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playboy shit by stolenspace
playboy shitby mae
i see you on snapchat, how my dick taste? PHAN ; stolenspace© 2019
choke by stolenspace
chokeby mae
they don't believe me, my heart isn't beating. PHAN ; stolenspace© 2019
in love without you by stolenspace
in love without youby mae
i loved you more and more each time you slammed the door. PHAN ; stolenspace© 2019
take me to church  by stolenspace
take me to church by mae
ill tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife PHAN ; stolenspace© 2020
pretty boy by brittanyhowlter
pretty boyby brittanyhowlter
dan and phil are in a relationship but dan starts acting different towards phil, phil has no idea why but he's afraid he might lose his boyfriend/bestfriend,
stars//phan by lovelytadashi
stars//phanby B/Moon
where Phil is scared of the darkness, feeling overwhelming urge to run away and Dan finds night beautiful and relaxing, scared of thunders. Both in love with the stars...
sincerity is scary by stolenspace
sincerity is scaryby mae
instead of calling me out you should be pulling me in. PHAN ; stolenspace© 2019
Family. by brittanyhowlter
#8 brittanyhowlter
D E S C R I P T I O N : a family of 2 soon become a family of 3..... (Update : i haven't finished this story at all should i finish it?)
behind closed doors by wittedhowell
behind closed doorsby lily
a chilling story filled with murder, deceit, captivity, and ... phannies; dan and phil appear at your school and take you home on one random day. but what happens when y...
Stumbling and Falling (Phan) by Dan-The-Trash-Man
Stumbling and Falling (Phan)by Daniel
Phan AU Dan is on crutches all the time due to a medical condition and Phil wants to get to know Dan. He wants to help him and he wants to be there for him. I apologize...
Phandom Rules You Need To Know by blankingoutrn
Phandom Rules You Need To Knowby blankingoutrn
*REQUESTS OPEN FOR ANY RULES I MISSED* If you are a new fan (or Phan) of Dan and Phil. Get ready. These are some of the rules you need to know. This will keep Dan, Phil...
The Only Jumpscare That Works by OddityFox
The Only Jumpscare That Worksby OddityFox
Based on the dEMAND of this in the comments of Dan and Phil's newest golf video... you're welcome phannies 😊
Alisha's phan fiction  by olivia_succz
Alisha's phan fiction by olivia
Dont ask I know it's weird
pastel flowers🌼🍃 by brittanyhowlter
pastel flowers🌼🍃by brittanyhowlter
pastel dan falls in love w a mysterious punk phil. dan trys his best to find out more about philip. ( story cover is not mine credit goes to the respectful owner @ nazoi...
how to not be a cool human by migranes
how to not be a cool humanby 。・*:
it's the sequel to my old rant book that people still read,, why though © hailey 2016
bad guy by stolenspace
bad guyby mae
bruises on both my knees for you, dont say thank you or please. PHAN ; stolenspace© 2019
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