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Surviving Death (A Potato Squad Fanfic) by KiwisWithColor
Surviving Death (A Potato Squad Fa...by Kiwi's With Color
(This story is dedicated towards @AzukiDaifuku and @Legit_Boxes for their characters) Nothing about this is better, this world changed. This world became a Hell Hole, an...
Something About You... by QueenHashBrown
Something About You...by @junniebellevr
It's almost eight in the morning and you will be late as an opener in your department. You are an ordinary working staff in a talent agency. "Morning Superman!&quo...
My best friends brother by Kawaii_JayJay
My best friends brotherby Jesus <3
"I love you Adian.." I said as we parted our lips "I love you too Kylie" Adian said while holding me "W-Will you go out with me?" He said...
The Grim Reaper's Daughter(Soul Eater And Potato Squad Fanfic) by StrawberryMilk_Sushi
The Grim Reaper's Daughter(Soul Ea...by StrawberryMilk_Sushi
A girl named Kristina goes to DWMA an academy for fighting. She meets her weapon,Ender and works with her throughout the whole school years.Throughout the way she meets...
Potatoriii by toriiiij
Potatoriiiby Toriiii
Btw my real name is Tori Potato name - Potatori (it flows) I forgot about this book. I h8 myself 2.
She is a Fan by ilovepotato101
She is a Fanby RT
She has a bag full of your Pictures. She's obsessed with your face. She writes your name everywhere. She cries cause she can't see you in person. She cries cause you can...
 The Fallen World by KawaiiPuppyKun
The Fallen Worldby KawaiiPuppyKun
Puppy always thought his life would never change, well his thinking didn't last very long after a tragedy happened, but is another problem he thinks his mother is part o...
Once Upon A Stupid. by PotatoSquad90210
Once Upon A Stupid.by Potayto Pertarto
So every now and then, POTATO SQUAD plays a game. (omg that's so saw-like) Okay. So. Basically we get a piece of paper and we think of a Genre. Then we play the game by...
Wolffiery's story by Wolffierywolf
Wolffiery's storyby Wolffiery wolf
This is just the story I made of a character Created when I was three to help me cope with life and I've been adding to her story all my life and this is all I made when...
Things by 3AM_Fangirl
Thingsby 3AM_Fangirl
This book is about things... interesting right..? Mostly me ranting and telling you random things...