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love.✔ by namjoons_sexybrain
love.✔by jay
i could really die from this love.
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Bakugou's Poem (depressed/suicidal/abused Bakugou) by AngryOne1
Bakugou's Poem (depressed/suicidal...by AngryOne1
COMPLETE!!! Bakugou knows nobody likes him. He knows they are all lying when they say they do. He knows they could not care less. He knows he is worthless, weak, and cru...
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Plethora of Thoughts by StarShades03
Plethora of Thoughtsby ✰⋆🇩🇦🇸🇭⋆✰
"Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn." ~Thomas Gray This book contains Poems. Poems I wrote in a few minutes in the Wattpad forums! Loved eac...
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Pretty Food - Haiku Story by BerryBerryBlitz
Pretty Food - Haiku Storyby BerryBerryBlitz
Just because it looks appealing, doesn't mean that it's good A haiku story Cover and story by me
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My poems❤🔥 by scifihoney
My poems❤🔥by bornlazy
These are just the collection of small poems that I write. I write poems of all kind so there is no particular emotion. But you'll enjoy it😁😁
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Humans Loving Humans - Poets Pub February 2020 Contest by PoetsPub
Humans Loving Humans - Poets Pub F...by PoetsPub
Hello and Welcome!! Join us this month as we write poems for our fellow humans.
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The Alternate Lives of UA High School Students by km198923
The Alternate Lives of UA High Sch...by Clownin' with Kaylee
here's a basic rundown because im too lazy to write it: Aizawa and the other teachers decide that its a good idea to reward their students for all their hard work, deter...
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Pieces of Her  by uncxnstrained
Pieces of Her by Zee
Getting to know her. Others. Love. Hate. Promises and heartbreak Sometimes writing poetry helps with emotions. Sometimes it just adds gasoline to the fire. In the end, i...
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Beauty - Founder's Challenge by PoetsPub
Beauty - Founder's Challengeby PoetsPub
Join us for our first ever Founder's Challenge.
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I feel like shit so I write poems by Anna2803_
I feel like shit so I write poemsby annochka
Poetry that I write while I overthink my life decisions at 3 am
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Inside by AshIsTheBeshh
Insideby AshIsTheBeshh
A collection of poems about the chaotic mess that happens in my head on a daily basis. Maybe you'll be able to relate or not. If you do or don't, it would mean the world...
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Little Book of Poetry by QueenKitty6
Little Book of Poetryby Queen Kitty
(Best rankings so far): ||#3/223,000+ in Poetry|| ||#9/3,570+ in Haiku|| -[ Week of Feb.16-23] Currently registered into the following contests: °Grand Café Awards 2...
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A Hopeful Romantic by fayrouztamer
A Hopeful Romanticby You Will Never Know.
It was never hopeless, when it is raw It's always hopeful, just so you saw On the forming pieces of something lost, words can fill the vow. As souls come along, ropes ha...
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Some days by _Tommy_B
Some daysby Tommy B
Most impressive rank {#1 in mypoetry} I wonder what I shall write in the description Of which I have no conception Would you rather stay and read the poems I write? Or w...
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Poems. by DarkEva22
Poems.by EvaRose
Some poems I wrote a while ago and finally found the courage to upload. Don't judge me hard, I know I am not so good at it but it makes me happy to post it here. Poems...
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Being Veridical by HiddenJolly
Being Veridicalby Hiddenjolly
Jolly wasn't feeling like herself anymore.. She wanted to escape herself. She did everything to please herself.. And then she opened up wattapad.. And just started writ...
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Poet's Dysphoria by _fallenpoet_
Poet's Dysphoriaby 𝖋σζζéͷ ρøéϯ
These pages behold the voice of a poet. Sentiments, rage, resentment, desires and love blemished into words blended with emotions. I hope you enjoy and cherish the rhy...
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THE SHAKESPEARE SOCIETY ✧ multimedia applyfic by pixiedusted-
a group of poets, musicians, actors, and a few wild card students band together to form a club in a heartwarming story that would (hopefully) make the bard himself proud...
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Shades of love by ChandrimaBose099
Shades of loveby Chandrima Bose
' Shades of love' is my very first collection of poems .It is about the phases of love a person goes through when she acknowledges the irresistible feeling of love. Hope...
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