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A Crown of Gold by redible
A Crown of Goldby Alexis Rose
"Many of the villagers claimed you were born to please a dragon with that golden mane and those ruby eyes." Asha disagreed. She didn't believe she was born to...
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(1) Poison Genius Consort by RasLesRamos
(1) Poison Genius Consortby Ras Le's Ramos
Chapter 1-200
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Love eternal by l_love_books123
Love eternalby l_love_books123
This is a collection of short stories i wrote using a plot generator website. The plot is written by the site, but I changed it to make it sound better and more interest...
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His princess by XDemalitionX
His princessby Jocelyn mack
Princess Darcia, is 17 and is a werewolf. She is also one hell of a horse lover. She comes from a royal family and goes to prep school. But what happens when the bubbly...
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The Story of a Princess by AngieGuth1
The Story of a Princessby Angie
I bet you've never heard a tale so dark and dreary as this one!! Just kidding... Let me tell you a story. It came upon a midnight dreary. A monster so hideous... you wis...
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trust me again || a selection roleplay (8/20) by -lullxbies-
trust me again || a selection 𝒶𝓇𝒾𝒶
legend has it... centuries ago, demons and angels were against each other. there was constant fighting that was never resolved. then, as things started to fall apart, a...
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Maid For You 2 by Little-Friend
Maid For You 2by Kayla LaFroth
Cassie used to think that her life as a maid for the terribly gorgeous Prince Coleman was complicated. She had no idea what was coming. Now with the crafty Queen Klara s...
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My Princess by -_-WendyMarvell-_-
My Princessby Wendy Marvell
Wendy Marvell, a commoner in the country of Fiore. Wendy has had a rough life to say the very least. She almost never has any money and is treated like garbage. In order...
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Wings of Fire: The Fourth Princess by MLB333
Wings of Fire: The Fourth Princessby MLB333
Kelp, the fourth SeaWing Princess, is tired of being compared to her sister Auklet. 'Write like Auklet does, Kelp!' 'Try to catch it like Auklet, Kelp!' Angered, Kelp do...
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His Princess (BWWM) by Littlerose_21
His Princess (BWWM)by Littlerose_21
A African princess is supposed to be married off to a prince... But she has other plans.
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She's Wanted by bjewel787740
She's Wantedby Bethany🤪🤪❤
Mafia Prince and soon to be Mafia Principessa
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King Of Hell - Caliban by bookqueenk
King Of Hell - Calibanby ...
When the prince of hell met an angel from heaven. Caliban Fanfic The chilling adventures of Sabrina No. 1 in Caliban No. 1 in Caos No. 1 in Sabrinaspellman No. 1 in the...
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💫~sweet dreams~💫{JJK FF} by milk-kookiemonsters
💫~sweet dreams~💫{JJK FF}by Kookiemonster
✨Your name is Lee Jae young✨ 🌻You are the princess of the night🌃you can control the🌙 moon🌙and🌟stars🌟you still go to school like a "normal girl". The stud...
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the fragility of forever (COMING SOON) by halcycn
the fragility of forever (COMING r
"sometimes it's better if you keeps your lips to yourself." "like now?" "yeah. but you can bring them over here anyway." ------ Eve Irving...
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Kingdom of shattered glass by hariniravisankar
Kingdom of shattered glassby Warriorsforever
The power to control all sorts of substances runs in the family of Jessica's. It's a royal family, but a powerful one. Their family has a lot of great warriors with spec...
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The Silent Princess by caramelsweaters
The Silent Princessby Hailey Willhite
Completed with each perfected chunk posted every other day !! A beggar is found on the steps of Volen Castle, 12 years after the Kancrella revolution. As servants take i...
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Anti Heiress | ONC 2020 by RynAnderson
Anti Heiress | ONC 2020by Korryn Anderson
Understanding she isn't fit to be queen, Sarina devises a plan to fake her death and relinquish her throne. To ensure the new princess is fit, she disguises herself as a...
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The Rebel Bard by Sophielinab
The Rebel Bardby Sophie Bradshaw
When a rebel prisoner is forced to play a song for the king, the princess Leora does the unthinkable: oppose her father. Charmed by his song and his pretty face, she ask...
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The Princess With A Warrior's Heart by RJWritings18
The Princess With A Warrior's Heartby R.J.
As the daughter of King Algernon Bonavich, Davinia is next in line for the Alynthian throne. But, moments before her father passes away, he reveals that she'll be inheri...
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My Miss Attitude by Priya_Pranushka
My Miss Attitudeby Priyanka Akurati
One Boy who loves A Girl infinitely that How many times she hurts him,He always there with her and treated as Queen.But One Day that Boy burst out on her with her words...
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