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Finding My Mate  by Bamagirl0926
Finding My Mate by Wolfgirl
Completed: November 30th, 2017 Amy's pack was attacked and she was kidnapped by the Blood Moon pack when she was 10 years old, she was beaten and abused. She was made a...
The Omega's Daughter by Myst3ry007
The Omega's Daughterby Orlaith Hunt
***Featured on Wattpad Werewolf profile - Female Alpha Reading list.*** My mother is Dead. My father is an Omega. We're on the run. We've always been on the run. But thi...
When Shadows Burn by iwritetoomuchbruh
When Shadows Burnby iwritetoomuchbruh
As the crown princess of Avalan, Elle has all the power she could ever want at her fingertips, yet she wants much more. After watching the Shadow war ravage Adum and Twi...
The Last Dragon Rider (Book 1 of Rider Series) by RissaleWriter
The Last Dragon Rider (Book 1 of R...by Rissa, Rissy, Riss
Long ago Riders worked hard to protect the kingdoms of Alenshia, a place filled with magic and power, and keep it well organized. Long ago these Riders were gifted with...
He who rules the sea controls trade, he who controls trade has wealth, he who has wealth, rules all. The Thigian empire had unarguably wielded dominance over the Baldic...
Countess Bathory: The Ultimate Vampire Queen by AnjelicaMoon
Countess Bathory: The Ultimate Vam...by MrsCVoorhees
Many years ago the blood Countess died for all her horrible crimes, but like Count Dracula; she was raised from death, to live and feed on human blood to stay alive. The...
The Brave Alpha's Destiny by Skylighter_xx
The Brave Alpha's Destinyby Thato_g
Patricia White is a beautiful size 10 girl, with brown natural curly hair. She is 5ft4inch tall and has D cup breast she is a werewolf and a witch but no one knows that...
Banned Powers by Wolfie_pikachu
Banned Powersby Pikadillo :D
Everyone always talks about the most powerful one around, and focus on improving their own. Amber Vega, a normal girl with no powers goes to Universal Academy to study...
United We Stand (Completed) by RissaleWriter
United We Stand (Completed)by Rissa, Rissy, Riss
What would you do if someone tried to kill someone important to you and you were the only person that could stop it? Would you give up everything and save that person? W...
This book is publishing on 2019. Read further for more info. Aaron George Randolph, ruling King of the Lycans, is hell-bent on revenge for his mother's brutal death at t...
PowerLess by Yuii_13
PowerLessby B E A N Z
Powers are new to the world when they first started showing in 1986, so still sort of new. The world is still getting use to it, some people reject the idea totally and...
The Power of Medicine by taleweaver1
The Power of Medicineby taleweaver1
The dark side of pharmaceuticals is revealed as Natasha's sister is kidnapped by Capital Pharmaceuticals. As Natasha tries to save her sister, she must balance the fine...
Time and Time Again by AaleyahUlrich
Time and Time Againby Aaleyah Ulrich
Twenty-year-old Ellie Tikire didn't expect her long dead grandfather to show up at her wedding, and she definitely didn't expect him to declare her betrothed a murderer...
The Oldest Sister by -Austeria-
The Oldest Sisterby Chance
"Cronos I don't know what we will do... Levia has no control yet and it's not improving, she could very well destroy everything we have worked so hard to create and...
Power Hungry by Dappleleaf
Power Hungryby Kale
The war of light and dark had been going on for 100 years. Both sides kept losing soldiers. So, to make up for the lost, the would scour the world for those above the ag...
If You Think I'm Pretty... by Autuxn_X
If You Think I'm Pretty...by Autumn Summers
Kasie was definitely one of a kind, but did anyone really expect her to climb to the top?
The Grudge Contest by JessicaDark2
The Grudge Contestby Jessica Dark 2
A mother and her son is finding a place to live. her boy is 8 years old, and she is in her 30's. when the mother was looking for a place to live for the time being, she...
VANYA by coconut-waterrr
Vanya saw her parents die when she was eight. Killed by a pack of werewolves. Taken by her parents' killers, she's turned into a slave, and is swept from one pack to an...