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The Warrior - Book One [AtLA] by sama1314
The Warrior - Book One [AtLA]by QCat
Book One: Water I didn't know what to think when my friends brought back a young boy from their fishing trip, a boy dressed in nomad clothing and having the ability to b...
Avengers one shots/Imagines by AquariansLament
Avengers one shots/Imaginesby M.J.
Took a break for a while. I'll see if I can squeeze in some time to write or edit what's already been written. •REQUESTS ARE CLOSED •NO SMUT •NO SET UPDATE SCHEDULE
conquest ]] ensemble stars!! by kazuhasautumn
conquest ]] ensemble stars!!by shii
i've only played music, read a few event stories, and watched the anime, so if i get things wrong, feel free to correct me! - ; and so begins the different idol units'...
This Is Awkward | Camp Camp x Female! Reader by ramuda_amemura
This Is Awkward | Camp Camp x ♪ εαรу я♫
| ⚠️Dedicated to some of my best friends who like the show! | You, a small child who loves baking, is not only socially awkward but a bit shy, and have a big heart. Due...
Art Book (1) by Auratopia
Art Book (1)by Aura
Apparently I post art on the interweb, wow I use a mix of watercolors, markers, and whatever else I can find laying around! So yeah, hope you enjoy ^-^
south park Truth or dare  by JustSomeCringe
south park Truth or dare by JustSomeCringe
Cartman drags all the South Park boys into one room for a game of truth or dare so comment or pm me your dares or Truths for the rowdy group (male characters mostly but...
Østhelten ✵𝘭𝘰𝘳𝘥 𝘰𝘧 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴✵ by gargoyleori
Østhelten ✵𝘭𝘰𝘳𝘥 𝘰𝘧 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘳 ♉︎Ori🧙🏻
»Østhelten, legendary heroes from the Far East, nearly wiped out by Sauron and his forces, follow Cameron Idescrecia on his journey to save middle earth and the Østhelte...
My Family  by breadrn
My Family by パン
Okay, I was just eating dinner and I had an idea. Read to know more about it This fanfic contain: Wholesomeness Cute father son bonding time Cute family time blood(maybe...
What If The Villians And Heroes Swapped? (My AU Explained) by Official_DemonGiyuu
What If The Villians And Heroes Tomioka-San
just a villain swap naruto au I made, I'll be explaining in the first chapter and then showing "profiles" that explain some characters! and I'll try to add a v...
Cole x Reader (HIATUS) by Sharkiuu
Cole x Reader (HIATUS)by 💕💊Sharkiuu💊💕
I do not own Ninjago, or any of the characters other than Y/N. And we can all agree Cole is hot. Lego or not. UwU
Ishimarus Instagram! by Http-HallMonitor
Ishimarus Instagram!by ISHIMARU!
It's nothing too important honestly..but sounds fun!
Glowstick /\ Negasonic teenage warhead by eibrownie
Glowstick /\ Negasonic teenage ¡Brownie!
At the unfortunate age of 14 years old Darwin Keen contracted AIDS (She didn't have sex- she somehow came into contact with someone who was imfected's blood) and it's te...
Mutant Busters X Reader by a_dinosaurous-rex
Mutant Busters X Readerby no ❤
I'm fucking bored! so here's some dumbass shit ughhkdkakwncknekkwjfoskfndk! I'm a fucking dumbass
The Last Adventure by N0tAM00shr00m
The Last Adventureby m00shr00m
I have no idea how long this will drag on, but this is a fantasy story about 3 friends. Nothing more, nothing less. All in a search for knowledge.
Reflections by the_bookiest
Reflectionsby Neil Tack
Everyone is born with a twin. One born to be good. One born to be bad. Tested and separated at age 13. Bonum and Malus. Two cities. A paradise and a hell. Mirrors being...
Isnt it painful? by MarissaBonney
Isnt it painful?by FriendArin
Fen wakes up in a white room with a locked door, the only thing with him is his fear that this is something bigger than what it seems. Should he encounter others will th...
Trouble ; yoonseok// m.yg, j. hs by eatenbythesystem
Trouble ; yoonseok// m.yg, j. hsby Dan
"It's gonna get you on trouble." - Trouble by RM and Jin.
things that aren't really relevant but are kind of cool maybe sad by honourthechaotic
things that aren't really Cherry Bomb
That title is long enough to be a Fall Out Boy song wow. Yeah this will be random shit I come up with, from little chapters of fanfiction, funny things I've said or thou...