauty [SAMPLE]  by DarkRoyallty
Thick Beauty [SAMPLE] by DarkRoyalty Books™
Jalynn Neffin has always been an overweight girl from a young age. She's tried losing the extra pounds through exercising many times but usually gives up before she even...
Framed Deku by AnimeMirrors
Framed Dekuby Melissa
Izuku actually had a quirk but he never used it. Then he got All Might's quirk. One day he was accused of stealing files and got arrested and sent to Tartarus. Most of...
Real Friends *Shawmila* by outroserendipity
Real Friends *Shawmila*by Snow White
"How do you when someone is a real friend?" "You'll just know" Highest ranking #26 in Shawmila Highest ranking #2 in real friends 2/23/19 #3 in Sha...
High School Horror by rosieposie09
High School Horrorby Rosie
Everyone has a horror story, but Evelyn's is about hell, or also more commonly known as high school. Throughout her four years in high school, Evelyn experiences situat...
Broken Friendship Quotes (COMPLETED) by deddferfrfsssss
Broken Friendship Quotes ( Meow
Some of these are not mine. -RELATE and ENJOY (Vote and comment on my book please? Thank you :3)
Real Happiness  by noonaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Real Happiness by noonaaaaaaaaaaaaa
He asked me to choose one of my friends or the family. what did you say .family...You are a loss to my life You have harmed me since you were born .....why don't...
The Art of Being a Gentleman by __JAG__
The Art of Being a Gentlemanby nell
David has a huge, life-ruining, crush on Alyssa Harvard (who is only about one billion times out of his league). As if that wasn't enough of a problem, her parents want...
The hate my husband gives and the love his best friend brings(Kirideku) by LunarEclipsemeow
The hate my husband gives and Luna/Lunar Eclipse
izuku and bakugo have been married for 5 years what happens when he cheats on izuku with todoroki and kirishima is there to comfort him. will they get a divorcie and izu...
Shoot Me Now (A Criminal Minds Fanfiction) by potteravery
Shoot Me Now (A Criminal Minds Lissa
Carly is Agent Hotchner's daughter. Now she has been shot and nearly killed. She didn't see who did it. She doesn't know who would do such things to her. When this happe...
The Father I Never Had (Transformers Prime) by Demon_Forever14
The Father I Never Had ( ♡Nyeesha♡Prime♡
A Young Depressed 14 Year Old Girl With An Abusive Family And Has No One To Depend On, She barely moved to Jasper Nevada...Until She Meets The Autobots And The Deceptico...
BOOK 1 IN "THE NIGHT SERIES" When Tasha meets Micheal she thinks she has found the man she'll spend the rest of her life with but we don't always get what we w...
Repaired Heart by SadBear_senpai
Repaired Heartby Maddie-chan
Izuku was having one of the best days of his life until he found his boyfriend sleeping with his bestfriend. Izuku tried his best to stay together but, some of his class...
Depressed Days ( My Diary) by 17akshat05
Depressed Days ( My Diary)by Akshat Jain
Just A Teenager Guy With Depression And Issues Language might be hindi english mix.... May be imaginary may be real
Night of Secrets by words_for_food
Night of Secretsby Tiana
Another year, another three letters to write and never send. Since freshman year, Adeline Stargate has made it a tradition to write letters to each of her three friends...
~For girls only~ Best friends forever! by DaphSStories
~For girls only~ Best friends Daphne
Emma has moved. She goes to a strange school all alone. She doesn't know anyone there, no one at all. The others know just about everyone except her, of course. In her f...
eunoia by lilyparker_19
eunoiaby sambhrama
This is a story about two friends who are complete opposites in nature but still respect each other and how one of them influences the other which changes him. Read out...
𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚕 𝚏𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚜 . by wdwherronimagines
𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚕 𝚏𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚜 .by Wdw&Prettymuch+100
Camila has been friends with the group ever since they were 7 . They all did everything together . She was a little chubby and would get bullied . Camila has the bigges...
Rwby the unforgettable saiyan  by xxigotboredxx
Rwby the unforgettable saiyan by InfiniteGamer16
Matt is a saiyan boy who is adopted and gets beat and made fun off by his sisters and the people at school that's why he stopped going then on day him and his family get...
Just thoughts  by Peppers21
Just thoughts by Peppers21
Clarisse couldn't afford not knowing what was wrong with her, so she decides to write down all what goes through her head to figure out by herself with diary entries. He...