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The Mute Trainer by Frozenbeenie
The Mute Trainerby Angela
Allison is a friendly, loving, and mute girl that promise to never talk for the sake of others safety, shes been raised in the ilex forest since she was 5 years old afte...
°°° Pokémon X Reader And Random Shit Ni??a °°° by MaxieAndCyrusOwO
°°° Pokémon X Reader And Random Sh...by Lynn Moxśkla Zbszka
This will be a first for me, since I never really wrote Pokémon fanfics before. Wish me luck, I guess.
One More Miracle {Pokémon Watty Awards 2015} by captainmuriica
One More Miracle {Pokémon Watty Aw...by captainmuriica
// UNDER MAJOR REVISION // {DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN POKEMON OR THE COVER. I ONLY OWN MY OC} [This story follows the main plot of Pokémon Emerald, but I added some 'twis...
Gold X Reader - Pokemon Special One Shots by picnicpower
Gold X Reader - Pokemon Special On...by picnicpower
PART ONE: You're new here, in New Bark Town. And ever since you've started high school here, a certain someone has had his eyes all over you. You're too good for him tho...
Gold- A Pokémon Story by blitz233
Gold- A Pokémon Storyby Blitz
"Fear is just resisting ambition." 10 Years after a young trainer defeated the MissingNo Invasion the trainer still held onto their championship title. Gold gr...
Another time around (a Pokemon fan fiction) by songgirl147
Another time around (a Pokemon fan...by Deedee
13 year old Lauren Dagani is the best at just about everything out there. She is the most famous kid in the world and proud of it. And for the most part it's gone to her...
Rivals and Lovers by silvyrocket
Rivals and Loversby Silver Rocket
A glance into Silver's past before and after he meets Gold. It's a working process so I may or may not continue it. Hope you enjoy.
Pokemon: Red's Death by Rajatava77
Pokemon: Red's Deathby Rajatava77
The Pokemon World has finally realized that now they would have to deal with Red's Death. They were shocked to realize that the world's greatest Pokemon Champion had lef...
My Pokémon Adventure: Gold Version by MichaelEeveeMaster
My Pokémon Adventure: Gold Versionby Michael the Eeveelution Master
The Sequel of Michael's Kanto adventure and the prequel for Michael's Galar Adventure! Michael begins his Quest to become Champion of the Johto Region with his Eeveeluti...
JoJomon: Alex's Crusade by Markahomie
JoJomon: Alex's Crusadeby Markahomie
Alex Was one of the only trainers at his school to have the dream of becoming the Champion of the Johto region. Well that is except for his rival Silver. Alex and Silver...
Pokemon Boys x Reader // Pokemon by AuraNite04
Pokemon Boys x Reader // Pokemonby AuraNite04
Some Pokemon dudes X readers that came to my mind. Read if you want to I'm just writing to let it out my head. Thanks to who actually read!
The Champions (a Pokemon Fanfiction) Red/Blue/Gold/Silver by dpuniverse
The Champions (a Pokemon Fanfictio...by 🤘Not Emo🤘
this story takes place after the events of gold, silver and crystal red has made it off of mt silver and is continuing his pokemon journey
Gold wants to battle! || Polishipping modern AU by SupremeShips
Gold wants to battle! || Polishipp...by Akemicchi~ 秋
All it took was one silent gesture, and one egotistical remark, and both of them knew they were prepared to fight. (I may make this into a collection of Pokemon one shot...
A Greeting Made Me Love You (Pokémon Gold X Reader) by Crystal_Clear_Drops
A Greeting Made Me Love You (Pokém...by oh
Y/N was a Pokémon Trainer who was best friends with Crystal. Crystal introduced Y/N to Her Friend. Gold. After that introduction. Gold got feelings for Y/N. But what if...
The Adventure of Gold  by Lily_Alu
The Adventure of Gold by Lily Alu
hiya ! just a quick notice before i tell you what this fanfic is about. There will be some BL (boy love) it will just show Gold being in love with Red, so if you hate th...
DON'T WAIT by he_is_a_liar
DON'T WAITby 「тιмøтнy wrιgнт」
After Gold sees a pokémon trainer he starts getting feelings for him. what will he do?
Reason Why by Farla_Blackdragon
Reason Whyby Farla
You know the L40 magikarp you can catch in GSC? Here's the POV of one. I wrote this a long time ago.
Golden Dragons by ThunderThot
Golden Dragonsby Toast-33
Gold is having a hard time in Team Rocket's base. His team has low health, his items are running out, and he's exhausted. Gold thinks to make a run to the Pokemon Center...