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As We Know It by idilbuluto
As We Know Itby idil bulut
This book takes quantum ideas from an orientalist point of view, it puts forth that the simplest choices in life were meant to alter people's lives. Plus, the main story...
Shifting Realities by Plopi123
Shifting Realitiesby Fluffer Nutter
Hi! Welcome to my shifting realities blog. A while ago I began trying to shift realities to..... you guessed it, Hogwarts! I really wanted to share my progress so here I...
Love is Weak by lkintanara
Love is Weakby Lillian Kintanara
Lillian and Keith meet at the Blade of Marmora headquarters. Both individuals have only been raised to know one thing: fighting. Can they move on from their instincts...
饾搻饾摻饾摦饾摰饾摳饾摴饾摫饾摳饾摣饾摬饾摢 | 饾檧饾櫑饾櫈饾櫊 饾檱饾櫄饾櫇饾櫍饾櫒饾櫄饾櫑饾櫑 by 5VIRGO5
饾搻饾摻饾摦饾摰饾摳饾摴饾摫饾摳饾摣饾摬饾摢 | 饾檧饾櫑饾櫈饾櫊...by Lena
"饾摙饾摳饾摱饾摦饾摻饾摬饾摱饾摦饾摷 饾摻饾摫饾摦 饾摶饾摬饾摪饾摫饾摻 饾摴饾摢饾摻饾摫 饾摬饾摷 饾摲饾摳饾摻 饾摻饾摫饾摦 饾摦饾摢饾摷饾攤 饾摳饾摲饾摦" 鈥 鈥 ...
Little Black Book by DesmondTiny_Stories
Little Black Bookby DesmondTiny_Stories
Ever wondered what runs through someones mind on the day to day? Ever wondered what happens after we pass from this world? I have, and Quantum Immortality interested me...
Komoreby by SuVida777
Komorebyby Su Vida
Komoreby is the city of the future...an eco city brimming with stylish urban life, where dreams are forged into reality. It's everything that her quiet, old town was not...
My Shifting Journey by itz-nikki-stories
My Shifting Journeyby Nikki鉁
Hey! I'm Nikki! I'm not a baby shifter, but I also haven't shifted. I'm writing this book to show the ups and downs of shifting. This is not intended for anyone to lose...
Reality Shifting 101 by skzbabii
Reality Shifting 101by paris 韺岆Μ
Want to learn about shifting? Best place to be! All facts and information are updated monthly!
Quantum Of Resistance by ChaitraAnumula
Quantum Of Resistanceby Chaitra Anumula
A researcher in search of the smallest unit of matter, a professor who is more like the unsolved questions of Quantum Physics and an impossible love. Everything that s...
The Night Solace by HC_Leung
The Night Solaceby HC Leung
For centuries, a mysterious creature haunts children in their sleep. No one knows what it is, where it comes from, except for its name - the Night Solace. Mikael Finneke...
Imagines for your DR! by itz_emmaaa
Imagines for your DR!by itz_emmaaa
I write oneshots, imagines, short stories, and more to help you visualize your desired reality so shifting will be easier for you! I accept requests! In the comments is...
I never thought about Oranges in winter by Saxon_Chevy
I never thought about Oranges in w...by AlicexinxWonderland
Etoshi is a junior in Tokyo university going through a rough patch in his life, working as a intern after classes and feeling alone in the big cty, he encounters an idol...
Intellect | Aspen Series鹿 by irelanobrien
Intellect | Aspen Series鹿by Ireland
in路tel路lect /藞in(t)l藢ekt/ noun the faculty of reasoning and understanding objectively, especially with regard to abstract or academic matters. 鈥 an intelligent or intell...
~1111~ Reality Shifting Guide ~4444~ by fkseofksepo
~1111~ Reality Shifting Guide ~444...by je b
Hello~ This is basically my guide to reality shifting, tips, tricks and explanations, take a look!
[Redacted] An Undertale Story by Satan_s_Dog
[Redacted] An Undertale Storyby Satan_s_Dog
After the war with humans, Monsters have to learn to live underground. It's hard for them to adapt to a new environment but they have an ace among them, the greatest sci...
|馃寵 Shifting Realities鉁 by wifeytomalfoy111
|馃寵 Shifting Realities鉁by wifeytomalfoy111
Hey if you are looking to shift this is the right page for you l'll be helping you shift! I'm looking forward to y'alls results. I will not hesitate to hex you if you u...
Uploaded Consciousness by MundodeOnira
Uploaded Consciousnessby Onira
Two scientists in Michigan set out to do the most ambitious experiment of mankind.
Quantum Dot Beads by bioparticles22
Quantum Dot Beadsby bioparticles22
https://www.cd-bioparticles.com/products/diagnano-quantum-dot-beads-for-lateral-flow-immunochromatographic-assays.html Creative Diagnostics offers a comprehensive list...