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My Pet bakudeku by RareEclipses
My Pet bakudekuby RareEclipses
Katsuki Bakugo is a wolf hybrid commonly confused as a dog hybrid, in this world hybrids are pets Bakugo is one day after being abandoned in the park cursing humans then...
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Bunny by hope1299
Bunnyby kk.slays
You not just a pet to me!you are more than!you are like my best friend,lover,and soulmate!all wrapped up in one!why can't you understand that!!?~taehyung Taehyung adopte...
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Red Hot Oneshots by Guinealove2005
Red Hot Oneshotsby Guinealove2005✔️
Hot, fiery Oneshots. Includes bdsm, ddlg, ddlb, mdlg, mdlb and many other kinks. Read at your own risk!! (Open for requests) --------------- "Who does this pussy be...
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The Human Princess by HarlequinHoney
The Human Princessby HarlequinHoney
In this dystopic, vampire-ruled world, classism remains. Humans from wealthier families are treated better as 'pets', which is the case for Aurora Abernathy. She is sold...
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A házikedvenc (light SM, femdom) by AdriennXenia
A házikedvenc (light SM, femdom)by AdriennXenia
Ez a sztori előbb utóbb light SM-be fog váltani (inkább utóbb), szóval csak az olvassa, akinek tetszik az ilyesmi. ;) Az alaptörténet: hotellánc magányos örökösnője befo...
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The Vampire Prince by VampireLover267
The Vampire Princeby Daisja Mitchell
Khloe's POV It hasn't been long since the Vampires took over the world. And here I was living in a cage sleeping in a cage like a dog I am even treated like a dog. Every...
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Crash and burn  by hotstuff167
Crash and burn by hotstuff167
Holding her up by the throat, I decided the best course of action would be to eat her now. End her misery and feed the pack, Mabye get a new human tomorrow. Lifting her...
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Daddy's pet by demon_Daddy
Daddy's petby demon_Daddy
MATURE CONTENT POSSIBLE TRIGGER WARNING The year is 2030, the world has been overtaken by the vampire race, the remaining humans were captured and put up for sale in t...
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Why Saiyan Don't Have Pets by DBZfan398
Why Saiyan Don't Have Petsby DBZfan398
Trunks wants a pet but Bulma said no, will Vegeta say yes to his brat? read to find out.
Daddy trained me by ironstrangeforlife
Daddy trained meby Well that’s gay
My first gravity falls related fic EVER. So tell me if it's trash please. I'll talk about what it is in the first chapter
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Lost | Minecraft Reader Insert by ElizabethMunson
Lost | Minecraft Reader Insertby Elis ThaBesth
Minecraft is a game full of wonder. It is limitless in terms of what you can do. The only thing that could stop you, is your own creativity. Other than that, it is also...
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How to Care for Your Pet Rock by Horse-eyejack
How to Care for Your Pet Rockby Jack Mack
Join the world's biggest rock lover on his quest to grow people's interest in pet rocks, in a (hopefully) epic guide that features tips, tricks, and ramblings. Hope you...
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Choose the Best Pet shop in Vaishali Sector 4 by happyblogs007
Choose the Best Pet shop in Happy Blogs
There are a number of pet shops in Vaishali Sector 4. So if you want to know which one is the best shop in Vaishali, then Healserv provides you useful information about...
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The pet who wouldn't obey by IsabelFulton
The pet who wouldn't obeyby Isabel Fulton
A little pup/slave who wouldn't obey her master gets punished
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Destiny is my enemy  by Ciel_Kaname
Destiny is my enemy by Ciel_Kaname
"Dont touch me ". I said in tears "I will do whatever i please with you my love". He said tightening his grip on me , I tried to pull away but he ju...
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Possession by HexHotCoco
Possessionby HexHotCoco
Intertwine your hand with mine, pull me close to you, kiss me and tell me that you own me. Tell me your my dominate. Tell me I'm your possession. ... If you lived in Ko...
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Land of Fire by autrie01
Land of Fireby Autumn
My hair was slicked off my face in sweat, Storm was hissing. My name is Abigail, and I'm stuck in the heart of a deadly wildfire.
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Christmas Without Her by DebbAnn
Christmas Without Herby DebbAnn
*** Weekend Write-In for Dec 20 2019 *** "journey": In 500 words, tell what happens on a journey
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~The Vampire And His Pet~ (BoyxBoy) by DeathDarknessAndUwU
~The Vampire And His Pet~ (BoyxBoy)by Sisk Sisk Lesbian bitch
Temporarily On hold!!! (I am very sorry for the lewd picture, anyways, onto the desc) Long Long ago, humans believed that vampires were just figments of their imaginatio...
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