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Poetry by Derpmaster21
Poetryby Derpmaster21
A poetry portfolio to showcase my poetry pieces. Highest Rankings: #1 in Poetrycollection #1 in Poetrybook #1 in Poemcollection #2 in Poetry #2 in Poem #3 in Poembook #3...
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Biar Hidupku yang Bercerita by firatzaa
Biar Hidupku yang Berceritaby firatzaa
/SPIRITUAL ROMANCE/ "Bukan seberapa cepat kamu menyelesaikan hafalan Quran, namun peringkat tertinggi adalah mereka yang lebih lama bisa bersama dalam melantunkan...
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DWP by zeebae
DWPby zee ♡
my very recent poems, enjoy. 💗
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Ethereal Fields by danjhd_
Ethereal Fieldsby Dan
A collection of poems from the unscrambled mind of an artist.
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Midnight thoughts at noon by KidinBackofClass
Midnight thoughts at noonby KidinBackofClass
Memories I need to remember and thoughts that are a part of me.
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Thantophobia || poetry  by poesiealien
Thantophobia || poetry by me, my thoughts & I
(n.) the fear of losing someone you love Some nights my mind won't shut up and just sleep and it thinks about stuff i write down in this little poetry story.
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P.H.I.L.O.P.H.O.B.I.A (A Collection Of Poems)  by unstablehormones_
P.H.I.L.O.P.H.O.B.I.A (A Collectio...by v
Philophobia: fear of love
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Her.  by zeeliybats_
Her. by 💞SAPPHIC💞
Cute girlxgirl poems and short stories about h e r.
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Pillow Poetry by shadowwolf2001
Pillow Poetryby shadowwolf2001
A book of pillow thoughts
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october. by zarbabkebab_
october.by Zarbab✨
| a bleak month.
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𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐮𝐭𝐢𝐚𝐞 | poetry by wintersdusk
𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐮𝐭𝐢𝐚𝐞 | poetryby ⭑ 𝐤 ⭑
"i miss you," said the sun "come home," said the moon. dedicated to the blankets left on my creaky bedroom floor. [top 5; dreaming | 10.31.19 - prese...
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Lover : A Book Of Heartbreaks by MmTt11
Lover : A Book Of Heartbreaksby ❤️Lauv❤️
Compilation of poems about pain, scars, goodbies and heartbreaks. (Free Verse Poetry) "No matter how I try to forget this pain in my heart, it still reminds me of...
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Poems by a Poltergeist by poltergeist_people
Poems by a Poltergeistby poltergeist_people
Random poetry I spew out of my pen on occasion.
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poems  by arikay12
poems by arikay12
just a bunch of random stuff I thought about PS: I'm not great at poetry so it may or may not make you cringe
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30 Bleeding Nights by Sihana_Silver
30 Bleeding Nightsby Commanding Architect
"Before you devour my mind, poison my heart by day." 30 days of prompts for October.
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panicked by screech87
panickedby amo
sentences and phrases that i don't have the courage to say out loud yet. yet on the end of sentences makes them worth more. and sometimes i feel too antsy that i just ha...
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A sneak peek into my heart by mi3books
A sneak peek into my heartby Hold on
"Poetry lifts the veil from the hidden beauty of the world, and makes familiar objects be as if they were not familiar" Percy B Shelley (of course not mine, I...
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A Girl In A Nutshell by mellichanelz
A Girl In A Nutshellby mellichanelz
Welcome to the thoughts in my head. Everything i've ever felt, thought, or wanted to say verbally. I live inside my head so, enjoy!
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i'm sorry. (Poetry) by TheStormWithinMe7
i'm sorry. (Poetry)by Łøňğ Łîvē X
i'm sorry. #1 in Negativity- 9/11/19 #6 in Ovethinking- 10/11/19
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Poets Pub - 2019 Poet of the Year Contest by PoetsPub
Poets Pub - 2019 Poet of the Year...by PoetsPub
Hello and Welcome to the Poets Pub's 2019 Poet of the Year contest. This is our annual contest, reserved for those who have qualified to participate. We encourage all...
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