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dancer in the dark | frerard by rlndere
dancer in the dark | frerardby rina🌙
『"gerardway: Hey, how's your day? frnkiero: better now :)"』 | punk! gerard x pastel! frank ; instagram/texting fic | all art used is created by me | short chap...
insecurities and roses  by myfavoritecats
insecurities and roses by gracie :)
two boys find love with a little bit of magic ©2019 punk x pastel 『phan』
Dreams {Phan}  by qualityblueduckwings
Dreams {Phan} by qualityblueduckwings
//Complete// Phil decides to go to get coffee at a new café close to were he lives. (Published: 29th of April 2017)
two of the opposite, never the same (Girl X Girl) by FireKelpie
two of the opposite, never the sam...by lilah
a girl with overflowing emotions and always scared and unsure and a girl who is closed of and almost emotionless, bold, making choices and not looking back. how would th...
Little Pastel Boy (english ver.) by Dear-Night
Little Pastel Boy (english ver.)by Flora
Tattoos, cigarettes, black clothes... Mark never thought any different, he never let himself fantasize "further" about what he already was. Sweaters, flowers...
Sanders Sides Role play by ThatSxftChick
Sanders Sides Role playby •~Soft~•
SANDERS SIDES PUNK AU STEVEN UNIVERSE yeah that's what's in here so have fun guys :D
A Bouquet For The Lady by loobydoowop13
A Bouquet For The Ladyby Lou
He is infatuated by the fairy florist in the shop across the road, she is worried about the noise level from the tattoo parlour the other side of the street. What happen...
The Introvert and Extrovert by adifferentuniverse
The Introvert and Extrovertby RALINE-JOSE🌙☁
The story of an antisocial and cold boy called Ty Desmond dating the cheerful and friendly Keely Tovar: Opisite personallities, hobbies and issues -What could go wrong?
my youth is yours by jackissolame
my youth is yoursby Jack Howell
Dan a pastel upbeat boy moves in next door to Phil, the schools bad emo boy they later bump into each other accidently and they later become friends maby even more than...
the illusion of looks by KatFroggle
the illusion of looksby abandoned profile
little punkxpastel fic I wrote Dan is a pastel who just wants to mind his own business. however his bullies -Phil Lester and Chris Kendall- won't leave him alone. but...
Opposites Attract//Phan {PunkxPastel} by KarakuoXos
Opposites Attract//Phan {PunkxPast...by -Big Ugly-
Phil Lester wasn't always a punk, on the very contrary really. He loved bright clothes, he liked having fun, he liked being happy. But a traumatic night in his growing...
Flowers in the snow (punk phill x pastel dan) by septiplier_lover2
Flowers in the snow (punk phill x...by no need to know
New school, new me (Blood, swearing,)
Pumpkin Spice~ by polaroid_hero
Pumpkin Spice~by polaroid_hero
Cute pastel babies make my heart hurt. Mix them with punks and you have my aesthetic. Joshler ~ Brallon ~ Peterick
Starlight//Phan by awkwardphantrash
Starlight//Phanby Genna>•<
(On hiatus) Punk!xPastel! Phan au "Hold you in my arms I just wanted to hold you in my arms" (Let me know if you need any TW)
Dan's first tattoo by WHAT_EVEN_IS_LIFE
Dan's first tattooby WHAT_EVEN_IS_LIFE
Dan gets his first tattoo after phil has had two complete sleeves it's a Pastel and punk fic
I'd Live for You by quiet-violent
I'd Live for Youby Brøken
It was a bitter cold night. Dan wasn't wearing a jumper. He stormed out of the house. "Why am I still alive?" He kept repeating to himself. "Why am I stil...