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love.✔ by namjoons_sexybrain
love.✔by jay
i could really die from this love.
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LOST by alcdvvvvv
LOSTby bblackswan7
Thank you for silencing me. You led me to myself. You led me to needing my own heart. You led me to my voice. - probably feel sad. read at your own risk - (๑-﹏-๑) a/n...
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Remember me, my Love by blue_maiden
Remember me, my Loveby Tina Lata
I want to remember you, remember us... through my poems.
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The Belle Amé Awards 2k20 by -TBAAwards
The Belle Amé Awards 2k20by The Belle Amé Awards
Welcome to The Belle Amé Awards! This is for all the undiscovered authors whose works deserve to be recognised! If you think you have what it takes why not have a go and...
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A Stellar Moth's Wandering by debsersocanwrite
A Stellar Moth's Wanderingby Debs Erso
If the matter of my body is the matter of stars, we are the same in the end. If in the Universe there is a place for them, therefore I am allowed to have hope that one d...
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Darker Side of Love by Kaylue_Lee
Darker Side of Loveby Kaylue
Part two of my second poetry book in the "You" trilogy, from "Love You" comes "Darker Side of Love". Because my poetry books are of a leng...
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Pretty Food - Haiku Story by BerryBerryBlitz
Pretty Food - Haiku Storyby BerryBerryBlitz
Just because it looks appealing, doesn't mean that it's good A haiku story Cover and story by me
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i'm fine. by psychosonetto
i'm fine.by rough draft
basically, the story if my life . . . most of the emotional parts anyway . . . and the first poem i've ever written . . . so don't judge me too harshly . . . please . . .
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My poems❤🔥 by scifihoney
My poems❤🔥by bornlazy
These are just the collection of small poems that I write. I write poems of all kind so there is no particular emotion. But you'll enjoy it😁😁
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Humans Loving Humans - Poets Pub February 2020 Contest by PoetsPub
Humans Loving Humans - Poets Pub F...by PoetsPub
Hello and Welcome!! Join us this month as we write poems for our fellow humans.
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Poems For the Sad, Lonely, and the Bitter by creativejoy
Poems For the Sad, Lonely, and the...by creativejoy
These are poems I have written when I was sad, lonely, or bitter. Enjoy
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The Sunset Awards  by Steps234
The Sunset Awards by Sunset community
Hi there! Welcome to the Sunset Awards. We aim to giving your book the recognition it deserves. We hope you have a great time here. Come join in and be a participant of...
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I am Bleu, He is Blue [COMPLETED] by Fiery-Winged
I am Bleu, He is Blue [COMPLETED]by Chezka Suzette Cablas
Was it really a fate that he is Blue and I am Bleu? What does our name mean anyway? Are we destined for each other? Or our names describes our fate?
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Plethora of Thoughts by StarShades03
Plethora of Thoughtsby ✰⋆🇩🇦🇸🇭⋆✰
"Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn." ~Thomas Gray This book contains Poems. Poems I wrote in a few minutes in the Wattpad forums! Loved eac...
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Pieces of Her  by uncxnstrained
Pieces of Her by Zee
Getting to know her. Others. Love. Hate. Promises and heartbreak Sometimes writing poetry helps with emotions. Sometimes it just adds gasoline to the fire. In the end, i...
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Beauty - Founder's Challenge by PoetsPub
Beauty - Founder's Challengeby PoetsPub
Join us for our first ever Founder's Challenge.
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My Blackout Poetry by shadowwolf2001
My Blackout Poetryby shadowwolf2001
Stories hidden within other stories and found by my minds eye and open heart.
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Love, Olivia  by Weeping_Wonderland
Love, Olivia by elayne
Olivia is your classic mean girl and picks on the quiet girl, Ophelia. She soon discovers Ophelia's harboring a secret crush on her and struggles with her own feelings w...
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I feel like shit so I write poems by Anna2803_
I feel like shit so I write poemsby annochka
Poetry that I write while I overthink my life decisions at 3 am
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