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⊹ by __Carrots__
⊹by ▭
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the boys i've loved and the end of the world by catarinehancock
the boys i've loved and the end catarine hancock
for the ones who used to love me, the ones who broke my heart, and the one who loves me now. and for you. for all of you. ~ catarine hancock's debut poetry collection...
The Ocean Sings for the Moon by Heavenly-Rose
The Ocean Sings for the Moonby Kimmy 🌸
poetry of love and longing.
a dream without end by UNWILTED
a dream without endby 𝒁.
the hills are calling us home © z. t. corley, 2022
heartache is an orange squeezed dry by UNWILTED
heartache is an orange squeezed dryby 𝒁.
lovers with too much sun © z. t. corey, 2022 (highest ranking: #1 in poetrycollection)
The Ugliest Of Them All  by MaximasMasterman
The Ugliest Of Them All by Maximas Masterman
When Lukas Scottville (the perfect of them all) accidentally kisses Elisabeth Simpson (the ugliest of them all), he falls in love with her despite the fact that no one i...
For Nobara by naburi
For Nobaraby 𝐧𝐚𝐛𝐮𝐫𝐢
A devil child is born into one of the few impure descendants of the lost Kira bloodline. And for decades, these children of soiled heritage are seen as fragments of Koor...
Love letters from Bohemia by Orizielle
Love letters from Bohemiaby .
Oh lover! (It was a love story, obviously)
Friends And Foes Are Family  by Pen_On_Canvas
Friends And Foes Are Family by Pen_On_Canvas
The anthology "Friends and Foes are Family" is on the recollection of one's past emotions. It's a connection to our present limitations; it's like the Northern...
COCAINE HEART ━━ poetry by putrescentpoet
COCAINE HEART ━━ poetryby victorine ୨୧
sprinkle the ashes of your lover over your cocaine heart POETRY / PROSE © putrescentpoet cover by @satinebones
ROMEO  by caramelgiggles
ROMEO by ❛ᴍᴇʟᴏɴ
he was just a romeo who licked sweat dripping off the chin of a sugarwaxed babyboy
G I R L S. || √ by ethxcs
G I R L S. || √by Ennie
Note to self: if he sees you cry, Run. ©ethxcs 2016 All rights reserved.
the night  the stars fell - poetry collection  by starry_poetry
the night the stars fell - goldfish
PLEASE READ THE CONTENT WARNINGS this poetry collection includes themes and descriptions of: sexual violence/assault/harassment PTSD hallucinations depression anxiety ...
01.BLUE  by enniemoe
01.BLUE by ㅤ
❛ a symphony of trinkets - made up of pivotal memories and moments - of a maiden once mantled with melancholy, her story before: her story now: and her story to come, al...
in a dead language - vmon by -vmon-
in a dead language - vmonby 🕸
the story of another pair of star-crossed lovers. © 2021.
I, Girl by vuItures
I, Girlby - ̗̀ tina ̖́-
i am my own god, my own spirit, my own prayer. -- a complete series of 44 poems concerning girlhood, dread, and catholic guilt.
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TO PRAISE THE SUN by disorientedsun
TO PRAISE THE SUNby eclipsing dawn
eclipsing lachrymose darkness with golden light; wearing platinum hopes with ruby jewels; constallations drew our aspirations; ebullient memories grew our flowers; and w...
otra vez by vangohs
otra vezby 𝖊𝖑𝖘
i can feel it all begin to fade ゚☆ [circa late 2020]
farmyard, hiding by parasaluman
farmyard, hidingby n
(2019 - 2020) homesick
rainboats by itsybella
rainboatsby itsybella
poem collection no. 1