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#ipromiseiminquarantine by notamurderer-ig
#ipromiseiminquarantineby Mirthe
A collection of short stories & poems created by the writing community of Instagram during the COVID-19 quarantine
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LPS High School AU: Chatrooms by edd_double_dork
LPS High School AU: Chatroomsby CupcakeRuth
So you know the LPS AU story in working on? This book will just be a little funny extra thing. Imagine all the characters in chatrooms. Hope you enjoy!
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Married For A Month by _Nile_Kim
Married For A Monthby Bleyk(브래그)
"you played with all our hearts, now you know how it feels".When a boy's revenge scheme is to marry the resident Playgirl and divorce her in 10days. He recruit...
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Fairy Cat Chapter 1: Maybe See You Again After Four Years. by fairycatcreation
Fairy Cat Chapter 1: Maybe See Pio
Isang kakaibang kwento mula sa isang amo at ang kakaiba nitong alagang pusa na nagbigay sa kaniya ng pag-asa upang matagumpayan nito ang kaniyang pangarap. Ngunit nagbag...
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×Repeat×  by CaraStarZ
×Repeat× by N I C O
*If You Haven't seen Twelve (Animated Series) then please do not read this! It contains lots of spoilers!! " Helping Vessels day by day. Its been 12 hours, 12 days...
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A Pet's Love by DanielleRekab
A Pet's Loveby Danielle Rekab
While we have an entire world, we are their entire world. Love them the same as they love you, like they're your everything. A Pet's Love - Poem written by Danielle Rekab
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Miss Clara's Charmed Jewelry and Pets by bittykimmy13
Miss Clara's Charmed Jewelry and Kim
While looking for a place to rest on her aimless journey, Valentina comes across the cottage of Miss Clara, who welcomes fairy guests with open arms. ((Characters belong...
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My Vampire Love   by Sophie3265
My Vampire Love by Sophie3265
What happens when you're sold to a pureblood vampire? ~ Brittany, a fifteen year old girl is sold to a pureblood vampire prince... ~ Purebloods are considered the most d...
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Queen of Snakes by flamewheel108
Queen of Snakesby flame wheel
i am not good at descriptions so hear is my best izuku midoriya after discovering her quirk and running away from her 'best friend'/bully katsuki bakugo. she goes missin...
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 | As Obedient As It May Seem | by Kaoisung
| As Obedient As It May Seem |by Kaoisung~
Jermaine Keith And Derik Kingsley were more that just best friends, they were the best bro duo anyone and everyone enjoyed their company. But when Derik Finishes school...
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The Adventures Of Hazel by theskylar007
The Adventures Of Hazelby theskylar007
All of us love animals. You might either be a dog person or a cat person. But there are some of us who don't fit into both these categories, but into a different one con...
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Longing For You by XDjustheretoreadX
Longing For Youby Mel
Centuries ago, werewolves fought amongst each other for power. Brothers killed brothers, family betrayed family all for the race to get to the top. Lycans are the strong...
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FIVE RUN AWAY TOGETHER - by Enid Blyton by boldninety
Who is on Kirrin Island? When the Famous Five discover a mysteries locked trunk there, they're suspicious- what can be locked inside it? Just when they think smuggles ar...
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Broken Wings by NyanZMeo
Broken Wingsby Ria
(I have not plan out everything, so the story is just going to progress base on me.) She, who has been betrayed by her family. Is helpless, and can't do anything. Anoth...
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like &  subscribe /  yt recommendations by That_Song_Dog
like & subscribe / yt ...
is life getting you down? are you bored of watching the same ol' channels maybe you would like to watch something new and different. well, look no further here i have a...
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English Individual Roleplay (Lesbian) by citrustheneko
English Individual Roleplay ( citrustheneko
made with google translate, originally dutch. Don't expect all accuracy, I will be typing with google translate. Can include smut
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✧༺✩DDLG RP✩༻✧ by ImSadandEmo967
✧༺✩DDLG RP✩༻✧by ༺♡Virgil♡༻
Summary : • You're given fantasies about your daddy doing great things to you~ • Sometimes even you're the daddy?~ Haha- I hate myself
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POEMS THAT YOU'LL LOVE (You can use) by MJoven_Aceron
POEMS THAT YOU'LL LOVE (You can Mark Joven Aceron
These are my original poem compositions. Ever since, I've been making a lot of poems about any topic. This is what I love and I am honored to share it to you guys. Btw i...
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Doggie by Mary-Lim
Doggieby MaryLim
SeungCheol não sabe o que era diversão há muito tempo, está sempre preso pelas responsabilidades em uma vida parada demais para alguém de sua idade. Pelo menos até encon...
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B L A N K N E S S by StarKissedPsycho
B L A N K N E S Sby ꉣꌚꐞꀯꍩꂦ
a random book for things I might want to share.
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