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Mawill and Billdip by puppyhaver
Mawill and Billdipby puppyhaver
Mabel and Dipper was in Walmart buying things when they run into bill and Will.
To Cheer her up (Bill Cipher x Reader) by AnikahRay
To Cheer her up (Bill Cipher x AnikahRay
The pine twins have a younger sister, (y/n) pines, but they don't pay much attention to her. She spends most of her time trying to impress her older siblings, but they o...
Trapped in the Falls (Gravity Falls AU) by Camp_Gravity
Trapped in the Falls (Gravity Bell Cipher <3
Ford explained that the reason there are so many weird things in Gravity Falls is because it's one big weirdness magnet. He also suggested the thought that that was the...
The Keeper by deetinygirl
The Keeperby Dee
They said that weirdmagadeon was the end. The end of the world... The end of gravity falls... The end of normal... And then... ...
Reverse Falls by LucLunatic
Reverse Fallsby LucLunatic
Basically it's Gravity Falls but what happens if another universe had a different role? So the idea of some roles being reverse is not my idea, the idea came from a Anim...
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From Childhood to Manhood: Stanford Pines x Reader by AdriiGee
From Childhood to Manhood: Ace
You just moved to Glass shard beach and discovered many things in the beach. But your summer went well when you met the pines twins. They were always visiting your beac...
Bad love ❤️ ~(BillDip) (COMPLETED)  by Diane_help_me
Bad love ❤️ ~(BillDip) (COMPLETED) by Diane
Dipper Pines, an Beta Angel and newcomer to his new school, Deloit(de-lo-it) High school. His sister, Mable his a full Angel. As his journey goes on in his high school y...
More than Friends (Dipcifica) by Da_Craze
More than Friends (Dipcifica)by LatestCraze
Its a dipcifica story.
"My Weirdmageddon Bride" Yandere Human! Bill Cipher x Mabel Pines by rainbowcart0405
"My Weirdmageddon Bride" Yandere RainbowCart
Mabel Pines had, unwittingly, freed Bill Cipher from his prison, after being tricked by him granting her most desired wish. She manages to escape from his grasp and then...
Gravity Falls fanart by element-of-laughter
Gravity Falls fanartby Emira! 😍
Have another fanart book! I DONT OWN ANY PICTURES IN HERE!
The love of my life (Pacifica x male reader) by Thomas232004
The love of my life (Pacifica x Thomas Weißl
Hello my dear friends and welcome to my first book. I'm sorry if my english is bad, because I'm from austria. I hope you like my story and have fun reading it. I'm sorry...
Where Are You Now by deetinygirl
Where Are You Nowby Dee
(Note this is the sequel to The Keeper) The next generation of Pine twins are here! In a world of magic and evil these new twins have to figure things out that their par...
The Unsolved Mysteries of Y/N and Dipper by chemistryjokehaha
The Unsolved Mysteries of Y/N nope
Y/N is your average 12 year old who works at The Mystery Shack. Everyone agrees that she is the most paranoid kid in Gravity Falls. that is until Dipper Pines comes alon...
🌲Gravity Falls/AUs: Lots of Weirdness & Adventure🌲 by SwiftyangX12
🌲Gravity Falls/AUs: Lots of 🔵⬛️指揮官•司令⬛️🔴
Grace Falls: Hello, my name is Grace Falls. I'm a Fandom Guardian of Gravity Falls and I'm one of Swift's OCs of many Fandom Guardians. It's my very first time taking re...
Mabel xMale!Reader by F0restM0nster
Mabel xMale!Readerby ♡♡♡the gud stuff♡♡♡
Ya know, read the title (M/N)-Male name ~+Mod Meow Meow Fuzzyface+~
A Over the Garden Wall and Gravity Falls crossover by emmy878
A Over the Garden Wall and Emelia
This is my first story so if you see any spelling or grammar mistakes, please correct me. This story is in the time line where Wirt and Greg has just defeated the beast...
Were Falls AU(gravity falls au) by ciafaywolfpines
Were Falls AU(gravity falls au)by Imagination God/Nightmare Que...
before the portal in a alternate universe Stanley is a werewolf. i also draw my own art if i can so no judging don't be judgmental hoof bags!(he he he references) also t...