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Wet Schoolgirl Orgies by MegaGunn19
Wet Schoolgirl Orgiesby Courtney
This story contains lots of sex. Don't like don't read! One of my first few smutty stories. Message me on that you think and i'll even take requests. Not appropriate for...
STRAIGHT FROM HELL  by yobitchahoe
I mad this because of my other two wattpad friends. yk who you are 😉
Teacher x Student oneshots by extra7711
Teacher x Student oneshotsby extra7711
First time so could be improved. Will update when i can. Enjoy😉😋
Zoe's number 1 fan by toorusimpnation
Zoe's number 1 fanby toorusimpnationシ
You meet zowe lavender 😰😐😂🥰😍🙀😏✨
T R I G G A?? by littysongz
Nothing needed
If you'd let me by jahsang
If you'd let meby Elijah Jinsang
It popped into my head so I decided to write it down. Small scenario between me and the one on my mind.
Tied Between Two Worlds by HarryTalang
Tied Between Two Worldsby HarryTalang
Yuki your average girl, or so you thought! A lot of drama goes on in high school, a lot of stuff happens. Like this story set in a Japanese High School, with bucket loa...
Dickmatize by miss_legendary_
Dickmatizeby Deaja Hyde
A teen girl, Kiara, gets dickmatize( when a female is put under a spell by good dick and it controls her life) by this boy, Dominick, into a terrible situation that come...
Fakegram | bbh by undemoniccs
Fakegram | bbhby 𝓑𝓪𝓮𝓴𝓱𝔂𝓾𝓷
╭────────────────● ●──╮ "wнy ѕнoυld ι lιѕтen тo yoυ? ι'м an evιl ѕιnner. тнe ѕpawn oғ ѕaтan, тнe cнιld oғ тwo ѕιnnerѕ wнaт are yoυ agaιn? тнaт'ѕ rιgнт, noтнι...