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61 Things that PROVE Garu from 'Pucca Funny Love' Likes Pucca. by AshleytheArtist
61 Things that PROVE Garu from 'Pu...by Ashley the Artist
Highest Rank- #1 in Garu. Things that PROVE Garu likes Pucca.
Pucca X Garu ( Stories ) (On-Going) by suaveeeeee
Pucca X Garu ( Stories ) (On-Going)by
Pucca X Garu's OneShots❤🖤 It's my First time Writing things like this, but I'll try my best. Grammar Errors will be seen and I'll rewrite them if I can ASAP. Request...
Garu x Reader | "Pucca Funny Love" FanFic by verovarile87
Garu x Reader | "Pucca Funny Love"...by verovarile87
You are the main character, and the new girl at Sooga Village. After moving, you set out to find bamboo for your pet panda, but met a mute ninja. What could possibly hap...
Pucca×Garu ONESHOTS by Mybrotherwheeze
Pucca×Garu ONESHOTSby Pillowz_Zue
Hi guys! So this one is a stand alone thing and not completely connected to my other story "He LOVED Me Back" so, yeah, hope you'll like this one (Ps: The Auth...
Serenity  by Blaksoul67
Serenity by Ame 雨☔️🌙
Garu returns six years later, to Sooga village. Pucca had missed him terribly, but after time she got over him. However, during that time she developed a love for Tobe...
Calidez Malvada by JaucaFL97
Calidez Malvadaby JaucaFL97
Tobe sintió el cálido aliento de ella hacerle cosquillas en el rostro, y por alguna razón sintió como la sangre se le subía a la cara. No estaba acostumbrado a tener a a...
Pucca Funny Love Reader Insert by My_Ate_Jaja
Pucca Funny Love Reader Insertby Ninjaja_Lang
"Hey, Tobe?" Tobe looked over to me "Yes, (Name)?" My cheeks were tinted with a dark shade of pink "I like you so date me" "..."...
I Miss Your Touch// Pucca by mansionghosts
I Miss Your Touch// Puccaby grey
(I just wanna relive my younger days man) Garu has always dreamed of Pucca no longer chasing him. But on the last day of the year, he may not think so anymore. -INCONSI...
Pucca: Highschool Love by amy-exe
Pucca: Highschool Loveby amy.exe
A modern twist on Pucca: While in highschool she meets Garu not remembering who he his. Pucca dates Tobe an abusive boyfriend and realizes she likes Garu. Garu on the ot...
Pucca X Garu by Lizz_Flower
Pucca X Garuby ♡ LizzFlower ♡
I honestly love pucca and I pretty much decided to make a story about them.
Pucca After by LiviaHana177
Pucca Afterby Livia Hana
Story surrounds the original Pucca characters but also their children! the pairings for the children's parents are: Garu&Pucca Abyo&Ching Tobe&Chief Muji&Dokka Dada&Ring...
Sweet Vengeance  by SickaSucka
Sweet Vengeance by Cleo D
This is the third time I try to make a Garobe fic, and hopefully the last because third times the charm! Characters do not belong to me! they belong to their owners, and...
Tame That Toon (other way around)  by 1234bish
Tame That Toon (other way around) by 1234bish
So basically this story is inspired by 'Tame That Toon' Ring ring got rid of Pucca due to jealousy causing Garu being the 2nd person to remember Pucca's existence. After...
Pucca: Realization by LeaLikesToRead
Pucca: Realizationby SucculentLea
After a few years, Pucca, Garu, Abyo, and Ching have all grown older into young teens. After a harsh encounter with Garu, will Pucca still have feelings for Garu? Or wi...
Destiny's Advocate by waypast-cool
Destiny's Advocateby 🦔
[Garu x Reader] You've always been one in the crowd. And the only thing that stands between you and them, is Destiny.
Matchmaker by PrincessRainbowdashy
Matchmakerby ✧༺💙༻∞ UwU ∞༺💙༻✧
After years of intensive ninja training, (Y/n) is back and eager to spend time with her beloved younger sister and friends. The only problem? She is unwittingly dragged...
[PUCCA] Another day went by... by kumo_f
[PUCCA] Another day went by...by Nom De Plume
She was a little girl, strong and lovely who passionately in love with him. He was a boy, gentle and responsible who trained and practiced to become a great and honorabl...
Pucca: Clear-Sighted by KenNan73888
Pucca: Clear-Sightedby Kenya Nanjo
Through many years of training, Garu was chosen to bring honor to his clan. He must successfully seek Sooga Village and earn his clan honor from the misdeed their ancest...
A Slice Of Life by toybeebee2
A Slice Of Lifeby toybeebee2
I can't breathe it hurts everything hurts! MAKE IT STOP!! PLEASE!! When garu finds tobe bleeding out in the woods on the verge of death will he be ok? What happened? 1...
Impostor by JaucaFL97
Impostorby JaucaFL97
Una persona regresa a la Aldea de Sooga buscando venganza contra Garu. Y esta vez, no es Tobe. One-Shot.