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Game On by Vampiewontchange
Game Onby Vampie won't change
#1 in Thriller /15-05-18/ "I want her", he says in a deep voice, causing me to shiver. His hair and eyes are the same color as the sky at night and his lips ar...
The Malfoy Girl || Harry Potter by SprintingFox
The Malfoy Girl || Harry Potterby sprinting fox
Harry had despised the Malfoy family for as long as he could remember. When Draco's twin sister came to attend Hogwarts in fourth year, Harry realized that not all Malfo...
The Alchemist || Draco Malfoy by SprintingFox
The Alchemist || Draco Malfoyby sprinting fox
Daughter of a French woman and an Italian man who was a hero to humanity, Juliana Romano was nothing short of brilliant. After several boring years at Beauxbatons, her m...
Screw Logic by Torigirl13
Screw Logicby Tori or Çrīmßøñ
Bendy Au x Little Nightmares Reader x Sans Au (in a sibling way ur 9) You are (Y/n) Rosita Maur, everyone calls you Six because, well, thats what you tell them. At one p...
~ One and Only ~ Akatsuki Boyfriend Scenarios by ClockworkLeviathan
~ One and Only ~ Akatsuki Boyfrien...by ClockworkLeviathan
Pretty much what the title says! Thi story is from my Quotev account, So please don't be alarmed if this looks familiar.
The Other Castellan by SprintingFox
The Other Castellanby sprinting fox
When Luke Castellan decided to leave Camp Half Blood and join forces with Kronos, he left behind a sister who spent the next three years trying to bring her brother back...
MINE by DreamJunky
MINEby DreamJunky
"Now that I know what makes you tick.." He said walking over to me. "I know how to make you listen to me." He brushed my hair behind my ears. Damn it...
CountryHumans X Reader ONE SHOTS by PetalOnUrFace
CountryHumans X Reader ONE SHOTSby 💠
🚫DO NOT TRACE OR REPOST THE COVER OR MY DRAWINGS IN THIS BOOK WITHOUT MY APPROVAL🚫 I see you decided to take a closer look at dis, and reading the description.. welp...
My Friend (Harry Potter Love Story) ~Year 1-4~ by Ocean-Girl
My Friend (Harry Potter Love Story...by Ocean-Girl
"Ro, i love you, that's because!" shouted Harry. i stop dead and i turn around "What?" i said, hoping he's not lying, "Rosemary Maggie Fisher! i...
If Only || Tom Riddle by SprintingFox
If Only || Tom Riddleby sprinting fox
When she left he broke. His last shred of humanity shattered. The desire to be a better person faded away. If only she was still here...maybe Tom Riddle never would've b...
Shot Through The Heart (Legolas X Reader) by E_M_Christina
Shot Through The Heart (Legolas X...by Ellie M C
Legolas X Reader: "The window at the very top of the fortress had a faint glimmer of orange, and within it emitted a scream. A scream that pierced you to the core...
For the Love of an Angel *Dramione* by LULAS4LIFEW2
For the Love of an Angel *Dramione*by LULAS4LIFE
When Hermione finds out she's pregnant and Ron breaks her heart, she meets a little girl who changes her life; bringing an old enemy back into it. But he's changed, can...
Muted Love by LikkleAngel
Muted Loveby Azarath Metrion Zinthos
It's been seven months since 'the incident' and Charlotte hasn't spoken since. And she doesn't intend to. She's no longer the person she was a year ago, but now she's be...
Climbing the Walls (a Niall Horan love story) by sweetlikesugar1d
Climbing the Walls (a Niall Horan...by Zeina
Haley Ramiel Watson is pretty normal... Except that her cousin is Harry Styles. And when this sixteen-year-old's parents die in a tragic car accident, she has to move fr...
Rings - Movie!Sonic x Reader by Wolfy_29
Rings - Movie!Sonic x Readerby hehe
⚠️: WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THE SONIC MOVIE! Cast out from your home world ten years ago to watch over your beloved best friend, things get a little messy. Crazy doct...
BTS IN OURAN?! by AMagicalCatBitch
BTS IN OURAN?!by Lazy Potato Toxic Sunshine Vi...
What if BTS transfered into Ouran High School Host Club?
My Friend (Harry Potter Love Story) ~ Years 5-7~ by Ocean-Girl
My Friend (Harry Potter Love Story...by Ocean-Girl
~ Years 5-7 ~"Ro, I love you, that's because!" shouted Harry. I stop dead and I turn around "What?" I said, hoping he's not lying, "Rosemar...
Frozen by RascaIs
Frozenby Rascals
- - - - Brianna Freemont only wants to do one thing in life, to give her brother the best life she can give him. But just when she thinks she can't get any lower, fate h...
Strength. by Kishilovesnoodles
Strength.by Kishi
[Aomine Daiki X Reader] {Mature Themes, may at some point be triggering} Aomine, being a bored basketball star, had no reason to be attracted to her. She was usu...
YOURS by DreamJunky
YOURSby DreamJunky
Emily has been placed in witness protection for her own good. There are boys on the loose who might be trying to get to her. One boy in particular does...is he there to...