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My little problem (true experience) by Jkismyqueen46
My little problem (true experience)by Jkismyqueen46
I have a little problem and I'm completely stumped. My family and friends aren't helping me. This book is about weird and unexplainable things that have been happening t...
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My IRONICALLY Good Friends by Choykkungie
My IRONICALLY Good Friendsby Shaiiiii
Hey! Hey! The Aliens are here! There must be someone normal, please appear!---- .......... I'm the only normal! The only normal among my friends.
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Close to Death by BenchAki
Close to Deathby Bench Aki
A real life experience poem
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Thoughts by DianeCipher
Thoughtsby Diana Lee
This is just me talking about some of the things in my life and my feelings. Maybe some of you can understand what I have gone through and what I'm going through. There...
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Obsession by LexiHyatte
Obsessionby Lexi Hyatte
Leslie's never had much of a love life; a crush here and there but nothing serious. She's caught off guard when she randomly meets the new kid in the hallway and he asks...
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TOM & JERRY by saniyakhan96
TOM & JERRYby saniyakhan96
journey to two people who refuse to give up
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Personal Poetry by DaughterBornGrim2021
Personal Poetryby Adina Grimborn
This is just some poetry that I cook up from time to time. Usually while I am at school. I will have to warn that these poems have a lot of angst in them.
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This story was based on my real life first love experience I have on my first day at college. It was a bittersweet love story that has many challenges until i have livin...
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a new life by CMstyles19
a new lifeby CMstyles19
hooooiiii. In case you were wondering this is about a girl who enters middle school with some troubles in her past and how she makes her way there. THis is based on real...
Bestie by TimidOtakuGirl
Bestieby TimidOtakuGirl
I have a best friend.But she lives far from me.Different time zones,and different races.But we remained loyal to each other :3  This is a story between my best frie...
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My sugar daddy story by llama_juicee
My sugar daddy storyby Dr.Q
This is my experience having a sugar daddy and how it happened
My Feelings by MyTrueFeelings04
My Feelingsby My Feelings
Hello, this story is real experiences of this author and the purpose for writing this is to tell what the author feels or maybe we are all same feelings or experiences...
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Confidential  by kristysparkles
Confidential by KristyLee
Everyone wants to grab their fifteen minutes of fame and turn it into a career, cough, Kardashians, cough. Born into the spotlight, Kassie is familiar with all things T...
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Wattpad User Confessional by AnneOnAMoose
Wattpad User Confessionalby AnneOnAMoose
This is a place where Wattpad users can come to get anything they need off of their chest. Whether you would like it posted anonymously or would like someone to speak to...
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My first  by _kookie_dookie_
My first by _kookie_dookie_
So this is gonna be like a kinda umm real life based thing ig umm it's a lot of short stories abt real experiences I had so yea umm I feel like since I have trouble stay...
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Slowly Healing by Malphastheone
Slowly Healingby Malphastheone
This is a continuing true story of my real experiences, so it may continue updating daily or at a slow rate depending on how the days go. Well, this is my experience wit...
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The Love of a Liar by NORTEXIV4
The Love of a Liarby NORTEXIV4
Jennifer Rivera is a young naive girl who falls in love with a Guy named Johnny Navarro who is not who he says he is.
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S.I.D.S. by brittenDreams
#18 brittenDreams
This is a true story about my sister that died of SIDS. It happens all so quickly, too quickly. I never got the chance to say good bye. But you do.
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Nani the Odyssey by MiniEntes
Nani the Odysseyby Entesa
All of my friends are taken. They all share their lovey dovey experience in our Group chat .... And I'm here looking like the dumbest sack of shit in the history of exc...
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