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Spiderman Oneshots (Completed) by TheRandomPenguin
Spiderman Oneshots (Completed)by The Queen Of Crack
Sorry I couldn't get to most of the requests.
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Outcast's (Keith X Lotor) by AnimeAnything
Outcast's (Keith X Lotor)by KeithAnimeAnything
"I was so happy back then. I just wish I was there now. I wish they cared for me again. They were the only family I had" "It's okay. We have each other n...
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The Gleeful Reunion (Under Editing)  by RelationshipSeeker
The Gleeful Reunion (Under RelationshipSeeker
Barry Allen is the CSI for the CCPD. Oliver Queen is the Mayor of Star City. The both like each other but don't know how to tell the other. When Barry and Oliver go to a...
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Peter Parker OneShots  by RelationshipSeeker
Peter Parker OneShots by RelationshipSeeker
This is a book of one shots about Peter Parker and the Avengers. I've been obsessed with reading Peter Parker one-shots so I decided to make some of my own! Will Includ...
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Danny Was Adopted? ✔ by Damians_babybird
Danny Was Adopted? ✔by Bre
As of April 2018, this book is co-written with @Yaoi_Is_My_Life_1995 Danny has learned that he's was adopted when he was little. Danny is determined to find who his bio...
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Saving The Last Flying Grayson [Book 1] ✔ by Damians_babybird
Saving The Last Flying Grayson [ Bre
Complete Edit: Wallace-Ann was changed to Hailey Bruce never adopted Richard "Dick" John Grayson; though he really wanted to help the boy out. Instead, the ma...
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Where Dreams Come True by EzraAnn1981
Where Dreams Come Trueby Ezra Ann
Louis Tomlinson - a 19 year old man who takes his 3 year old son, Sage Rider Malik, to Disney World. Sage wants to meet his favorite character, Flynn Rider, who's playe...
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♠️Quotes♠️ by Gigicomics
♠️Quotes♠️by Gigicomics
Many different quotes from people, anime, and books, etc...
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Captured Outcast (KeithxLotor) by AnimeAnything
Captured Outcast (KeithxLotor)by KeithAnimeAnything
Book Two of Outcast's. This story will be slow for a while but i will try and keep up with updates. And everything was right for them. That is until later that year...
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Percy Jackson Goes to Hogwarts by vivilife342
Percy Jackson Goes to Hogwartsby Vivian AB Parker
Percy is sent on a new Quest: go to Hogwarts, gang there trust, with the help of old friends, and reveal yourself. Then he learns there's a war coming. First thought; wh...
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Without you by vivilife342
Without youby Vivian AB Parker
It has been about 5 years after Lucy dropped out of team Natsu and disappear. He couldn't take her absence anymore. He doesn't eat, sleeps, or go on jobs. His fellow gui...
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My Little Robin ✔ by Damians_babybird
My Little Robin ✔by Bre
Complete Started - 9/23/16 Finished - 12/9/16 Danielle was 5 when her parents died in a circus accident. Dick and Danielle were taken in by Bruce Wayne. After about a m...
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A Runaway Princess at Sea (bill x fem.dipper) by Dancerheart41
A Runaway Princess at Sea (bill Dancerheart41
Bill's eye narrowed at the cloaked figure in front of him. "Who are you?" The corners of the figure's mouth turned up with a smile. "Oh, how rude of me,&q...
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Wally's Little Sister (Adopted) ✔ by Damians_babybird
Wally's Little Sister (Adopted) ✔by Bre
Complete and adopted by @annabug823 Wally and his little sister, Danielle, were being abused at home. Their Uncle Barry came and got them after he got a call from their...
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Dear Santa Claus, by EzraAnn1981
Dear Santa Claus,by Ezra Ann
Louis is an 8-year-old boy who has grown up in an all-boy orphanage from birth; so he has no last name. He writes letters to Santa Claus wanting to be adopted along with...
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Birdie! One-shots (Open To Requests)  by Damians_babybird
Birdie! One-shots (Open To Bre
Open to request! Just one-shots and short stories about the Batfamily, Young Justice, and anything DC comic! Might contain - Reversed Batfamily - Damian x OC (Angel/Alex...
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The Johnson Family  by OREOS504
The Johnson Family by Oreo cookie
Everyone knows the Johnson family are the meanest and coldest people alive. Their family contains four men, three sons and their dad. They're all alike, mean, cold and t...
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Versus The Captor by SaylorS0
Versus The Captorby Storm
After saving Mackenzie's father, the team gets notified about other technopaths being held captive by a woman of whom Ryan has met. With Leo part of the mission, the gro...
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Article 13 (#ProtectYourCommunity) [CLOSED] ✔ by LJMaki
Article 13 (#ProtectYourCommunity) Maki
*We won!* This campaign is now CLOSED! There is no more need for comments, or tagging, or anything really. I love all the support this got, but as it is now CLOSED, plea...
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Versus New Beginnings by SaylorS0
Versus New Beginningsby Storm
*(Takes place after Versus The End)* Returning home from a successful mission, the gang find themselves back at the newly rebuilt Bay City High. With Mark back on top an...
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