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Final Fantasy XV One Shots by Isabella_Scientia
Final Fantasy XV One Shotsby Isabella Scientia
One shots starring the Chocobros and other FFXV characters!!! These will be x reader. Requests are open and gladly accepted. Enjoy! [The characters and places in this st...
Final Fantasy XV One-Shots by FFXVsummoner
Final Fantasy XV One-Shotsby 《Night Sky》
~In commemoration of the seven day countdown to Final Fantasy XV release~ Final Fantasy XV x Reader only First part written on November 22, 2016
Final Fantasy X Reader Fluff & Smut by Fantasist14
Final Fantasy X Reader Fluff & Smutby Fantasist14
All smut and fluff requests are open! Warnings are posted at the beginning of the chapters. Have fun! Some pics are not mine, all rights reserved to owners.
Noctis x Reader ~Destined Meeting by FFXVsummoner
Noctis x Reader ~Destined Meetingby 《Night Sky》
Thoughts lingered on the one true King of Kings, Prince Noctis. Endowed with the special task of protecting the Majesty's son, the conflicts between Lucis and Niflheim o...
Ignited (Noctis x Reader) Final Fantasy XV by Cheddar7
Ignited (Noctis x Reader) Final Cheddar7
Where to love and being loved was deprived from you, abuse and hatred were instilled. No one knew how and why it happened, but it's as if fate has sealed you with the ve...
FFXV Drabbles/Oneshots  {📥}REQUESTS OPEN{📥} by YXxXxXxXxXY
FFXV Drabbles/Oneshots {📥} YXxXxXY
Just some things I've thought up while playing FFXV. If you have any requests for certain characters or story lines, DM me.
Guardian (Final Fantasy XV Fanfic) by May5696
Guardian (Final Fantasy XV Fanfic)by FFXVQueen
Guardians---beings gifted by the gods with a unique magic to transform their physical appearance into that of a powerful, divine beast. They are tasked with safeguarding...
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse {Book Three: Pestilence}(Ignis x Reader) by CelestialShadowWolf
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse { Lost in the Stars
Final Fantasy XV x Reader Book three in the short series "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" Ignis x Reader
Final Fantasy XV- Life on the Edge by The_evilpinkcreeper
Final Fantasy XV- Life on the Edgeby Evilpinkcreeper (Cassdaddy)
The four boys; Noctis Lucis Caelum, Prompto Argentum, Ignis Scientia, and Gladiolus Amicita are sent away from their town. They are unable to return to it after it is de...
Renovating the Heart (FFXV) by Mrs_Strife
Renovating the Heart (FFXV)by FF Fanatic
The dawn of the Darkness raked chaos across Eos, leveling the land for all peoples, nations, and kingdoms. Two years after the light returned, Insomnia was slowly crawli...
No Surrender ● Final Fantasy XV by storyfan09
No Surrender ● Final Fantasy XVby Kay
Bella is thrown into the world of Eos, meeting the Chocobros while she was roaming through Galdin Quay, she goes on a journey to help Noctis become the True King, but...
Noctis x Reader x Prompto ~One-shots\Stories by FFXVsummoner
Noctis x Reader x Prompto 《Night Sky》
The reader, Noctis, and Prompto all paired into one book flooded with one-shots and stories. Includes Noctis x Reader and Prompto x Reader one-shots as well.
Final Fantasy XV Guardian Angel by maarmypower
Final Fantasy XV Guardian Angelby maarmypower
Audrey Rosèveline is an orphan girl from Insomnia. She was abandoned by her parents and her sister who decided to go to Niflheim. She sees her world black and white, nev...
Final Fantasy XV One Shots by Hopeful_Mochi
Final Fantasy XV One Shotsby Rhi
~Requests: OPEN~ [Current Number of Requests: 4] Random stuff I come up with featuring the wonderful chocobros from FFXV. Some are originally posted on my side blog on T...
A Week In The Game [Final Fantasy XV x Reader] by Isabella_Scientia
A Week In The Game [Final Isabella Scientia
I open my eyes to see one of the dead kings of Lucis staring at me in front of the TV screen. 'Great, now I'm hallucinating.' "I shall grant you, (Y/n) (L/n), one w...
RWBY: Royal Remnant || Volume: 1 || A RWBY/Final Fantasy XV Crossover by xX_RWBY_Fan2017_Xx
RWBY: Royal Remnant || Volume: 1 | Good Ol' Cup of Coco
{Book 1/? Of the RWBY + Final Fantasy XV crossover series} The land of Remnant stands tall; the kingdoms held in place - Vale, Vacuo, Mistral, Atlas, and Insomnia. Toget...
Final Fantasy XV Oneshots by Hello_Starlight
Final Fantasy XV Oneshotsby Hello_Starlight
Basically stories about the reader and the chocobros. They can be romantic or platonic. I will take requests soon too I'll let you guys know! NONE OF THE IMAGES OR CHAR...
sunflower  by Misterstealyourboi
sunflower by Misterstealyourboi
Four friends in high school prompto and noctis are 17 and gladio with ignis one year older. Prompto is new.. And idk what else I'll write a full description in the first...
Will You Be My Princess [Final Fantasy XV Drabble Set] by albeestar
Will You Be My Princess [Final CallMeDarℓing
I want your life to be like a fairy-tale. I want you to be the princess, and I will be your prince. And then we will live happily ever after || Final Fantasy XV x Reader...
Kara (FFXV) by Mrs_Strife
Kara (FFXV)by FF Fanatic
The destruction of Tenebrae was only the first straw. The daughter of a world-renowned dragoon and close friend of the children of the Nox Fleuret bloodline, Kara Highwi...