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Sized Up, Gun Down by Call_meh_tayy
Sized Up, Gun Downby Tay🍃❤️
Life makes you do dumb things. "Love" was never in Zo'Nique vocabulary, she never wanted nor needed it. She believed self love was the best love. Zo'Nique is t...
Canadian Killer by BelleRain
Canadian Killerby BelleRain
Canada is tired of being overlooked from the other countries! Angry at those who always ignored him and walked slowly seizes his dark side has possession of him. He want...
endless love: BeshyG (Becky G + Nash Grier fan fic) by bestNashfanfics
endless love: BeshyG (Becky G + bestNashfanfics
Meet Becky spunky teenager at Topoogla high school. When a hot new kid named Nash Grier moves to the school he will turn her world upside down. Becky and Nash develop st...
That Awkward Love by writermarie16
That Awkward Loveby writermarie16
This story is about a cute little couple that wasn't meant to happen. When Kira and he best friend Tara move to a town of 4,000 people. As they progress to move in they...
Inside Out - UsUk Lemon Oneshot (boyxboy) by HetaliaFujoshi50
Inside Out - UsUk Lemon Oneshot ( HetaliaFujoshi50
Forgive me, I can't stop myself, or rather, my fujoshi part of me. The video is in the link in my profile, but I'll post the video in the story too. Blame my creative an...
Mr. Cuss a lots by creative_childwriter
Mr. Cuss a lotsby chiko
Meet Conner, is the good girl at her school, gets good grades, wears nice clothes that's for church, she is always on time, no tattoos, and she has never cussed before i...
The Metallurgist & The Mischievous by NystromWrites
The Metallurgist & The Mischievousby D.C. Nystrom
In a world full of magic, there is one wizard capable of creating beasts from metal, weapons that mow down fields of foes in seconds, and advanced tools which make a mon...
N.A.M.E by Call_meh_tayy
N.A.M.Eby Tay🍃❤️
No description just enjoy!
What is Love? by ATG23XD
What is Love?by ATG23XD
Annica Reyes is a normal student that is really curious about the true meaning of love.. She's smart, atlethic, cheerful, different type of girl,and friendly.. Everythin...
Loser's Curse by Earthfiretiger21
Loser's Curseby Yunnie Nantae
All my life. From start to finish. I began but from the beginning chose not to try. Why; they ask. I lose regardless; I say. Until she told me otherwise. Only shame...
The Fallen Ones by Graesyn
The Fallen Onesby Graesyn
Above the streets of the human race lies a world only imagined by people's mind. Above the world lies the heavens, also known as the city of angels.
Call Me Princess by LostLove67
Call Me Princessby LostLove67
As I write this book, I reread everything. I take great pride in using proper grammar. Don't be afraid to notify me if you think I misspelled or used a word incorrectly...
High school sweethearts by SabrinaKramer0
High school sweetheartsby Sabrina Kramer
When two people fall in love with each other and realize they were high school sweethearts.
Played The Player by lizziebodnar2
Played The Playerby lizziebodnar2
Emily Maroon is new to the school. while the schools player Ryder Zander had to win a bet. The bet is that if Ryder doesn't sleep with her within the two month limit, th...
The One Night Stand by lyrica-a
The One Night Standby Pauline A. Forgie
For one night Jade wanted to be someone else and just not be her, a shy simpleminded girl. To be free to do and say what she wanted. Getting wild and breaking some rules...
Just As Bad by Olivia-Belle
Just As Badby The Pain Doesn't Go Away.
After her father left when she was only seven years old, Cassandra Carter's mother went on a downward spiral, late nights out, constant drinking- constantly shouting. Th...
Crazy in love with u by achierra
Crazy in love with uby achierra
Ketika Rea (Carlise Acciera) berlibur bersama kedua sahabatnya Vey (Valerie Bellvania) dan Natha (Deana Kalista), Rea tersesat dan bertemu dengan seorang pemuda yang sam...